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  1. Malrionn

    The DWIronman League dies to: Double Impact

    Category 2, I played this PWAD some time ago, a fun one. No prepared run this month. I died in Hydroponic Facility, which is E1M4 I believe, just after grabbing the yellow key (kills : 167/211). I have done the run with the hotfixed version from the OP. The run time is 50min27sec. File : Malrionn_Ironman_dbimpact.zip
  2. Ok, I go for Episode 2 and I claim MAP17.
  3. I'm interested to make a map for this project. I will make only one map but I don't know yet if I take a Episode 2 slot or Episode 3 slot as I have ideas for two kinds of maps. I will see how the slots are fill up and then choose a definitive slot.
  4. Malrionn

    The DWIronman League dies to: 50 Monsters

    Category 3, I remember playing this megawad in Thursday Night Survival a long time ago, and I also played casually the wad until MAP15 (+ MAP33 and MAP35) before the run. I stopped my casual playthrough to MAP15 only because of the amount of "luck-based" encounters, I think I couldn't make it this far. Also, doing a prepared run helps a lot for this megawad imo. I died in MAP11 (Kills : 12/50) to a shotgunner I haven't noticed. I survived both MAP33 and MAP35. The highlight of this run is the ghost chaingunner in MAP05. The run time for the main run is 52min33sec, 4min51sec for MAP33 and 3min09sec for MAP35. File : Malrionn_Ironman_50monstr.zip
  5. Malrionn

    Which difficulty do you play at [2018 Edition]

    * Which difficulty do you play at? I generally play HMP. I play the IWADs, the maps and megawads that I know and like, and the Ironmans (prepared runs) in UV. * If you find a map tough do you lower the difficulty or grind until you can beat it? If the map is in the middle of a megawad, I will not lower the difficulty. I will grind the map if I like the map or the megawad, otherwise I just stop playing the megawad. If it's a single map, I will lower the difficulty if it's too hard. For tough megawad that I enjoy like Alien Vendetta, I will play from HNTR to UV. * Do you ever play with -fast? If so do you do it consistently? I never play with -fast and I'm not interested. * Do you save often? I save quite often when I play casually, except for Ironman where I save only at the beginning of each map if I'm doing a prepared run. * Do you pistol start most, if not all, maps? I will pistol start only the maps I really like, otherwise continuous play FTW.
  6. Category 1, totally blind, I have never played this map before. This is a great map with diversified environments that I will finish later because I died during my run (503/748 kills). I killed myself with the rocket launcher after being startled by a revenant. The record time is 52min18sec. File : Malrionn_Ironman_WarlH.zip
  7. Malrionn

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    WIP of a map, maybe for DMP 2018 if I'm not too slow.
  8. Malrionn

    So, how old are you ?

    I am roughly 450 days older than Doom. At this moment, I'm 25 years old, aka a quarter of a century old.
  9. Malrionn

    The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    This is a category 3 run, I watched an_mutt's stream and I did a casual playthrough before doing the run. The worst map for an ironman run of this PWad imo is map 05 with all the hitscanners and some evil monsters placements (the revenant duo after the switch for instance). The hell fight in map 10 was also dangerous, I died there during my casual playthrough. However, map 07 let you breathe especially when you know where you can grab the secret megasphere. The run time is 1h:40min:52sec. Some highlights : Death : File : Malrionn_Ironman_cafebrk1.zip
  10. Malrionn

    The DWIronman League dies to: Combat Shock 2

    My first Ironman. In solo, I generally play in HMP with saves, so this is a new concept to me. Also, I haven't play Combat Shock II before but I have fun playing it (love the music of map 03). For the categories, map 1 was half-blind (the final fight with the cyberdemon was blind) and the other maps were blind. So in this case, I don't really know about the category. Deaths : File : Malrionn_Ironman_c-shock2.zip
  11. Malrionn

    [released] Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (beat your own map)

    I'm interested to make a map for this project.
  12. Malrionn

    Favorite RPG/JRPG?

    - Baldur's Gate 1, 2 and Throne of Bhaal - Dark Souls 1 - Deus Ex - Fallout 1 - Fallout New Vegas - Planescape Torment I do play other RPGs, but these above are my favorite ones.
  13. Malrionn

    The Doomguy Test

    1. Have you ever felt discomfort because of that corpse of cacodemon, hanging on the edge by one pixel? Yes. 2. Have you ever tried to play slaughtermaps with thousands of monsters, with ludicrously overpowered weapon pack, such as supergun.wad? Yes, with Chillax on ZDaemon. It's fun having over a million points in the damage score. 3. Have you ever managed to knock down this zombieman squad in MAP03, with a single super shotgun blast? Yes. 4. Have you ever tried to run a PWAD with the wrong IWAD? I don't remember but I believe I have done this before. 5. Have you ever justified yourself, when you lost a deathmatch on ZDaemon, because your opponent had a better ping than yours? No, I don't play deathmatch or duel. 6. Do you feel angry when that damn imp, right in front of your face, didn't die from a full-hit of shotgun blast? Yes, sometimes. 7. Have you ever started your own ambitious megawad project, but ended up with only just a few levels that didn't even manage to see the light? Yes. Not with a megawad, but with a 7 or 12 maps PWAD. 8. Have you ever wondered why the hell did the id software create pain elementals? No. 9. Have you ever did something stupid intentionally, just to earn your own custom title? No. 10. Do you feel disappointed, when your favorite wad of the year isn't even listed on the runner-up of Cacoward? No. 11. Do you hesitate for a moment when you find a medikit, while you have around 80% health? Yes, sometimes. I like to optimize the use of medikits, packs of ammo, armors, etc... 12. Do you feel annoyed by a monster, which isn't firing its weapon for decades, while you want to provoke monster infighting? Yes. 13. Do you try to punch the air, since you think that punching in front of monsters makes them more aggressive? No, but I think punching the air helps keeping the monsters awake after they've done infighting, especially in slaughtermaps (I don't know if it's true). 14. Have you ever tried to shoot an arch-vile, which was targeting a different monster, and you took the damage instead? No. I quickly guess the arch-vile behavior in my early days of TNS, that when a arch-vile is preparing his attack, he will focus on the last player who hurt him until he launches his attack. In solo, I believe the arch-vile will have a higher priority on the player, even in infighting, if the player hurt him. With that in mind, I never try this. 15. Have you ever wondered what would happen to your life, if you didn't know anything about Doom? No. 16. Do you feel relieved, when you picked the option that the majority has selected on the poll in Doomworld? No. 17. Have you ever abused "Curve Linedefs" or "Stair Sector Build Mode" on Doom Builder, just to increase the amount of linedefs of your level for some reason? No. 18. Do you think that Doom is the best first person shooter ever made, or even the best video game ever made? Yes and no. The best shooter ever made yes, but not the best video game ever. A few yes, but I'm a doomguy.
  14. Malrionn

    2018 Goals

    Same goals as I said in this thread : 1) Something I have in mind for a while : Beat Doom 2 in Nightmare, even recording a demo of the run. 2) Beat megawads I like in UV, like Alien Vendetta or Plutonia 2 (Yep, I have never beat them on UV). 3) Make maps and have the motivation to finish these maps. 4) Improving my mapping skills to make better maps. 5) Trying to participate more and less being a lurker (hard one).
  15. Malrionn

    Doom years resolutions.

    1) Something I have in mind for a while : Beat Doom 2 in Nightmare, even recording a demo of the run. 2) Beat megawads I like in UV, like Alien Vendetta or Plutonia 2 (Yep, I have never beat these on UV). 3) Make maps and have the motivation to finish these maps. 4) Improving my mapping skills to make better maps. 5) Trying to participate more and less being a lurker (hard one).
  16. Malrionn

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I play a lot of games beside Doom, but for now I'm currently playing XCOM 2. Having a blast although I kinda suck at strategy games. At least, I can try to git gud.
  17. I got these two : "Reculsive Tactician" fits me, not really for "Masterful Traveller".
  18. Malrionn

    Doomworld Community Top WADs of All Time

    10 points - Community Chest 4 10 points - UAC Ultra 8 points - Back to Saturn X Ep1 7 points - Hellbound 7 points - Threshold of Pain 6 points - Back to Saturn X Ep2 2 points - Alien Vendetta 2 points - Doom the Way Id Did 2 points - Plutonia 2 1 points - The Rebirth
  19. Malrionn


    Hi, I had made some progress after I showed the pics (progression of the map is about 45-50%), but that was a while ago and I didn't touch the map for 2 months. I haven't much free time now, so if I don't show any progress of my map before the deadline you can consider me out.
  20. Malrionn


    Bump, I'm finally going to show some pictures of my map, still in WIP. I started the map at the beginning of June and I have only done the starting room and nearly finished the main area of the map, which is roughly 25% - 30% of the total progression. Yes, I'm a terribly slow mapper. The pics show what I have done so far. Here's the link : https://imgur.com/a/6ejoi
  21. Malrionn


    The 3 last maps of the alpha 1. HMP difficulty, pistol start, and using GlBoom-Plus : * MAP07 (sincity2100) : Basic and rather short map, nicely detailed and in a lovely egyptian theme. Lot of zombies in HMP, which make the level quite easy despite the "surge" gameplay at the beginning. I have ignored the revenants at the end of the map after activating the switch. Ammo and health are balanced, no scarcity in HMP. I have discovered 2 of 3 secrets in my playthrough. * MAP08 (CWolfRu) : The Cyberdemon map, with 4 cybers in HMP. Egyptian theme like the previous map, well detailed too. There are few monsters in this map in HMP, and somehow still have the 2 cyberdemons in the room to the yellow bars, but it wasn't really hard for me. Like in the previous map, health and ammo are balanced in HMP. I have discovered 1 of the 2 secrets in my playthrough. You can cheese this cyberdemon with the blue bar, and he can't go outside of his closet (I don't know if this is intended or not) : * MAP09 (Benjogami) : This is an atmospheric map with a fitting midi and a nice progression (cave, base, surface). However, the ending fight was underwhelming compared to the red key fight in HMP, the Spider Mastermind wasn't a real threat and there was enough cover to avoid the monsters projectiles. Health and ammo are nicely balanced and scattered through the level in HMP, and I have discovered all the secrets in my playthrough.
  22. Malrionn


    Bump, I have played and finished the level in UV. Solid map, I have discovered all secrets except one (the one where you could get a cell pack and a soulsphere). And now I see why you want to keep the area as dark as it is. For the following maps, I play in HMP and pistol start (still using GlBoom-Plus : * MAP05 (Angry Saint) : I have more chances in HMP than I had in UV, less hitscanners at the beginning in HMP help me saving the precious medikits. Health was OK to me in HMP. However, with the great architecture and the well fitting midi, it was a great trek and level. Two more things : one, it seems like you forgot to use block monster lines on these ledges (one chaingunner fell off this ledge) : And two, the lines at the edge of the map are not hidden, they can be seen in the automap. * MAP06 (Albertoni) : Somehow I can't pull the End switch, so I can't finish the level. However, I liked the "Monsters Condo" setting with the red and blue keys. I find that the ammo was very scarce through the level except at the end arena. I was forced to use the fists against at least the pinkies and I didn't find any beserk in HMP (I find 4 secrets of 6 in my playthrough). Easy glide here : Can't pull this switch : -------------------- I will play the 3 last maps tomorrow or saturday, and maybe showing some WIP pics of the map I'm working on.
  23. Malrionn


    Ok, I played some maps of the alpha 1 (only the Hell maps for now). Some of my first impressions, I play with GlBoom-Plus in UV and pistol start on each map : * MAP01 (Tactical Stiffy) : Nice map overhaul and good MAP01 candidate. The chaingun is late but it's not a big problem as only low tier monsters are encountered, and the chainsaw is available early. I notice the blocking monsters lines at the crushers, I have no real thought on that. * MAP02 (AnonimVio) : Very short and hard map. I did several tries before using saves. I find that health is scarce. I was taking my time on this map, maybe I was playing it wrong. * MAP03 (scotty) : Cool looking map overhaul with some texture misalingment (the bricks at the yellow door for instance). However, I didn't finish this map because I was somehow stuck. I pull a switch and this happen : I don't know if it was the right way to go as I found there was something behind it with the computer map (and this computer map wasn't a secret somehow). There is some rather unpractical stairs too : And the area on the image below is too dark imo. In software mode with gamma off, this area is pitch black (the image was taken in hardware mode) : * MAP04 (MFG38) : Very spacious map, it really feels empty too (and underdetailed). The monsters aren't a threat, I was just searching and taking the keys. An example of how spacious it is : Reducing the space should make the map more challenging. * MAP05 (Angry Saint) : Nice architecture and details. But the health is very scarce. It was the last map I played and I didn't finish it because I kept dying. It's late, I'm going to sleep. And sorry for the miss click/posting too soon.
  24. Malrionn


    Sorry, I will not be able to release something for the first deadline. I scrapped the map because I was going nowhere (tried to do a corrupted moon base in hell). I will make a new one, still in the Hell Episode. It's not a problem at all. According to the first post, the real deadline is when there are 32 maps done for the project. This deadline is only for mappers to show their progress.
  25. I leave this here : After You Die