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  1. Spyroexe

    Gzdoom Builder UDMF: Things Not Found in MAP01

    Sorry, guys. Turns out I was using an outdated ver. of GZDOOM lol.
  2. Spyroexe

    Gzdoom Builder UDMF: Things Not Found in MAP01

    I AM starting from scratch, though. I make a brand new map and it tells me I can't run it.
  3. So in the past I've been making my maps with the GZDOOM: Doom 2 game configuration and I've realized my options for mapping are very limited so I decided to switch to the UDMF format. I add the Doom 2 wad as a resource and I start making my map. It's very basic: Spartan texture, long corridor, player start. I go to test it out and GZDOOM tells me: "'THINGS' not found in MAP01" even though I have things on the map. I even added enemies and weapons to make sure I did (sounds stupid, I know). What am I missing here? Am I supposed to use the UDMF converter or something?
  4. I'm using ZDoom Builder and SLADE for a wad I'm making. The wad has three levels, and after the final level I want the exittext to show and for the cast sequence to play. I couldn't figure out how to make this work at first, so I tried making my third and final level be registered as the 30th and have my second level send me there after it's completion. Then, in the third level, you kill an Icon of Sin and the level ends. Text shows and the cast should play. Problem is, the exittext displays itself, but after that's done you just restart the third level again, likely because the "next" function is empty. How do I make the cast sequence play after the exittext is shown? MAPINFO: "map MAP30 "It's Going Down" levelnum 30 titlepatch CWILV29 next secretnext sky1 SKY3 0 cluster 8 par 180 music D_OPENIN"
  5. Spyroexe

    Text Screens?!

    What do you suggest I do, then?
  6. Spyroexe

    Text Screens?!

    I'm confused, do I post it in the script editor or the mapinfo file? Because all this is in my MAPINFO file:"scriptlang "MapInfo" { lumpname { MAPINFO D1INFO D2INFO PLUTINFO TNTINFO HERINFO HEXNINFO STRFINFO } case_sensitive 0 } keywords { episode clearepisodes map clusterdef defaultmap levelnum next secretnext cluster doublesky sky1 sky2 fade outsidefog titlepatch par music cdtrack cdid nointermission exitpic enterpic intermusic nosoundclipping lookup allowmonstertelefrags specialaction map07special baronspecial cyberdemonspecial spidermastermindspecial specialaction_exitlevel specialaction_opendoor specialaction_lowerfloor specialaction_killmonsters lightning fadetable evenlighting vertwallshade horizwallshade forcenoskystretch noautosequences strictmonsteractivation laxmonsteractivation fallingdamage oldfallingdamage forcefallingdamage nofallingdamage gravity aircontrol airsupply filterstarts noinventorybar keepfullinventory entertext exittext music flat hub pic exittextislump noallies sucktime deathslideshow redirect strifefallingdamage ironlichspecial minotaurspecial dsparilspecial } constants { } functions { }
  7. Spyroexe

    Text Screens?!

    I'm creating a new Doom 2 wad and I need some help, how do I post text screens? (If you don't know what text screens are, check this out http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Text_screen) I know this is possible because I've seen Doom wads with these screens, but it seems like there are no tutorials on the internet about this, any help?