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  1. I remember being able to find new episodes/TC's for Nam and WW2gi, so I would have thought some RR stuff is around. I've been playing some duke3d recently.. kind annoyed that I didn't get the Megaton edition at the time and bit gutted I never picked Duke 2 up as that game was pretty cool. Damn Randy.. he's great if you'rea Borderlands fan I guess. The new episode in the 20th anniversary edition seems cool tho..
  2. Liberation

    French court rules Steam must allow goods to be resold

    Buying computer games and then trading them in or selling them to others is not exactly anything new. My copy of PSX Doom was 2nd hand from the local games shop, 2 crappy games and some pocket money scrapped together and I got my copy... couldn't have afforded it without doing that, so very grateful tbh. I'm pretty sure GT/Midway/iD didn't miss out that badly considering.
  3. Liberation

    [TEXTURE PACK] Wireframe Texture Pack

    Solid work Dragonfly, certainly looking forward to having a play with these.
  4. This looks pretty cool, good work. Will try this out later.
  5. Liberation

    What's everyone's opinion of SLADE?

    I use Slade for mapping and have done for 3 years or so. It's perfectly good to use, however does lack a few features that GZDoom builder has which can be annoying, curve tool, stair builder and grid rotation as a few examples. But generally it's pretty good and seems pretty stable. The only time it really falls down is when making fancy UDMF maps with 3d bits and bobs. 3d slopes are a no go and a lack of 3d floors in the 3d mode makes life difficult when compared to GZBD. I prefer using it over GZDB, but it does have it's shortcomings. Oi! :-P
  6. Liberation


    Sarcasm is difficult to detect over the internet. If people don't know better it comes across as you're being an arse, in which case you will be treated as such. Draw a line under this, move on. Makes some notes from Suitepee's stream and go work on your project.
  7. Liberation


    As you started a hostile argument on my thread that I wanted to be pleasant.
  8. Liberation

    My first map

    Go away Pan, you're boring.
  9. Liberation

    SINERGY - A Vanilla Ultimate Doom Megawad - Now on idgames!

    I have to say this looks excellent!
  10. Getting the whip out already Walter :-P I've started a few bits on my map, going for a Sigil inspired level, so we will see where this takes me. Screenshots in a few weeks possibly.
  11. Liberation

    why people hate [doom/2] monsters so much?

    @Arrowhead12Eviternity has lost souls with lower health, made a nice change. But then the Wad had another nasty flying creature anyway :-)
  12. Liberation

    why people hate [doom/2] monsters so much?

    I sometimes think that lost souls have a bit too much health, but that's not really a complaint. And fighting lost souls and PE's with a missile launcher is great fun, very risky and probably not the sort of thing to do on an Ironman but normal playing? Hell yeah!!
  13. Liberation

    1000 Line Community Project - Released

    @RoofiCheers for the stream, good to see people still playing. @yeetboiyeet tbf only a couple of maps are a bit chewy as BB would call them, map 16 requires a bit of trial and error, but generally the maps are fairly chilled out, difficulty settings are implemented don't forget and thanks for playing :-) In other news, I'm thinking of doing an update this weekend. A few bugs have turned up and I do have an extra map which I probably will chuck in for a bonus.
  14. Liberation


    Great to see some Sigil style levels in construction.
  15. Liberation

    Wall texture alignment

    If you're using UDMF you can scale textures and as long as its subtle you can get away with it. Other that that you can split a lot of textures, and make them longer or shorter depending on what you need. Although the more busy the texture is, the harder this can be. And failing that, as previously mentioned borders and trims which add to the level anyway.