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  1. I read a thread you were in. I'm looking for a copy of the Doom and Wolfenstein RPGs. Would you happen to have a phone (with them installed) that you would sell? Thanks for any leads!

  2. RunningWild

    DOS computer

    I don't fully agree. NeXTSTEP was certainly ahead of it's time. It was also expensive and had fairly limited support. OS/2 was a pain to configure with minimal gains over DOS; mainly a GUI. A Honda may not be as sexy as a Ferrari but they're generally reliable. A lot of the limitations in DOS came from memory management, which were solved by things like Dos Extenders, QEMM, and eventually Win95. It wasn't all roses of course, but calling it a blight strikes me as a bit of hyperbole.
  3. RunningWild

    DOS computer

    Not really. DOS wasn't hard, just more technical than a GUI. Some people need pictures. A lot of people are dumb. I played it on a 486 DX4100 with DOS 6.22 back in 1994. It was awesome. As awesome as Doom ever was. But I wouldn't take that over the source ports with options turned on (cl_capfps=true for a more authentic feel). Even WinDoom in 640x480 is a much better experience overall.
  4. RunningWild

    Full list of Doom clones/similar games?

    - You've got Dark Forces in there twice (Dark Forces & Star Wars : Dark Forces) - Quake & Jedi Knight : Dark Forces II should definitely be in there (1996 & 1997 respectively) (EDIT : I see we're avoiding Quake clones) - Nerves of Steel (Done by Rainmaker, same company that did Ilse of the Dead) (Edit : Noticed Greyghost listed this. I actually (sadly) bought it when it came out. The box art was the best part)
  5. RunningWild

    Classic DOOM games available on gog.com starting today!

    Yeah, exactly. DRM doesn't really apply to the DOS-based games anyways since you can just extricate the files to where ever else on a whim and play without needing to touch Steam post-install.
  6. RunningWild

    Doom art

    Thanks, but I didn't want it that way. And, yes.
  7. RunningWild

    let the dream come true

    Hahahahaha! The little Doom-guy kid is a nice reference.
  8. RunningWild

    Doom art

    I figured I'd start a thread for people to post their own Doom art. I looked but didn't see one, so here's one now. A Baron I painted in watercolor in about an hour or two :
  9. RunningWild

    Baron of Hell Sculpt

    That looks AWESOME! Exactly what more modern take on a Baron should look like. I like how he's "beefed up". He looks like he'd just physically crush you if he got his hands on you. Fantastic work!
  10. RunningWild

    Is it still possible to buy DOOM RPG (for mobiles)?

    Yeah, and the axe you get in the beginning remains a nasty weapon throughout the entire game. One harder part I found was finding all the secrets. The environment supported 45-degree walls and random obstacles which made it a bit more awkward than say Wolf3D for scrubbing the walls for a secret.
  11. Why not tie it to the song you think fits best and release a music pack of MP3's that people can put on random in the background, calling this "recommended mode"? I do something similar when I play the Heretic megawads. I have a big playlist of appropriately themed music from a whole slew of games that I put on in random in Winamp and mute the music in Zdoom. It's a good experience, and, if I wanted, I could just stop it and unmute the normal music. Best of both worlds.
  12. RunningWild

    Is it still possible to buy DOOM RPG (for mobiles)?

    I had (and still have) it on a Verizon Razr V3 and it has textures as I recall. The Razr also ran apps in BREW (native C rather than Java), so probably that was why. I'm charging it up and I'll verify when I can. (http://www.mobygames.com/game/brew/doom-rpg) (VERFIED - Celings and floors both have textures) I actually kept that phone when I switched a while back to an iPhone purely for the games I had on it; Doom RPG 1 & 2, Orcs & Elves, and the Wolfenstein RPG (not as good as the other 3). The sad part is none of those games are in their marketplace anymore, and some of them were pulled/went MIA even while I used that phone. If I deleted them I'd have no idea how to get them back. Which makes me think... Is there anywhere you can post a notice other than here that you're looking for an old cell phone with these specific games on them? It'd be hellish to find someone with one, but the upside is it probably wouldn't be expensive.
  13. Yeah, my sentiments exactly. Especially Commando.
  14. Yeah, I know, but there's not much I can do about that. That's the only version they released for NeXTSTEP. id really prioritized updates for DOS, but NeXTSTEP was the red-headed stepchild locked away in the attic... probably not even .1% of their market. Honestly, it doesn't really play that well on NeXTSTEP anyways. The mouse doesn't do what you expect it to coming from the DOS version. The mouse always interacts with the OS, not the window, so mouse-turning is not even there. You're relegated to keyboard controls. When I first tried it upon gettng my NeXT system, I was brimming with excitement to play the original native version of Doom. It was a pretty big letdown. But! If you want to do work with DoomEd and test in the actual environment, it'd probably be ok for that. Incidentally, thanks for that emulator. I've always loved the NeXT interface, so I'll definitely be checking that out. Another pic here
  15. ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/doom/nextstep/ Ran it a LONG time ago back when I had a NeXT Station :