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Everything posted by vizyeay

  1. I'm so sorry about my absence of updates, I've currently completed about 20 ~ 25 % of map08 and SuperCupcakeTactics and I have agreed that our absence was really long, but I have been busy with school and helping remodel our house, my sister has been on my computer so I haven't been able to work on the maps for the past month or two, so I will get back to working on the maps with SuperCupcakeTactics ASAP, I'm really sorry.
  2. Hey when SuperCupcakeTactics and I finish map09 can i go ahead and do (or reserve) Tricks and traps? It's my second favorite map, and i have a few ideas for it, I would like to do it on my own.
  3. Report on our (Vizyeay and SuperCupcakeTactics) wad, we are: Working on: Map09 / The Pit Currently working on: Map09 / The Pit We think the map will be done within the month
  4. vizyeay

    In-Engine Doom Map Editor

    Sounds awesome! I'll have to look more into this when I get home!
  5. SuperCupcakeTactics and I are now partners, he will be more busy than I am, so i may be doing a majority of the mapping, but we both have each-others skype, thanks!
  6. vizyeay

    Escalation Studios To Work On Doom 4 SnapMap

    I think they called it that because of how it works, from what they showed, the different rooms "snap" together, auto-creating a door. They have premade rooms that you can "snap" together and you can even make your own rooms!
  7. vizyeay

    Escalation Studios To Work On Doom 4 SnapMap

    I see what you did there. But yeah seriously they better not screw this up, and I heard there is going to be no co-op campaign, you have to make co-op maps until the co-op campaign dlc comes out. That's why I don't want Escalation to screw up. ugh...
  8. vizyeay

    Selling my Doom UAC Logo shirt on Ebay

    I'm Buying one from the site next time i get paid, Final Doom is my favorite, i remember seeing this in TNT, thanks for making me aware of this shirt.
  9. I was visiting family in North Carolina, the same day he entered the race, and He has the most supporters from North Carolina. A.K.A More people in North Carolina have said they wanted to vote for Deez Nuts Rather than anyone else, even my sister said it, crazy...
  10. vizyeay

    What will define id tech 666?

    Particles and Rendering? that's what im Guessing.
  11. vizyeay

    My Doom Gif

    Recently this gif of mine has been getting pretty popular on twitter thanks to doom_txt, just thought I'd post it here.
  12. Sorry to be kind of nit-picky, I noticed in the original post, you misspelled Nirvana.
  13. Me either, it honestly just feels like the more correct date, im sure something would have been said if his birthday before his death, plus im sure doom wiki was able to contact the family im sure someone closely related to Ty would've helped out.
  14. 1945, also the wad looks fantastic, like you said before it would look great for a slaughter map, also does the map push the boundaries of the Doom builder map size?
  15. vizyeay

    Some Doom inspired render

    Awesome! cant wait to see starting area of Hangar, I know this takes a lot of time but you should just go full out and do all of e1m1, now that would be cool.
  16. vizyeay

    Blip.tv Has Shut Down as of August 20, 2015

    I remember him saying that since all of his other Jurassic Park videos got taken down due to copyright that he just wanted to go out with a bang, and as for Pixels, i think he just really couldn't wait to let all of his RAGE out. I thought it was really funny the way he did it, it was spot on, got a nice giggle our of me.
  17. vizyeay

    People Still Use Boom?

    I still onyl use it to playtest Boom compatible wads that i make, and if i feel like it, i use it to simulate classic gameplay, but i use chocolate doom 2/3 of the time for that.
  18. vizyeay

    No one spotted this Baron

    I remember seeing it when i watched it a second time, i also remember them killing a specter, but you could barely see the dead body it was very brief, when it died the camouflage faded away, it was hella cool.
  19. vizyeay

    Some Doom inspired render

    No one can hear you scream in HELL!!! This picture reminds me of something from the movie alien, but it also resembles doom, looks great!
  20. vizyeay

    Doom II - Hellscape :: BETA TESTERS WANTED

    Holy Moly! I really fell in love with the Icon of Sin screenshot, looks really well done, keep up the good work, Lutz.
  21. mind if I help out with this? im a semi-beginner and would like to do map09, if i need a partner / someone else who want to do it with me, just PM me, i like to chat thorough skype, so send me details.
  22. vizyeay

    Eureka editor has bugs when splitting sectors

    I would like to help too, but im currently working, ill see if i can help when i get to my home pc, cant wait to see a solution / results from andrewj or printz himself.
  23. vizyeay

    I Wanna Marry Windows 10 Now

    So i know it's changed since it's beta and i did a DDOS test, does it still give out all your VPN information when connected to the internet? Because that was the major problem i had, and why i'm concerned about upgrading to windows 10.
  24. vizyeay

    Eureka editor has bugs when splitting sectors

    yeah this sounds like a developer problem, might want to email somebody about it. this would be an annoying problem if i came across it.
  25. I watched a couple f live streams of people mapping for this, it looks really promising, when i get back home from work, I'll be sure to check out what everybody has so far, great job everyone!