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  1. IronDoomer

    PC will not receive additional modding tools beyond SnapMap

    Ehhh its best if they just leave doom how it is instead of just fucking it up for everybody
  2. IronDoomer

    PC will not receive additional modding tools beyond SnapMap

    http://www.pcgamer.com/doom-will-not-get-mod-support-in-addition-to-snapmap/ In more recent news, the new doom will not get mod support beyond snapmap This article also explains the limitations of snapmap like, Incapable of making outdoor areas, not being as flexible as previous doom modding tools and much much more Are you guys starting to see what I mean, their just ruining this series for all of us
  3. IronDoomer

    More Things That Matter About Doom

    Remember how Marty said that doom is about 3 things, Badass Demons, Big Fucking Guns, And Moving Really Really Fast, well doom is not just about those 3 things. Doom to me is about those 3 things but what also matters in doom is good level design, exploration, and fighting lots of enemy's at once, that is what matters to doom to me. Also while we're on the subject, there's also this talk about the new doom being a push forward combat game, they also explain about why the piƱata item drop mechanic is in the game, because they want to keep the action going. In my opinion Doom ISN'T REALLY about push forward combat, like I said doom is about all those things I listed above, Push forward combat in the new doom could be fine but the new item drop mechanic is what ruins it, this mechanic pretty much takes out all the challenge for the new doom. What's wrong with finding secrets and finding items to use to your advantage? Why put this dumbass mechanic into a fps it just ruins the whole point of exploration in my opinion. So far it looks like id is ruining this amazing game series for all of us. All the hype and excitement gone.
  4. IronDoomer

    Quakecon thoughts

    The weapons felt awesome, especially the one that requires speed I thought the graphics were good I don't remember if there was music or not I got a chance to play as the revenant a couple times it felt awesome
  5. IronDoomer

    Quakecon thoughts

    I thought the fallout 4 panel was great to
  6. IronDoomer

    Quakecon thoughts

    Ignoring the shitty doom panel, I thought quakecon was great, I had a great time talking to people, playing games with them, and challenging them to Magic the gathering. Doom multiplayer was great to (Ignoring the crappy loadout system) i thought it was the most fun I had in a multiplayer shooter in awhile Overall, like I said ignoring the shitty doom panel, I thought quakecon was great.
  7. IronDoomer

    No co-op singleplayer

    http://www.pcgamer.com/dooms-campaign-wont-have-co-op-support/ According to this article by PC gamer, the singleplayer for the new doom won't have co-op support After reading the article Marty stratton said that co-op will be for snapmap maps only
  8. IronDoomer

    Console game?

    Let's hope this isn't true
  9. IronDoomer

    Thoughts on Doom Panel

    Also all we got now are those 4 screenshots and that brief multiplayer footage video that I posted (The multiplayer footage has been copyright claimed).
  10. IronDoomer

    Thoughts on Doom Panel

    First of all let me go ahead and say that I am DoomKid123, I decided to make this new account because my old one was screwing up. Now here's my thoughts To be honest I thought the doom panel was a disappointment, the reason why is because the employees from id didn't show anything new or explain anything new, all they did was explain some things that we already new from the footage and tell us why it was in the game. I was expecting them to at least show us one demo and tell us more about snapmap and the weapons to show how they really functioned but instead all we got was a one and a half hour talk about what the employees thought of the game and its content. There was some things I thought were interesting like the questions the fans asked and how this new doom came to be. I mean I was really excited for what this panel had to offer, I was constantly telling people how excited they were about the panel at quakecon but after walking out of the panel room I was pretty much feeling disappointed, I was also hopping would reveal stuff about the PC version of doom because do was made for the PC but they didn't and I was pretty much dissapointed after walking out of the panel room. So overall because of how disappointing this panel was I'm starting to lose hope for the new doom, the only thing I liked about the new doom at quakecon was playing the multiplayer, I pretty much had a good time playing it (ignoring the crappy loadout idea).