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  1. Liberation

    [SIGN-UPS OPEN] Doom Backrooms Community Project

    @xdude_gamerMoved and combined for you.
  2. Liberation

    Buzzcut interactive's FIRST EVER MOD: SATAN'S FURY!

    Yep time for this to be locked.
  3. Liberation

    Doom haven

    I'm glad this saga has come to a conclusion. Going to lock this one up.
  4. Liberation

    My Second Map! Inferno.WAD FEEDBACK WANTED

    @CHIEF QUEEF Come on, lets have a better starting post than that.
  5. Liberation

    Explain to me what the deal with Skyline Chili is

    The chilli on chips with a fuck ton of cheese (as seen in that video) does look good to me, although you would have microwave it for a bit to get that cheese to melt down.
  6. Liberation

    Question about "Post Hell"

    It's not what it used to be. Better off without it these days.
  7. Liberation

    Dad play(ed) Doom

    Me and my Dad both used to play Doom and Quake when they came out, my sister played doom on her mac. I have fond memories of accidently overriding my Dad's Doom saved games and getting pretty bollocked. lol
  8. Liberation

    Do you ever think of dying?

    Sorry folks, closing this one up. OP was ban evading, it is also World Suicide Prevention Day (or was depending on time zones), so believe this thread was made in somewhat bad faith. It's also gotten pretty spicy.
  9. Liberation

    someone help me (pointless derail)

    You don't need to be a dick for the sake of being a dick. Knock it off.
  10. Liberation

    Project Warlock 2 Demo

    I enjoyed the first game, nicely distilled and pretty fun. Didn't realise the demo was out for PW2, will go check that out.
  11. Liberation

    The MEME Realm

    I was going to make a joke and let this slide till one of the other mods clocked it, but that was until someone decided to post a video with a homophobic slur and the N word. Give an inch and people take a mile, smh.
  12. Liberation


    This wad is actually a D2 version of this https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/a-c/bigmac Locking the thread as this serves very little purpose.
  13. Liberation

    Jumpity Jumpy Doomguy

    @Nine Inch HeelsSome rando on twitter isn't enough to debunk my sweeping statement based on personal bias. :-) More of a generalisation tbh, but I have seen that happen over the years. Jumping and crouching I normally have set off, I don't tend to play much GZD specific stuff (with one exception). Mouse look is my guilty pleasure however, but if it breaks stuff, I'm happy to live with that.
  14. Liberation

    Jumpity Jumpy Doomguy

    I don't think people care if players jump in their vanilla/boom maps, I personally don't. People will get annoyed if you break stuff and then complain tho.
  15. Liberation


    I'm a big fan of Selaco, but we don't need 2 threads.