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  1. Liberation

    What is the best map you've ever made?

    I think the term "Best" is difficult to use when looking at your own wads, I think my favorite map out of my released stuff was Map14 Labour of despair for the THT:Threnody project, however it did get mixed reviews and since was it big release I did read a lot of reviews for it (thanks all btw). So that can't be my best map! It got some proper stick :-) 2nd choice would be (technically my best), No crates on Phobos for the deadly standard project. Have yet to hear any complaints about that map.
  2. Liberation

    [wib] golf

    The ultimate crazy golf!
  3. Liberation

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    It look awesome, Phobos was my fav bit and tbf fucked up earth looked cool as well.
  4. Liberation

    Beyond Hell

    So.. the project is a VR version of doom in the unity engine with trading cards basically. I'm not going to be ignorant and say this can't be done, because I'm sure it can somehow. But I will say considering how good your art work is, WTF are you doing this with Doom and the unity engine? when you could clearly make up your own universe so to speak and also create an original basic prototype in which to show people? Instead of talking about 4/5 different things, confusing the shit out of everyone and looking like a nut case?
  5. I would of released a lot of new maps and probably a tc. I've got 2 plutonia maps sat around that just need enemy/weapon placement from a year ago.
  6. Liberation

    Beyond Hell

    Is this doom in the unity engine?
  7. Oops, that's awkward. I thought I had found another Riker fan :-)
  8. Liberation

    Weirdest/Rarest games that you own?

    @YukiRaven Has found the record archive viewer! The close combat with the genestealers was the best combat ever, 2/10 chance of winning I reckon with practise. Your jag collection is bigger than mine :-) Got AvP and Doom though!
  9. Liberation

    Weirdest/Rarest games that you own?

    I don't have any of my old STe games anymore, got the manual for Substation still. My small jaguar collection is slightly rare I guess. Oh and I do have a copy of the PS1 Spacehulk: Vengeance of the blood angels (one for you @YukiRaven ) Still kicking around, easier to get running compared to the PC version. EDIT: Also I have a CD copy of Space crusade, can't believe I forgot that considering my avatar!
  10. Hey c'mon Worf was cool, he did take borg on HtH. Wesley crusher was probably the worst character.
  11. You did well enough to survive! I reckon that's good enough chap.
  12. Liberation

    Getting annoyed by some words

    I've always viewed Alex jones as satire, I guess some people take him seriously.
  13. Cat 2, died on map01. No shame! Libplutonia.zip
  14. Liberation

    Barry Chuckle has died.

    It would have to be done wouldn't it!
  15. I was a Riker fan myself, he was cool af.