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  1. ukiro

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    They were deliberately left blank in RC1 and have yet not had text implemented for RC2. But it is indeed planned!
  2. ukiro

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Indeed, and it's been taken care of. Now might be a good time to re-link the RC2 change log: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qD2iHYH2uqL1MTPoRPD67ECfzxIfPg-9QDkJ2Dncd_A/edit
  3. ukiro

    BFG / Exit door source

    Very nice! This weapon also makes an appearance in my texture set OTEX, seen here in Eviternity map09:
  4. ukiro

    Recommendations for E1 WADs to play

    Almost anything by Jan van Der Veken. In my personal opinion he understands the gameplay, atmosphere, architecture, proportions, and flow of E1 style maps better than anyone else (and it's a crowded field!). Dawn of the Dead, Classic episode, No Sleep for the Dead.
  5. ukiro

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    As for map30, it will not be turned into a huge one-hour level, but as Eris pointed out we are making amends to ensure continuous play doesn't run the risk of missing too much, like what happened to Scuba Steve (and some of the streamers I've watched). As we're removing the forced infinite height for GZDoom in RC2, we also need to be careful here as the final boss' movement will be very different when it never gets blocked like in RC1.
  6. ukiro

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    I am personally of the same opinion as you, but after watching 30+ hours of Eviternity streams I can say it is giving people more trouble than it's worth. It has not had its speed or health reduced, but its firing pattern has been altered for RC2. In RC1 it fires two Mancubus fireball pairs. As we're using DEHACHED we can't angle these any way we want, resulting in 3 visible fireballs instead of 4, as the central one is two fireballs overlapped. This makes the central projectile extremely deadly unless you have a lot of health/armor. The ideal solution would have been to not have the central fireball doubled, but this is not possible unfortunately. So for RC2 it fires one Mancubus blast with wide spread, and a Cacodemon fireball as the central projectile. This has the added quirk that the Caco ball is much slower than the Mancubus fireballs, making them in a way more difficult to handle at range. Close up they become easier though. Added bonus: Its final corpse state is now collapsed further, making the dead ones easier to tell apart from the live ones, and making them obstruct the view less.
  7. ukiro

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    I think I speak for the whole team when I say we're very happy to hear feedback like this! That said, we are fixing lots of bugs right now, and soon there should be an updated and much improved version. No date promised yet, so if you're itching to dive right back in now, do go ahead =)
  8. ukiro

    The worst part of editing in Vanilla

    That’s indeed the case. The most educated guesses on visplane behavior came from Lee Killough. Compared to today, vanilla mapping was most restrained by the tools themselves—minutes to build nodes on a large map, no way to spawn in a specific spot without manually moving the player1 start, calculating ALL offsets manually with no visual feedback, no curve or stair builder tools, no copy/paste, no rotate/scale, no “visplane explorer” or similar, and so on. When you play 94-97 maps, keep in mind they were done despite all this. Making vanilla stuff today is easier by an incredible degree.
  9. ukiro

    The worst part of editing in Vanilla

    Now they just need to extend that to PNAMES! Well GZDoom already does, but Boom ports don't. (Thanks for a great explainer, as always, on sprite loading in vanilla!)
  10. ukiro

    How to Deal with Mapping Sadness

    Before Eviternity I had not released anything for doom in 18 years. The primary reason is I had set the bar so high for myself, thinking verything I release has to outdo my past effort tenfold. That is a terrible approach to any creative endeavor. These projects are a combination of many things/efforts/skills. None of us happened upon these capabilities without effort; talent plays a role but we have all worked very hard to reach the skills we have today, and I assume none of us are done. We too feel inadequate all the time. Don’t think that you have to master all of the skills on display in these projects or you don’t count. There is a balance to be found between your own personal visions/aspirations and trying to learn from others. Master one thing at a time, break it up in smaller pieces. Make a pretty room, a novel fight, a nice texture. Ask yourself how it could be even more pretty, novel, or nice. Hone your skill, but most important of all, have fun. Never ever make this into a chore like I did for so many years.
  11. ukiro

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Thank you for the compliment! But I think it IS fair to say some maps are not fun; Nobody likes every kind of music, every flavor of icecream, every style of Doom map. Some things are an acquired taste and some things require a specific state of mind or context to be enjoyed, and I suppose the same is true here. Does your patience and concentration start to dip seriously after 5-10 minutes per map? You might really dislike 19 and 32 then. Do you prefer a clear objective over super non-linear open world type of maps? Then 32 is certainly not your thing... and so on. Those preferences are perfectly fine to have, but if you want to give a long and mostly linear map a go, 19 is fucking fantastic. And if you are someone who normally prefers long adventurous levels but wants to understand the charm of shorter stuff, the first couple of episodes are hopefully really strong examples of how fun those can be.
  12. ukiro

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    I wasn't in charge of theme selection, theme ordering, level ordering, or play style directing for Eviternity, so I hope I can speak about that with some slight degree of objectivity. That said, having been on the inside seeing this all come together, I want to point out what I feel are some very well considered compromises. 30 (or 32) maps that are mostly the same in theme, scale, and gameplay will just turn tedious for all but the few people who obsess over that exact style of doom map. Given that this was spawned by my texture set, which is quite diverse, it was natural to structure it around several distinctly different themes. That said, I had exactly zero textures for winter maps and pretty much none for the heaven stuff when Dragonfly stated that those would be themes. This gave me a slight panic at the time but I'm thankful for it now. He'll get to speak to the justifications for the specific themes in Eviternity but showcasing Doom's breadth of thematic capabilities seems like a very reasonable objective for a release celebrating the game's 25th birthday. The inverse—celebrating Doom by focusing on a single theme (even if it's E1)—I think would be to overlook much of its gloriously diverse legacy. Eviternity was started in March and the target was Doom's birthday (even if Dragonfly was not immediately committing to this date, as it was clearly daunting). To make a megawad in 9 months, let alone with this kind of scope and ambition, is insane. Apart from Jimmy I don't know who else could have pulled this off, but it did require a lot of restraint. I just made one map so I could let it balloon to a ridiculous size (not saying that was a good thing, but it's what happened), while Dragonfly ended up making 19 maps solo and 5 collaboration maps. This meant they couldn't be 5000 sector behemoths and/or UDMF script fests, so this would clearly not be a megawad for the players looking for each map to be an epic multi hour journey or filled to the brim with novel gameplay gimmicks. Instead, and I'd say appropriately for its aspirations to celebrate Doom, the focus was more of a classic-ish style of play. Given that we're complevel 11 and have some new enemies, certain things are distinctly non-vanilla, sure, but RC1 even enforced infinite height in GZDoom to make it as true to its core as we could. (That is getting removed in RC2 though, by popular demand.) So if you're mostly forced to make small or medium sized levels due to time constraints, and you're not using scripting in order to be Boom (or, rather, MBF) compatible, the tools for providing a sense of gameplay progression are more limited. I think difficulty should increase for later levels and we're living in a world where some players are so good they cruise through map05 or 25 blind with no deaths on UV. So how do you cater to that crowd at the same time as you want to appeal to a more novice player, or perhaps someone returning to Doom after many years for some nostalgia on its 25th birthday? By letting UV gradually ramp up to a point where most elite players die every now and then on their first play-throughs while keeping HMP distinctly easier, I think Eviternity does a good job here. I want to highlight one more thing around skill settings: There's not a lot of fights in all of Eviternity where there's a single, very specific way to do a fight in order for it to be survivable. In almost every scenario, in every map, there's room for multiple solutions, whether it's movement or enemy priorities or map routing or weapons use. Sure, there's some ambushes that a lot of people will fall prey to on their first go, but mostly in the later levels and again mostly on UV. So it's a far cry from speedrunner specific designs where part of the challenge is to figure out where to even stand, how a fight is even theoretically winnable (not disparaging these—just saying it's a different approach to Doom gameplay). I haven't put this in a chart to lay it out visually, but in terms of linear vs non-linear, key based vs keyless, single enemy encounters vs bigger more slaughter-y fights, there's a sense of constant variety here too, something I know Dragonfly was very consciously designing for. This ebb and flow of variety, within levels, across an episode, and through the whole megawad, is in my opinion expertly done. Lastly I want to point out that I'm not saying those criticizing a specific level or the degree of gameplay style changes as you progress, are wrong. Doom is entertainment and if you feel that a level or episode is more of a chore than it is fun, then that's not what we wanted to do to you. But while we can't satisfy everyone, there should be some decent chunk of joy, delight, challenge and reward somewhere in Eviternity for anyone appreciating Doom.
  13. ukiro

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    There are a couple of skies in this style in OTEX.
  14. ukiro

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    There are several issues with skies, having to do with how different engines treat skies when mouselook is activated, and how that changes wildly depending on how tall the sky is. Sadly, there seems to be no way to ensure a sky is drawn the same way across prboomplus, glboom, and gzdoom, which is rather insane considering it's 2018. We will try some more hacks (there's some in there already) but currently it looks like there's no way to ensure consistency. It WILL break somewhere, no matter what. FWIW, Eviternity is made for "classic" gameplay, meaning mouselook is not necessary.
  15. ukiro

    OTEX texture set released!

    It is indeed. That's me from 2011, and there's a switch that's me in 1999 or 2000.