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  1. ukiro

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Ever since 1994 I have had a strong dislike the toy-like sheen midi (or .mus) gives a composition, and as a result I've almost always played Doom without music for these past soon-to-be 30 years. For my map in Eviternity I tried to find something that felt more aligned with my preferences, and the result is that it's perhaps the most divisive music choice in the entire megawad. So I think most people prefer a bit of playfulness, music that leans into the midi aesthetic, rather than something that tries to make midi something it's not quite cut out for.
  2. ukiro

    Post your Doom textures!

    This is the best thing posted on here for years, I need to throw out all OTEX liquid falls now, goddamn. How was this made?
  3. challenge accepted :-) but yes, these are stunning and lit a huge fire under my lazy ass.
  4. ukiro

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I played Doom 1.1 with 3 screens at my dad's job in I think march of 1994. That experience may very well have sowed the seed that decades later has resulted in me working professionally in AR and VR for over 10 years by now. Thanks Carmack! (I've actually thanked him for this in person.) Here's a more explanatory video about this feature:
  5. You can alter OTEX, but for maximum quality, some edits are better done with the source files. Feel free to frankenstein new textures using the existing patches; OTEX is painstakingly divided into patches for this very reason. But if you need to make color edits or similar, maybe do a mockup and send it my way and I can export a proper version. If it's a good idea with universal appeal I'll include it in the official set.
  6. Finally started playing this. It's really great, awesome use of my textures and stunning levels. Already quite punishing for a shitty player like myself, but that's not your fault =) Hope to see a final release some day.
  7. ukiro

    Question about Darkening 2 textures

    They are indeed nonsense, meant to look like some alien script just like in Quake II which was a big inspiration. Except for one! The gray one, originally meant to be used only in map01, can be read as "olas bana" and my real name is Ola and "bana" can be translated as "level" in Swedish. So sort of an inside joke for the Swedish speakers. But I think it ended up used in other levels too.
  8. ukiro

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    It must have been a coincidence; I'd bet warping to map10 and continuing from there will not yield the same broken teleporters a second time. That they broke is still interesting but it must have been some very peculiar state that happened by chance, and as it hasn't been reported before (for this final version of the map; RC1 had other monster closet issues) I would expect it to be a very rare occurrence. Bad luck, in other words.
  9. ukiro

    Post your Doom textures!

    Finally! These were a massive inspiration for OTEX and I still didn’t match their quality, particularly the computer panels. Fantastic work.
  10. I'd probably have just made custom FLATs for that but this kind of effort is always impressive. There's seemingly no end to how people fiddle with my textures to do weird shit with them, and I love that.
  11. ukiro

    DBP50: Emerald City [idgames]

    As for OTEX I'd prefer if you grab them from the source wad and keep patch and texture names intact, when possible. Otherwise it quickly becomes a game of telephone where the author attribution gets lost eventually, and quality may suffer due to bad palette conversions, clunky edits, etc.
  12. ukiro

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    I made a shitty teleporter. When you press the button at the bottom of the stairs, don’t rush up immediately—that will block it. Stay in the stairs until it teleports in.
  13. ukiro

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    I think one of the most remarkable aspects of Sunder is how little it actually uses this; I can think of no other modern or highly regarded wad that is as orthogonal as Sunder.
  14. ukiro

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Excellent texture work, just clean up some stray red pixels.
  15. ukiro

    Post your Doom textures! [derail]

    I don't mean to take your enthusiasm away from you, but please realize you don't need to post everything you make. Do you not see that these are terrible? That the massive color banding, especially visible when displayed at full size in-game, looks like shit? I should probably be more polite but the repeated hints dropped in here by myself and others seem to do nothing, so here you go. Re-calibrate the quantity/quality balance of your output, please, for everyone's sake. It's for your own good too, I assure you. Or get butthurt and try to make DW admins ban me, whatever. It still had to be said.