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  1. ukiro

    Post your Doom textures!

    I don't mean to take your enthusiasm away from you, but please realize you don't need to post everything you make. Do you not see that these are terrible? That the massive color banding, especially visible when displayed at full size in-game, looks like shit? I should probably be more polite but the repeated hints dropped in here by myself and others seem to do nothing, so here you go. Re-calibrate the quantity/quality balance of your output, please, for everyone's sake. It's for your own good too, I assure you. Or get butthurt and try to make DW admins ban me, whatever. It still had to be said.
  2. ukiro

    Post your Doom textures!

    A lot of people in this thread would benefit greatly from showing their work in use like this. For example, the rock wall above has black splotches that really jump out when tiling the wall. Such issues are easily found when testing in-game.
  3. ukiro

    Post your Doom textures!

    Sure it can. All OTEX wall texture motifs have their proportions pre-compensated for this stretching. Circles, like this Memento Mori II pentagram, look very wrong in-engine if this isn't done. In general, most participants in this thread could do well trying their work in-game before posting here, since that'd weed out a lot of mistakes and bad ideas.
  4. ukiro

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Y offset the sky transfer origin to -72.
  5. i created otex from a wad perspective, never having used pk3’s. In a wad, the engine has no trouble distinguishing a texture from a flat since they are different formats and never interchangeable in vanilla or boom formats. So when there’s a texture I also wanted as a flat, I simply named it the same. This makes editing more comfortable, for me at least. but in a pk3 there’s no telling a floor from a wall, and even if they’re in separate folders the engine makes a single index of all assets, which would then have duplicates. The solution was to change the leading O for flats to a zero.
  6. ukiro

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    It's from this the first batch that ever got released, IIRC—I think I still have that magazine somewhere in my dad's basement. They're mostly very Quake-y, but that one with the water really made an impact. There's also another from a different angle:
  7. ukiro

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    I still have this shot etched into my mind. To see that in the summer of 1996 just blew my mind:
  8. 2021 Cacowards had 3 gold and 2 silver awards for projects using OTEX. Thank you all for making pretty things with my textures.
  9. ukiro

    1000 Lines 3: Community Project - V1.0 Released

    That'd require some work to sort out textures based on images of dubious origin. Certainly doable and I'd love to have some OTEX representation on there, but it's a non-trivial effort.
  10. ukiro

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    I'd also recommend Y offsetting the texture on the sky transfer line to make the sky something other than just cliff sides. -72 should do it.
  11. My site a having some tech trouble I haven’t had time to sort out. but otex is also on idgames. I don’t have an index of the flats, unfortunately; it I think if you have a set of foot sounds it’s not a huge undertaking to assign them; there’s a lot of color alts that should just all have the same sound. And I imagine all marble (OMRBL) should be the same, etc.
  12. ukiro

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    I think just the hanging vines are OTEX? The shots are obviously absurdly nice, and I personally appreciate the murky and diffuse in everything from visuals to music, so I'm a little reluctant to say this, BUT: The uniform color and brightness of these makes the geometry a little bit hard to read. By using a slightly more contrasting trim, a little bit more brightness variation, a FLAT with a tiny bit more brightness, or introducing an additional hue you could improve this drastically. Sky and water already help with this and could perhaps be utilized further. The "readability" of a scene or shot is a very high priority in filmmaking as well as modern game design, and I do appreciate that Doom is very free to ignore things like that. But in this case I think you're so close to perfection that I have to mention it.
  13. ukiro

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    I'd have to check on softlock; In my testing there was always a way out regardless of path/sequence, but red building is such a mindfuck that I might have missed some setup. As for absence of rad suits: It's intentional and understandably not in everyone's taste. The idea is that adding them would imply the lava is worth exploring, which is not the case nor how the level is designed, save for one megasphere secret (which you can spot from other angles). Having no rad suits conveys the role of the lava: A structural foe and enforcer of the various paths through the level. "90s dream come true" hits home; I've been at this since 94 and wanted to distill all those years into a level that represents my initial (and continuing) awe for Doom. So thank you very much for that sentiment.
  14. ukiro

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    The sprite glitch is not present in other ports, and is purely cosmetic. That the switch can be activated multiple times, even when it's "hidden", is indeed an error/bug. But there should always be a path out of the area, IIRC, even when this happens.
  15. ukiro

    Post your Doom textures!

    I'm definitely someone who encourages people to make their own textures, but a general piece of advice—not aimed at anyone in particular but broadly from observing the posts in here over the last few months—is to try mapping with your textures before posting them here, and ask yourself if they work well or if they could use some additional effort. If you're going through the effort of sourcing, scaling, tweaking, tiling, and palette converting stuff for Doom, add that extra step and it'll all be a lot more worthwhile.