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  1. I am aware that I am spending more time trying to figure out how to learn Japanese than actually practicing it. Although I do have some of the tools set such as my dictionary apps, Anki, YouTube, podcasts, RTK, Kodansha Kanji learner's dictionary, and some Japanese books and games, I keep looking for methods that will make me acquire the language faster. I can practice speaking to one of my Japanese relatives on the LINE app, yet, I do not always have the time do so. I do not just want to learn how to speak, read, and write Japanese, but I want to learn several more languages in my lifetime. In fact, I am learning French right now with Duolingo. How do I stop looking for great methods? I know that there is no best method or objective method. Everyone has their own preferences.

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      Tosi said:

      0. Realize there is no easy method and you're going to have to spend a good portion of your life to even get to the level where you can read something more complicated than a children's book.

      ? So far I've spent about 167 hours on Anki and I'm already reading a lot of non-translated hentai with almost no problems. That's only seven days, which hardly qualifies as "a good portion of your life".

      andrewj said:

      Learning another language is hard work, it is very often boring, a chore, and there is no getting around that.

      Can't agree with this one either. For me learning anything about Japanese language is nearly always enjoyable. Otherwise I wouldn't have made any progress because I'm an incredibly lazy person, trust me. Imo it's very fun. Kanji are incredibly beautiful in how they have meanings that work together when you combine them (so you can often guess the meaning of a word even if you see it for the first time in your life), various ways of saying something without mentioning stuff directly are very fascinating, different styles of speech that you choose depending on who you're talking to feel so unique and intriguing, etc... Imo it's all exciting and almost never boring.

      Well, I guess I feel that way because, as you said, I managed to find a language and a culture I'm really interested in. I'm doing all this on my own will, I don't go to classes where they force me to do stuff. Just having fun because I want to.

    4. Job


      Japanese grammar and sentence structure is 80% jacked up to this gaijin.