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  1. Good idea
  2. How are you doing on the firing animation?
  3. I'm kinda thinking why it accepts PNG's now?
  4. any suggestions how I can update my wads?
  5. very nice freedoom version! totally digging the new pain bringer and pain lord sprites
  6. ive been on skulltag since 2005, but now ever since zandronum came, it looked much more cooler then before
  7. Very good maps for the second phase on freedoom, but I did like territory loading bay as map10 way better
  8. Alien vendetta: map11
    5/5 for the super machine gun from weap04
    What would action doom 3 look like?
  9. You know. kind to think of it, I'm going back to doom wad creativity, I always thought I would use one of those sky textures for one of my wads?
  10. awesome hexen mod! i'm actually looking to play this mod too, I think we should also use a heretic or strife wad too
  11. I've been serving as de-facto master of the unidoom on top factory for 4 years (from 2008-2012) also, i'am a cyclist, an adventurer, and a window cleaner, kind'a also ride a skateboard too
    Ofcorse is what the ultimate doomer inspired me to make this megawad, i'm guessing ill be ready for my next one
  12. you know, I think it would be the best to start my own barrels o' fun map during my next wad