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  1. droopy

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Oh. My. God. Why did you do this to me? Now I can't stop playing this paperclip madness...
  2. droopy

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Watched the first 3 episodes of The Expanse last weekend and suddenly realized I needed some sci-fi adventure in my life. Reinstalled Mass Effect on Sunday, played for about 15 hours so far and maa-a-an... There is simply nothing like it. It has been 10 years but ME1 still feels stupendously epic and engaging! If anyone can recommend any good modern sci-fi game that is as good as ME, I would be very grateful! Until then I will be exploring terrestrial planets billions of kilometers away from the Earth...
  3. droopy

    Suspended in Dusk

    Probably, not the top cacowardworthy mapset by today's standards, but still very solid. Levels are complex and full of details, perfect ammunition balance, there are no bland "box-rooms", no boring layouts, however, maps two and three may be too difficult to navigate. Because of the labyrinth-like design and lots of backtracking, exploration becomes quite confusing as you discover more and more rooms. Also, there are lots of claustrophobic rooms, which I personally hate in Doom. But the wad is good nevertheless. Definitely try it!
  4. droopy

    Temple of the Lizardmen

    Good wad with immersive atmosphere, new guns and monsters. Music and sounds are very well chosen. Really liked the helicopter level idea! Overall, the wad may be too easy for average doomers, even with health limit mod and pistol start option.
  5. droopy

    Innocence X2 - v1.2 Now on Idgames

    Very nice wad, jazzmaster9! As with the predecessor Innocence X, I like your simple layouts, great atmosphere and good challenge. Thanks for the mapset!
  6. droopy

    Innocence X - v1.2 Now on Idgames

    Jazzmaster9, huge thanks for your work! I have never played Doom 64 before, so these levels with creepy atmosphere, weird sounds and sinister music - it was really something absolutely new for me. I didn't know Doom can be THAT frightening. :) I liked all the levels and had no problems during my playthrough. I think Map 04 is my favorite. Probably because it's so off-world and mysterious. If only there were more levels in this wad...
  7. droopy

    SJS1: Streets Of Fear

    Very good map based on several streets of a block (or village) and few buildings. Not so many enemies and for the most part they can be easily killed from away. An experienced doomer would probably ask for more challenge on UV, but nevertheless it's pleasant to play. Also there's a small bug with the blue door - one can easily press the switch without the required key.