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  1. Thanks for the feedback Walter.


    There is no item that is unreachable, although where your screenshot show the texture clash, there are two tricky jumps which are not easy but possible to do. These two jumps are how you can get some items (ammo and medikit/armor), and to have the access to a secret door.


    I will fix the crate texture clash, and if nothing else needs to be changed, I will upload the map to /idgames.

  2. Hello everyone,




    Industrial Outpost is a remake of my map Isolated Outpost (MAP04) from 2048 Unleashed. For this remake, i mainly took inspiration from the other maps from the 2048 Unleashed megawad like how they best use the 2048x2048 area or creating an environment and even putting monsters outside of the playable area. The 2048x2048 limitation was also my main issue as some places can feel cramped and easily becoming too crowded with monsters. If I make a new map, I will not use this limitation or any other imposed limitations.


    This is a limit-removing map (-complevel 2) for Doom 2. It has a linear progression with a secret alternate path and a rather medium length, a first playthrough should take between 10 to 20 minutes. The difficulties are set, the general difficulty is rather easy maybe medium. The map has co-op support with player starts and multiplayer monsters, though I advise to allow item respawn. Fun fact, the multiplayer only monsters were meant for single player but I found it made the map too crowded and the first half harder.


    Some other screenies :





    Although the screenshots are old, very few modifications have been made on what you see, so this is pretty much what you can expect.


    I consider this release as a beta, any feedback is appreciated.


    Download link : indupost.zip


    Edit :

    The final version of the map is available on /idgames : download link

  3. It's been a while since I have done an Ironman. Anyway, category 2 for Vanguard (I did an playthrough of it on HMP several years ago) and category 1 for Lunatic (never played before). I did Vanguard first and Lunatic second.

    Deaths :



    Vanguard -> Died in MAP10 (Kills : 781/823), overwhelmed by the monsters, killed by the cyberdemon I guess. Runtime : 1h31min49sec
    Lunatic -> Died in MAP05 (Kills : 397/485), finished by a chaingunner, or any hitscanner as they were behind me, when I had low health. Runtime : 51min32sec


    For a total of 13 maps survived (9+4).



    File : Malrionn_DWIronman_Vanguard_Lunatic.zip

  4. A category 1 run, totally blind, played neither this map nor the wad before... and I beat it first try, joining the big group of ironmen surviving this map. 900 monsters killed out of 935, 2/3 of the secrets found, and I took my time with a run of 1h11min24sec. There are a few close calls and I could have died right at the beginning of the map, but I survived and got to the exit.


    This is a great map that I really enjoyed playing it. Love the non-linearity, the exploration and... scavenging for ammo. Yes, ammo was quite tight and the secrets came in handy with the extra ammo.


    File : Malrionn_DWIronman_Fomalhaut.zip

  5. This is only for TNT: Resistance (I will do TNT: Renascence probably next week). So, this is category 1, totally blind, never played this wad before. I died in MAP05 to a trap, the runtime is 1h06min38sec.


    Even if I played only half of the mapset, I did like playing it. I may finish playing this wad later. Also, special mention to MAP04 that I really enjoy.


    File : Malrionn_Ironman_TNTRESIST.zip

  6. Category 2, I remember playing this megawad in TNS a while ago, though I believe it was more spectating than playing because I have little memory of the maps. It is a "half-blind" run in a way. I took a break of half an hour just to wind off because I was stuck in MAP06 seeking the red key and it was getting annoying (the doomguy was staying in one place thinking about his life choices). Then I came back, magically solve the red key puzzle (it's wonderful a break can do), and finally I died in the same map because in the meantime I lost patience and focus.


    The "half-blind" run and the half an hour break give a runtime of 1h34min50sec.


    File : Malrionn_Ironman_D64D2.zip

  7. Hi, just to say that I'm leaving this community project and open the MAP17 slot to others, the culprits are procrastination and the lack of motivation. Actually, I had made little progress on my map, mainly trying general themes, architectures, etc... I had some ideas and a beginning of a layout, but only on paper.


    So anyone motivated can now take my slot. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  8. Category 1, totally blind, I have never played both wads before. Both wads are rather easy, lots of low-medium tier monsters with few very dangerous monsters like revenants and archviles, although the Darkening E2 is scarce on health and ammo. Unfortunately for me, I died in both episodes... by the environment. The blind run is to blame I guess.


    I have really enjoyed playing the Darkening E2 during my run. I may replay and finish this episode later.


    Deaths :


    The Darkening E1 -> In MAP09 (Kills 47/118), I shouldn't have gone to the green and harmful slimy secret area where I didn't find any way to get out. Runtime : 1h10min01sec
    The Darkening E2 -> In MAP09 (Kills 167/212), I was crushed to death. Runtime : 2h01min13sec


    File : Malrionn_Ironman_Darkening.zip

  9. Category 3, I did a casual playthrough on UV until half of MAP09. I never have played this mapset before. Even if it's slaughterish, the short size of the maps makes them fun to play. I find that most of the secrets areas were rather easy to find. Also, some maps reminds me of Whitemare 2.


    Deaths :


    * UV -> I died in MAP06 (Kills : 15/97) after being weakened by the cyberdemon at the end of MAP05. Starting MAP06 with little health and ammo didn't help me. Runtime : 59min54sec.
    * HMP -> I played quite seriously until MAP09 (Kills : 143/310) where I've done dumb things. I kill myself the the rocket lancher iirc. Runtime : 32min13sec.
    * HNTR -> I didn't play seriously there. I still died in MAP09 (Kills : 257/275) to a hellknight. Runtime : 11min53sec.


    File : Malrionn_Ironman_rush.zip

  10. 23 hours ago, NaZa said:

    I'd so love if there was a TNSBowl, comprised of people who hop on TNS sessions. I mean, there would be no need to guess the winner each month, but the battle for the other places would be fun! :)


    Unfortunately, with my shitty Internet connexion, I won't be in a TNS session anytime soon. I can't participate in a eventual TNSBowl even if I'd like to.