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  1. Few moments ago I was thinking: "Where is nicolas monti?". Next thread was bingo! Thanks!
  2. Weird that this mapset did not work on Zandrum 'with the patches', but only without the patches? What do the patches do and is there a problem when not using them, with Zandronum? Gonna try for now without the patches, looks promising.
  3. grrfield

    DBP56: Augustland Barrens

    And considering a few hours later, this looks like the best mapset that I have seen in ten years. So AMAZING.
  4. grrfield

    DBP56: Augustland Barrens

    currently hosting this on zandronum
  5. Played to first maps of this, me liked it. I only got stuck in the pit in map two and could not find a way out:
  6. Just take it easy. These are high quality maps.
  7. It says 'part one'. What is to come?
  8. grrfield

    VALIS (32-Map Singleplayer Megawad)

    Does not work with zandronum, which is .... meh. Pity.
  9. grrfield

    DBP52: Havoc in Creation

    Map 07 has one too....
  10. grrfield

    DBP52: Havoc in Creation

    But as per usual the maps are great.
  11. grrfield

    DBP52: Havoc in Creation

    Survival to be more precise.
  12. grrfield

    DBP52: Havoc in Creation

    I get softlocked in map04 as well.
  13. grrfield

    DBP52: Havoc in Creation

    I ran back to spawn in map01 for shelter, but the door closed, locking me in.
  14. I think Nicolas Monti makes extensive use of them.