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  1. Welcome to doom the tei-tenga incident, a mod that is currently aiming to be the first completed doom bible modification. After almost a year of hard work, i think it is time to upload a forum topic to the doom world forums. I hope that everyone will enjoy this mod. DOWNLOAD LINK https://www.mediafire.com/?20o540s9eaqkur9 USE THE DOOM 1 IWAD and latest GZDoom test build ZDoom forum topic http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=46541 Current Credits WILDWEASEL(WW_Alphahud) Sgt Shivers The kzid team(basic organization structure, some textures and code) dusk Realm667(smasher code, grenades,some textures,assorted other things.) Zdoomcomp 2 take 2 team( for the rifle, and some textures) Voxel Vehicles Sodaholics DOOM Evil unleashed texture stock. yukihaze (current hud) fellowzdoomer organization structure help level design Tiberuim soul, for the marksman rifle and the pistol Iron maiden. Development music
  2. demo_the_man

    ZeniMax threatening DoomRL [armchair lawyering ITT]

    I am extremely pissed about this, on one hand they compliment brutal doom 64, which is derived from copyrighted assets and is distributed as freeware. But they go after a old fan project that has been the hard work with fully orignal asset but use a few trademarked things. and then they c&d them. I wish Carmack would have never sold ID all those years ago.
  3. demo_the_man

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I prefer modern controls over the original control scheme. I have been burned out for four months, and am trying to get my mapping spark back on a epic quest involving trying to work on many many maps I think doom would make a good prequel to w40k, with doom guy being replaced by the emperor I based my doom bible mod off of kzids resource archive. I am paranoid about being killed off due to my doom bible mod
  4. demo_the_man


    Where is romeros annual stuff dump from dooms devlopment
  5. demo_the_man

    DooM: Resurrected Nightmare [25th Anniversary Demo Release]

    So i started work on introducing the marines. Right now i am putting them in 4-5 man squads, with a good build up to the first encounter. Also one of the first new areas for the map. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1k3PD3BqnOySTM5TEFHSF8tZXM/view?usp=sharing
  6. demo_the_man

    DooM: Resurrected Nightmare [25th Anniversary Demo Release]

    Gotcha, ill pop you an email in the morning, basically im cutting a few areas to add in a few bigger areas that serve the same pourpose but look nicer and fill the space between areas. Plus alof of 3d floors, and dynamic lights(glowing nukage)
  7. demo_the_man

    DooM: Resurrected Nightmare [25th Anniversary Demo Release]

    Im going to cut/ rearrange some areas of e1m3, to make it feel more realistic
  8. demo_the_man

    DooM: Resurrected Nightmare [25th Anniversary Demo Release]

    How does this look? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1k3PD3BqnOyMU1lc2J6czRFSU0/view?usp=sharing
  9. demo_the_man

    DooM: Resurrected Nightmare [25th Anniversary Demo Release]

    Ok, was going to anyway.
  10. demo_the_man

    DooM: Resurrected Nightmare [25th Anniversary Demo Release]

    Go ahead and send me what you have for e1m3, and ill see what i can do.
  11. demo_the_man

    DooM: Resurrected Nightmare [25th Anniversary Demo Release]

    Ok so i downloaded this a week ago or so, and managed to play through it on a day off i had. This is extremely impressive, e1m1 was really really big, got lost but in a metroid-vania style way. My only complaint is there are way to many guns and ammo sources, which always made ammo kinda feel easy to find. Plus alot of the weapons (mostly rifles, but also shottys) seem to have 2/3 per ammo type, with most of them getting a direct upgrade extremely fast. I would reccomend that you limit most of your weapon slots to two at most, and have the weapons fill a niche(Accurate, Hard hitting, bullethose,Area of effect). Really the only mod that can get away with having massive amounts of guns is Russian Overkill. Keep up the good work, and also ditch the skulltag railgun, it looks like crap. I can make a map for this if you want.
  12. demo_the_man

    The Day of Chains

    Very Very Good, had alot of fun and some of the traps where perfect(if a bit unfair)
  13. demo_the_man

    Doomworld Mega Project 2016 (v2 is on /idgames)

    eh why not, i most likely can have somthing nice ready by then
  14. So a year ago, John Romero released a bunch of unused doom assets. Among them where unused huds, weapons, and a lot of textures. A good chunk of the textures where seen in the alphas,but a lot of where brand new. So after a lot of fanfare, the pistol getting a sprite after 20 years of using a revolver, nothing really happend other than finding some rather interesting history about maps. A few weeks ago I was digging through the resources released and i had the idea to create a community project that is definitely not a copy of D.U.M.P with a theme and a bit faster turnaround. The Plan Phase 1 October 17-Nov 10 Resource Gathering, setting up a final resource set (Everyone send in textures and sprites they want, this way duplicates can be avoided and keeps the whole process streamlined except weapons) Phase 2 Nov 10-TBD The main resource pk3 releases, Make your map, code your gun, and submit on here Phase 3 TBD When everyone is done mapping, its feedback time. Improve your map, add more frames to your gun, play some levels Phase 4 TBD Release the thing The Rules 1 MIDI music only 2 Base your sprites/textures on unused resources(no using r667 texture packs) 3 Have fun 4 No terry 5 Try to refrain from submitting 30+ assets 6 This will use doom 1, so please use a EXMX format when making your map(most of the unused stuff is from doom 1) 7 Do not use resources outside of the pack when the pack is ready. Anyone Can participate, make a map, code a gun, give some feedback, make an interesting mashup of two alpha textures. (Non Final Mapslots,if more are needed there will be more) E1M1 E1M2 E1M3 E1M4 E1M5 E1M6 E1M7 (reserved for Romero if he wants it) E1M8 Demo_the_man E1M9 E2M1 walter confalonieri(doomworld) E2M2 E2M3 E2M4 E2M5 E2M6 E2M7 E2M8 E2M9 E3M1 E3M2 E3M3 E3M4 E3M5 E3M6 E3M7 E3M8 E3M9
  15. demo_the_man

    R.R.R: Raiding Romeros Recycle(community project)

    Ok working to revamp whole idea, im going to make a texture/sfx .pk3 and do mapslots, also am going to rename this most likely ~edit~ Mapslots E1M1 E1M2 E1M3 E1M4 E1M5 E1M6 E1M7 (reserved for Romero if he wants it) E1M8 Demo_the_man (me) E1M9 E2M1 walter confalonieri(doomworld) E2M2 E2M3 E2M4 E2M5 E2M6 E2M7 E2M8 E2M9 E3M1 E3M2 E3M3 E3M4 E3M5 E3M6 E3M7 E3M8 E3M9
  16. demo_the_man

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    +1 for e1m8b +1 for the booty project(for mordeth) oh and +1 for Hdoom
  17. demo_the_man

    R.R.R: Raiding Romeros Recycle(community project)

    Working on that, i wanted to link for those who have other ideas to do stuff with the stuff dump that i might not have thought of.
  18. demo_the_man

    R.R.R: Raiding Romeros Recycle(community project)

    Basically its mapping with doom 1 assets plus whatever can be made out of the unused stuff Romero Released on dooms 21st anniversary. As for mapping, think of it as a more limited version of Term's D.U.M.P. The standard resource archive keeps compatibility to a max, cutting down on all the post production that delayed D.U.M.P3 by almost 3 months. Heck, I'm even going to try to get Romero to make a map for this.Either way, if you liked making stuff for D.U.M.P, you are going to like this.
  19. demo_the_man

    R.R.R: Raiding Romeros Recycle(community project)

    My bad, im going to extend the deadlines and i will use some screenshots of a asset test map i am making. Give me some time, as i have other college things i am working on. And no i did not come up with this 5 minutes before posting, i have been kicking it around with a couple of people for a few days. Edit Link to Romero stuff dump is up. Note is that its not the main resource archive, but just a massive backup of used/unused assets provided by Romero
  20. demo_the_man

    DooM: Resurrected Nightmare [25th Anniversary Demo Release]

    I actually like the mod to be honest, it looks pretty good and plays pretty well. Im sorry i jumped to stupid conclusions. Good work, and i look forward to seeing the completed version. Im sorry to cause a fuss like that.
  21. demo_the_man

    DooM: Resurrected Nightmare [25th Anniversary Demo Release]

    Also the cacos sound like the let out a tiny fart when shot
  22. demo_the_man

    DooM: Resurrected Nightmare [25th Anniversary Demo Release]

    My biggest question about this is, that why are my custom(ie the ones i made ,not properly credited in my PK3) resources in your mods files. I was never asked if you could use textures from the tei tenga incident. I do not mind if i am credited, but i see no credits. Nor for the other textures that i see implemented. I would like you to remove all of my textures from your .pk3 until you make a proper list crediting me and the creators of the other textures you use. Otherwise it is looking pretty good, so keep going, but don't steal other peoples stuff. Also a good chunk of your slot two weapons preform just like the tei tenga incidents weapons, including the automatic assualt rifle using the same sprite as a cut weapon, the rifle using a sprite that is from my mod as a pickup sprite. Also you stole the code from my mods spray rifle(which uses a sprite by pillowblaster) The list of stuff goes on and on.. DON'T STEAL OTHER PEOPLES RESOURCES WITHOUT PERMISSION/CREDITING THEM! edit found credits list, now feel like a idiot
  23. Hello again everyone, i am here to present you the most recent update to my doom bible mod. Download link http://www.moddb.com/mods/doomthe-tei-tenga-incident/downloads/doom-the-tei-tenga-incident-alpha-7b Change log The Saw gunner, an enemy wielding the players Saw All enemys that fired hit scans now fire tracers The formerhuman has received a heath buff, he no longer dies in one hit Added in e1m5, Recreation and Quarters Finished e1m4 Waste Proccessing Art Pass on several levels , now most levels in e1 have gotten a lot more atmospheric. Yellow key areas are now accessible because the key is now placed in a level Added back in the super shotgun as the e1 secret All zombie enemys have received a damage buff
  24. demo_the_man

    DOOM press-release beta version

    I'm surprised this was ever released. I wonder if anyone at id would be able to release The build from a visit to id software
  25. demo_the_man

    Refinery of Maps

    Hey why dont you try to polish the alpha 0.4 level e1m10 or SHAWN2