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Status Updates posted by 3_nights

  1. (I made the resolution more managable so you could read the blog post without scrolling to the side.)Today, I expanded the right - wing area, and added a window looking out of the tower into the starting area, to tie the whole thing together. I added the green key room and the key itself, and I'm almost ready to begin work on the latter half of the level, through the door to the far north, the green key door.

    I've taken some choice screenshots of the level.

    That's really all for now. Even though it's relatively early in the day, I doubt I'll do much more work. Peas.

  2. This is my progress so far on the Heretic wad. Notice the addition of a right wing area and the second large outside area, as well as a balcony on the right tower. I'm building around the shape of a small castle (outer curtain, four towers, and a keep) as much as possible. The textures in the entry hall are much improved and there's more stuff around - the idea is lots of cover and running space for the player. The upper half of the map as it is now will be the entrance to the keep, which will be the final part of the level (I mentioned before, it's a short level) though it will make for over half the length of the level hopefully, ending with a showdown with two or more Iron Litches. Most of my planning is tentative and I do admit that I'm making some stuff up as a go along, however this level is much more coherent and, well, competently made than my previous ones. I'm not willing to throw out a release date. After the level is complete, I'll need to work out some more technical issues, namely the marked absence of music during playtesting. Other than that, not much to report. Peace.

  3. I've been informed that my reluctance to work for very long on a Heretic wad was rather dramatic. I think I'll continue in earnest. It'll be a rather short level, medium to small in size.

    This is the first map I ever made. It's bad, and very cramped, and very unfinished, but I think it's a respectable starting point. I just threw in anything I thought was cool - especially dramatic lighting effects. Ad nauseum.

    This is the second map I ever made. Also unfinished, possibly forever. I started throwing in a lot of monster closets. Lots of hitscan monsters - the first thing the player sees upon opening the door to the level is a chaingunner. Much like the last one, there's not much detail and it's rather bland. I sort of made it up as I went, and it definitely shows.

    This is the Heretic level that I'm working on. For now, it looks almost as bare as the others - but I've been working on this one for about two days. The first one took a week, and the second one got pulled slowly out of my ass over the course of a month. The premise of the level is a huge cathedral - castle thing set in the face of a great bluff. Before I proceed with the level, I'm going to prioritize detail work on the parts of the level whose geometry is technically complete (read: playable.) I'm going to take a break from it for now, come back later after playing some quality WADs on my own for inspiration. I want a more solid mental image of what this level is going to look like before I start working on it more. When the level looks acceptable, I'll upload in - engine screenshots.

  4. This is an obligatory blog post. I discovered I could do this under the persona I've adopted on the doomworld forums and I figured, what else to do than to document my ill-fated game modding exploits?
    Maybe if I get good enough at making crap levels, I can be a big deal on the website doomworld dot com. That's kind of a joke. Not really.
    I have attempted doom levels thrice before. One of them only has like two sectors and I was like "yeah screw this." In a later blog post, I might export some images to paste onto this verbal diarrhea. At the moment, I'm making more of an effort to finish a WAD, probably only a level long, for Heretic. Something about the high-fantasy style of Heretic is more intuitive to me than the spacey corridors of Doom. You can get away with more merciless monster placement, too, but I'm not a sadist. If I finish it, which I probably will - I did get a better way through my latest Doom wad - then it'll be the first thing I post on Idworld and hopefully i get a little bit of critique. I see the public eye of judgement as a trial by fire for mediocre levels. Trouble is, it's a Heretic wad, and I'm a little scared that even the act of creating the wad is overestimating the playership of that game. Still, better than no output at all. One can only accumulate experience and find their style by just hunkering down and doing stuff.
    I think this blog will be kind of a development blog. A window into my bizarre work ethic, where I update my progress somewhat regularly (as in, when I can be bothered).

    I'm gonna round this out with an interesting fun fact: My favorite work music is the David Bowie album "Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)"

    1. SavageCorona


      That formatting hurt my eyes.

    2. Cupboard


      3_nights said:

      I see the public eye of judgement as a trial by fire for mediocre levels. Trouble is, it's a Heretic wad, and I'm a little scared that even the act of creating the wad is overestimating the playership of that game.

      Both of these things are not as dramatic as you are intimating.
      a) it's a 21 year old game engine, people are open-minded about what makes for a fun level
      b) Heretic is famous just because it is the best Doom total-conversion around. Also it added a lot of great options to ZDoom and other ports so people are familiar with the premise. In fact there is a recent Heretic community project in progress right now: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/71584-rop-2015-alpha-compilation-updated/