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  1. If you die on red key in map12 there is no way for the other players to get to the red key.... which is not nice
  2. grrfield

    Escape from the Yawning Ravine (Single Doom II Map)

    WHY is mouse look not allowed?
  3. Oh, I said, just another wad like many others. I have to take those words back. I only played three maps so far, but man, this is just great in terms of gameplay, exploring and visuals. I has been long ago since I was that excited just to explore another room in these maps and just look at the clever and georgeous visuals. And the music just goes along with the maps too. I just think you should ramp up the difficulty a bit, but still 11/10
  4. Will it be coop friendly?
  5. grrfield

    [RELEASED!] The Bikini Bottom Massacre

    You might be close to copy right infringement. Not a criticism, just an observation.
  6. Malwarebytes blocks this site on my computer?
  7. I was curious and started playing. Now I am at map 25, and I have to say that I enjoyed it so far. With a creative mind like yours you should get involved in the 'new' mapping scene.
  8. grrfield

    [beta] Operation Goldbullet weapon mod

    Weapons can be 'screenshotted'.
  9. grrfield

    Cyberpunx: episode for doom2 finished and on idgames!

    Blu, chairs and Nicolas Monti, what can go wrong?
  10. Looks a bit like a Monti map. A must play i guess
  11. grrfield

    Partisan - Boom Compatible Megawad

    Ha, when using Zandronum, freelook is enabled by default apparently. Well gonna try this wad.
  12. grrfield

    Partisan - Boom Compatible Megawad

    I use Zandronum, still trying to figure it out