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  1. I watched some film years ago about this type of weed that turned people into zombies. Radioactive weed and zombies with yellow eyes if I remember correctly. Some memories are better supressed.
  2. "play for a minute and intentionally die" sounds good to me, even make them amusing.. getting nuked by barrels, trying to Tyson hordes etc
  3. Looking good everyone! EDIT: Couple of things, 1) Map08 doesn't have a reject, not that it probably matters and 2) I think it would be smart if we replaced all the demos.
  4. lib-e1m1d.7z Done, including music as well. Spent some extra time on polishing, few bits have been redone. Only cosmetic stuff really.
  5. I do like your style @Angry Saint
  6. Starship troopers was fine, however the 2nd film was not only trash but badly written/directed/acted trash. I was going to comment that, however everyone has there off days I guess. I'd strongly advise no-one watch starship troopers 2.
  7. @Walter confetti Hold up, still got my new version to upload. Will get on it in the morning.
  8. I'm not holding out a lot of hope either @Soundblock! Will have to look into the aliens 2 you mentioned, that sounds interesting. At least it only has to beat a shitty computer game to be accepted :-)
  9. Thanks @EffinghamHuffnagel I will get those sorted! Next upload will include the midi for my map as well.
  10. Blasphemy!! Heresy!! Heretic!! Sad face/cry emoticons
  11. E1M1: No crates on Phobos. Author: Philip "Liberation" Brown. Description: Was taking a break from making tech bases.. So decided to make another tech base?!? Music: Back in the Fray by PRIMEVAL. Build time: 2 weeks.
  12. A very fresh doom experience, slightly tongue and cheek, good retro vibe and very awesome to play. The battles are excellent, projectiles are flying everywhere which just adds to the carnage. The mapping is nice, none of the levels are overly long winded, with perhaps the exception of the last map.... but that is just something else and it finishes the set nicely. I couldn't recommend this wad more, had a lot of fun playing it!
  13. Robocop is probably one of my favorite films, however to stand a chance the sequel requires Paul Verhoven as well as ed and a film company that allows total creative freedom and is prepared to lose money, probably a lot of it as well. And if it doesn't have drug factory doors getting beaten down, followed up by the most unlikely sentence ever to be spoken in a situation like that by law enforcement, only then to be followed by the mass carnage that never fails to put a grin on your face.... Then chances are, its never going to scratch that itch.. Hopefully it will make up for the abomination that came out a few years ago.
  14. While I do like the crusader series and the loaded games from the same era. I think the amount of work required to create something that even resembles the crusader universe would be a massive amount of work. I don't know the newtag whatsit for the record.
  15. Excellent news, really enjoyed playing through the beta! Congrats to Doomkid and the rest of the team, solid map set! Looking forward to EP2 :-)