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  1. [MAG]Nathan

    This is now the official skeleton thread

    Why did you have to post family guy?
  2. [MAG]Nathan

    my first map [and #2!]

    I don't know if it was intentional. But all the doors on your second map, will all open, when you try to open one of them. Otherwise, I really liked the difficulty and enemy placement.
  3. [MAG]Nathan

    America the Beautiful

    Look, I want the world to be a better place too, I really do. But what were they expecting? Particularly from Filthidelphia. I spent a lot of time there. It's a shitty city.
  4. [MAG]Nathan

    This is now the official skeleton thread

    Sleep tight! EDIT: And adorable.
  5. [MAG]Nathan

    This guys first wad.

    So, I posted this in the talk smack thread by mistake. Let me try this again. It's my first wad, made it with doom builder 2. It's fairly small, and very short. It uses doom2 as the iwad. It's meant to be played with brutal doom. Even with brutal doom, your ammo will be very scarce. In fact, you'll find none in the level. It's meant to be difficult in that way, and really make you choose your shots. But, with kicks, and punches the BD lets you execute, you will pull through. If it plays out the way I intended it to, you'll have little to no ammo at the end. it's also meant to be dark, and hard to see. I play it with my brightness all the way down. I really did my best going for ambience. Flickering lights, little blood pools here and there. And one room that's just trashed. Due to the darkness, a switch or two might be kind of hard to find. But that's intentional. When you get through it, the second level will start. But I only started working on that a few hours ago, so don't expect anything from it. Let me know what you think! https://www.mediafire.com/?zzslnbi6pd9k4ff
  6. [MAG]Nathan

    my first map [and #2!]

    Aside from a good handful of textures being off set, I think it's really good. Another little thing, you used a blue key to open a red door. A little confusing. But, I liked the way you used secrets, far better than me. Keep it up!
  7. You clearly do. Maybe it's time for an intervention?
  8. I took the thread more seriously than I should have. Didn't really put thought into the title "talk smack" and all that. I apologies for being kinda dickish.
  9. [MAG]Nathan

    Cooking and Brewing thread.

    Of course. But my first task is getting a carboy, and all the other equipment. I had it all before I moved. But then I moved! And it didn't come with me =( I didn't start enjoying it until I get semi ok at it. After you learn really know what you're doing, it's like ordering from a restaurant that will make you whatever the fuck you want, however you want it. The first couple months were really rough though. So much waste... Otherwise it is a basic skill you use to survive. That's why I at least try to be decent at it =P
  10. 1. Not every has or plays with brutal. Figured better safe than sorry. I have a feeling the download went fine, but I leave it out next time. 2. Definitely my bad. 3. Use your imagination. The door is only meant to be opened by the guy behind the desk. Not a terribly tough concept to grasp. As with most of the doors for the level. I said you'd have to look for things. The door is meant to be quick. The idea is to force you into making a quick decision, though I probably could think of a more creative way to implement that concept. So thanks for pointing that out. 4. That's all your supposed to get. Another bad of mine. It's supposed to be hard. If it works the way I want it to, you should end the level with no ammo, and little health. 5. It's actually weaker than a hellknight, and has no projectile. It shouldn't be that hard. And if it is, fuck him, head for the exit. If it means anything, he's meant to be form of foreshadowing. In the next few levels, you'll face nothing near his difficulty. But, the player should know big fuckers are going to exist. So couple questions. Did you get the armor? And something you may have noticed, I was going for a good bit of ambience. As soon as you see that pool of blood by the first switch, you should know that shit's fucked. That mixed with the flickering lights. Did I get the point across with what I did? If I didn't, any ideas on how to improve the idea?
  11. [MAG]Nathan

    Cooking and Brewing thread.

    The title says most of it. Share foods you like! Cooking ideas, tips on how to cook, recent things you've cooked, ect. As well as brewing info and recipes. Let's see how it holds up. I recently made Chicken Lo Mein, except I had to use chow mein noodles. Nobody in my area carries Lo Mein noodles, for whatever reason. It was ok at best to be frank. Though I'm not sure how I could have improved it. That being said I've only been cooking for myself for a year or so now. I'm also about to get back into wine making. Anyone have any good recipe's? I'd like to move up from hobo wine. I made a batch of mead last year, turned out amazing. But the process for wine is a good deal different from my understanding.
  12. [MAG]Nathan

    Do you hold or click fire?

    I upgraded from a Logitech g500 to a g502 recently. It was a mistake. The G500 is great. It's got all the cool amenities of a gaming mouse, but generally acts like a normal mouse. No complications. YOu can get a new one on ebay for like 30 bucks. Worth looking into.
  13. I try to load it, but every texture is missing for me.
  14. https://www.mediafire.com/?zzslnbi6pd9k4ff Don't be too gentle. No lube required. You need brutal doom for the level the play out the way it's intended to play out. You'll have to look for things, albeit not very hard. Took me about a week. Constructive criticism is very welcome. EDIT: Uses doom2 as the iwad, forgot to mention that.
  15. [MAG]Nathan

    Do you hold or click fire?

    Being obscene is too easy though. I'm still proud of the "I swear to your God part". I thought it was good.