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  1. Frisky

    Least Favourite Weapon?

    I don't know why, but I've grown a bit of a liking to the pistol. I don't even use it often, but I find the Plasma Rifle to be my second least used weapon. Just call me unpopular opinions man.
  2. Frisky

    doom 2 enemy wads

    You're asking the impossible.
  3. Frisky

    Video Pizza

    Picture Pizza.
  4. Frisky

    If you were to remove a Doom II enemy...

    Pain Elementals. I have spoken.
  5. I asked my friend how he played classic DOOM on his computer and he told me GZDoom. So, I downloaded GZDoom, downloaded a WAD of DOOM 2, and I played...up until the 3rd level because I was a wuss at the time... This was also in either late 2015 or early 2016.
  6. What are the best .sf2 files to use for SLADE 3? I use SLADE 3 to jam out to the original midis from my various favorite wads. If you do have one I could use, please link me to a download or something. Thanks in advance.
  7. Frisky

    Members you miss seeing post

    I miss seeing myself post frequently.
  8. Frisky

    pet the cacodemon

    true by ten sextillion times
  9. Frisky

    Your Bad Video Game Habits

    In FPS games, when I look around the map, I tend to often make my mouse movement as smooth as possible.
  10. Frisky

    user Malinku was murdered

    We are to play his unfinished and untitled map in his honor. Godspeed to another precious Doomworld member.
  11. Frisky

    IBM XT.

    Any clues why the manual is in German, exactly?
  12. How can I redefine the states and weapons, exactly?
  13. Frisky

    Ultra-Ultrawide Doom

    My only thoughts are... What the fu...?