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  1. RonLivingston

    Rate That Custom Enemy!

    I rate up with the enhanced Imps, Demons, and Cacodemons in Super Sonic doom, many others with the mini cyberdemons, rocket launching revenants, and the stealth archviles, including many custom enemies from NeoDoom
  2. RonLivingston

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    good thing you posted this. 2 Mappers that I would want to see again Stephen Clark "The Ultimate Doomer". - My number 1 mapper guy who I met since 2004 when he was working on super sonic doom, I wanted to play operation lightning but it didn't know where to download it until now. Tom "Hyena" White. Hes been gone for so long! I remember when he did the most maps for mock 2 the speed of stupid, including the sound effects for Vowel and the custom barons, how come this guy never came back here? If only that guy returned, he would make a wad that would be adventurous! Like Super Mario Doom? Yeah that would've been great!
  3. RonLivingston

    Favorite level theme?

    themes from fragport, scythe 2, and TNT are my personal favorite.
  4. RonLivingston

    Unconfirmed rumor about TNT's MAP15

    Dead zone, anyone know how outer space themed this music really is? I'm a TNT fan of course and I admire the atmosphere of these levels
  5. RonLivingston

    What were the first Pwads you've ever played amd completed?

    I played Fragport, Fun Pwad and made my completion after blowing up that reactor
  6. RonLivingston

    Does anybody still use DeuTex?

    I never used Deutex, and I never had knowledge about that, I only had xwe to make dehacked files, plus slade is also the program that I can make dehacked files with. but does anyone made dehacked files with Deutex?
  7. RonLivingston

    is there any 30 map megawads with giant ass maps?

    return of the evil god, only to know its got some complex maps
  8. RonLivingston

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    any Meteor staff sprites?
  9. RonLivingston

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    what do you think of Vowel and Cybmock? those cartoonish screams and shrieks, even those railgun cyberdemons
  10. RonLivingston

    Never Forget

    I was 9 years old when this happen, I wish I could change it but I can't.
  11. RonLivingston

    How many times do you save in a single level?

    I save many times when I fight the more tougher bad guys and avoid deadly traps in one map
  12. RonLivingston

    Where do you guys get your Midis?

    There was a climax midi pack that I used for my megawad which was a remix of hideout helm of donkey kong 64, but its not here anymore, I wanted to look for that climax midi pack
  13. RonLivingston

    Can create own wad yes or no

    I started out making a wad when I was 13, but I didn't have much skill back then