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  1. Randemonium

    Original DOOM 5.25" floppy Mail Order CIB

    Definitely not a fan of the new windows design that has sweeped the nation. And the minimalist/boring stylized of most things... It is interesting that id is going back to their roots though. The auction ended at a fairly high amount. It could have possibly hit $1000 if interested parties didn't already have a similar rendition of the game :). The buyer hasn't responded to my congrats message yet so I'm not sure if they are a collector or reseller. Hopefully collector and liver of all things Doom. Thanks for voting on the poll guys. And for voicing your opinions.
  2. Randemonium

    Original DOOM 5.25" floppy Mail Order CIB

    Thanks for messaging them in case they are interested. That's cool of you. As far as artificial price increasing, it does kind of suck to see a price that is higher than expected as a buyer/bidder. But it's something that happens frequently it seems. I just hope that the person that wins the auction will truly be satisfied with their purchase decision.
  3. Randemonium

    Original DOOM 5.25" floppy Mail Order CIB

    Congrats on snagging that set then! I'm just glad you saw my thread and that you sparked a mini conversation. As far as jacking up prices, that reminds me of Dave from Storage Wars. Yeeeeeep!
  4. Randemonium

    Original DOOM 5.25" floppy Mail Order CIB

    I would be super curious to see if that happens as well. I guess it depends on if Buckshot sees this thread in time. The auction has around 6 hours left at the time of this post. It would be cool if he wins it as he seems to be well respected on Doomworld.
  5. Randemonium

    What you think about death?

    Btw, I do believe in heaven, Jesus, etc. If I didn't, then I would die and either go to hell or cease having awareness of anything. Since I do, I'll either go to Heaven or cease having awareness of anything. Either or. And thanks to DOOM, I have no interest in actually experiencing the reality of hell . Heaven will not be lame and boring. It will be everything that earth and humans should have been. But this is just my opinion and choice. It makes the most sense to me. :). Regardless of personal options though, I hope you will see the sense in one of my posts at least. Also regardless, I wish y'all the best in this life you have at this moment, on this planet.
  6. Randemonium

    What you think about death?

    Thank you for making this Thread, Zed. There are some truly incredible responses on here. Death will embrace us all. There's no avoiding that. But until it/he/she does, my recommendation is to embrace life as well as you can. Meaning...find what is most meaningful to you and make that a primary focus. We don't have much time on this earth, considering history and all of the people that have come and gone so quickly...not enough time at all really. The main thing is to never take your own life; giving in to death before a natural...or accidental...end meets your known existence. For whatever reason, a sentence came to my mind when I was young. And it was...embrace death as it becomes you. It was something I would say as I would take out a particularly tough enemy in games. Or to roaches in general. Live long and prosper y'all (not talking money here).
  7. Randemonium

    Original DOOM 5.25" floppy Mail Order CIB

    Hey Linguica, just wanted to say your VM response was pretty hilarious. :D
  8. Hey guys! I first played DOOM II at my best friend's house in 1994 or 95 when it came on 5 3.5" floppies. The game was actually his dad's but he was able to get ahold of the disks and install it (since I guess his dad Uninstalled it because of the violence factor :P). I'll never forget the first level with the exploding barell and how awesome it was to blow up the enemy. Which is no coincidence that the game blew us away. It also scared us to death since we were so young lol... It was a long time before I actually was able to play it on my own pc though. Too bad I didn't have a decent allowance to buy my own games back then :x. Good memories though.
  9. Hello Doomworld members. First of all I checked the FAQ and did not see anything against posting eBay links, so I hope my post is allowed/appreciated :). I just wanted to let you guys know about the DOOM 1 5.25" v1.1 floppy Mail Order lot that I have up for auction on eBay, in case you might be interested. From my understanding this version and format are extremely rare. 3.5" and CD versions are much more common respectively. Wolfenstein, DOOM II and add-ons are also in the lot. I grew up with Wolfenstein 3-D when it was fairly new and it completely changed my perception of computer games. DOOM obviously took it to the next level and things changed forever! The id software Team were truly amazing. Also definitely looking forward to the new DOOM. It seems to be so visceral ;). Anyway, here is the eBay link - http://www.ebay.com/itm/DOOM-1-CIB-LOT-Original-ID-Mail-Order-5-25-Floppies-v1-1-EXTREMELY-RARE-/301695955312?hash=item463e7af170 Thanks guys for reading and for your interest! I look forward to reading any of your comments on this thread and other threads on this forum! P.S. Going to try to create a poll for the rarity of this DOOM 1. 5 being the rarest.