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  1. This is my progress so far on the Heretic wad. Notice the addition of a right wing area and the second large outside area, as well as a balcony on the right tower. I'm building around the shape of a small castle (outer curtain, four towers, and a keep) as much as possible. The textures in the entry hall are much improved and there's more stuff around - the idea is lots of cover and running space for the player. The upper half of the map as it is now will be the entrance to the keep, which will be the final part of the level (I mentioned before, it's a short level) though it will make for over half the length of the level hopefully, ending with a showdown with two or more Iron Litches. Most of my planning is tentative and I do admit that I'm making some stuff up as a go along, however this level is much more coherent and, well, competently made than my previous ones. I'm not willing to throw out a release date. After the level is complete, I'll need to work out some more technical issues, namely the marked absence of music during playtesting. Other than that, not much to report. Peace.