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    This actually reminds me of 007 license to spell doom. pretty cool gameplay of this wad and i love the ambient sound effects too though.
  1. yes. i was wondering, any custom door and left sound effects to be found?
  2. Even though purple is one of my favorite colors. i have decided to add something pretty unique
  3. Though I've already watched it
    This happens to be one of my favorite doom weapon mods. almost for that icon of sin sound effect
  4. What do you think about cacodemonleaders combat slug sounds?
  5. While i was developing my e4m6. i added a scene too it
  6. Pink lites
  7. I made school buses in doom
  8. How did you recolor everything?
  9. Completing my Ultimate doom wad with maps e4m1-e4m9 Finishing my Final fantasy IX Lets play on youtube
  10. My next map so far. looks kind'a unique for a brown sludge factory
  11. Gothic textures now with a brown sludgy bottom instead of red blood
  12. Cool! plutonia 3 looks amazing, kinda reminds me of unidoom 3 with almost my favorite pallet
  13. Rest in piece kate! we will never forget you...