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  1. Pat

    The current id team

    jan paul and ttimo are both contributing to doom3 from their secret lairs and thanks shaviro ;)
  2. Pat

    The current id team

    which reiterates Linguica's post ;)
  3. Pat

    The current id team

    http://www.idsoftware.com/business/team/ is the up to date list
  4. Pat

    New article + 2 screenshots

    Just curious auxois, how many times exactly have you played Doom 3 to form this opinion?
  5. Pat

    DOOM 3 @ QuakeCon?

    "Anyway how can i get tickets to quakecon?" Quakecon is free for anyone to attend, all you have to do is register at http://www.quakecon.org/
  6. Pat

    New UA-Corp Code??

    The encoding used the key (256 128 64 32 16 8 4 2) as a ROT method. First character is moved 256 spaces in a looping alphabet, 2nd letter 128 spaces, etc. Vigenère also uses a numeric rotating system (crypto letter position # - key letter position # = real letter position #, wrap around alphabet as needed), so it's logical that mathematically a key could be created to decode the correct message that way...just a lot more work ;)
  7. Pat

    New UA-Corp Code??

    The encryption did not use Vigenère in any way, which makes InsectAttack's solution all the more interesting.
  8. Pat

    New UA-Corp Code??

    It means a secure line is initiated :D
  9. Pat

    Doom3 skin.

    That is pretty slick, my winamp thanks you :)
  10. Pat

    ua-corp updated

    still here, just back in my lurker mode ;)
  11. Pat

    ua-corp updated

    The second message was not randomly typed...but a really big cookie goes to anyone who can figure out what it was :)
  12. Pat

    ua-corp updated

    Actually I have been reading these and other Doom III message boards for a while now (long before the leak) I just never got around to registering. I was into the quake/doom community long before coming to id, so I still try keep up with everything when I have time.
  13. Pat

    ua-corp updated

    The majority of the work I do is in-game, mr. funny guy ;)