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  1. one of my next maps already got some progress fitted in though
  2. Ooooooh. hanger looks totally sinister
  3. Got some good progress on my next map. already egyptain themed. however. it could use the Wolfenstein theme with it too
  4. cool sprites!
  5. I have a map being constructed which will be for one of my future projects
  6. Tchernobog in doom!
  7. I'm already working on my next map. and I just added a pumpkin shaped floor at the exit area. which is for Halloween too
  8. I developed a map of mine which will be ported onto one of my upcoming projects
  9. Hi I'm looking for any musics for my wads. any ideas?
  10. Red. green. purple. and cyan
  11. The icon of sin in garrulismo map30 sounds like a spanish speaking guy shouting
  12. Here they are
  13. A map that I've been working on which will be for one of my projects