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  1. readville

    Gamespy "Most Wanted Games of 2004"

    I think Valve is ultra-milking this theft for time to fiddle with the game. My sense is that the original HL2 was going to be a lot like Dues Ex2; hard on performance, short in length, few if any improvements from the original's gameplay. They may have seen the writing on the wall and decided that they should take the time to tweak the performance issues and add another level or two or three to it. Perhaps they are even hammering at a multiplayer aspect. Feels like another game to cross off my list.
  2. readville

    No Doom 3 this year?

    Yeah, I guess this means we can get todays uber rig at kmart prices when it finally comes out /me prays that HL2 doesn't also need any "enhancements"
  3. readville

    E3 a month away...

    Agreed, the final product is the ONLY thing that matters. Everything else is pure speculation/hype.
  4. readville

    E3 a month away...

    It's not what you got.....it's how you use what you got that counts.
  5. readville

    E3 a month away...

    Doom(and everthing else) will get owned by HL2 at E3.
  6. readville

    DOOM 3

    Why,this is DOOM.......a copy will be made for every man,woman and child in the world :)
  7. readville

    When did you first play doom?

    Started playing classic DOOM only last year. Guess I was feeling nostalgic after turning the big "40" :D