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  1. I've been informed that my reluctance to work for very long on a Heretic wad was rather dramatic. I think I'll continue in earnest. It'll be a rather short level, medium to small in size.

    This is the first map I ever made. It's bad, and very cramped, and very unfinished, but I think it's a respectable starting point. I just threw in anything I thought was cool - especially dramatic lighting effects. Ad nauseum.

    This is the second map I ever made. Also unfinished, possibly forever. I started throwing in a lot of monster closets. Lots of hitscan monsters - the first thing the player sees upon opening the door to the level is a chaingunner. Much like the last one, there's not much detail and it's rather bland. I sort of made it up as I went, and it definitely shows.

    This is the Heretic level that I'm working on. For now, it looks almost as bare as the others - but I've been working on this one for about two days. The first one took a week, and the second one got pulled slowly out of my ass over the course of a month. The premise of the level is a huge cathedral - castle thing set in the face of a great bluff. Before I proceed with the level, I'm going to prioritize detail work on the parts of the level whose geometry is technically complete (read: playable.) I'm going to take a break from it for now, come back later after playing some quality WADs on my own for inspiration. I want a more solid mental image of what this level is going to look like before I start working on it more. When the level looks acceptable, I'll upload in - engine screenshots.