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  1. Sussed it, just me being stupid. Please delete this post. Thank you.
  2. Basically I'm getting this message when running my latest map with chocolate doom. " REJECT lump too short to pad " with some numbers at the end. To tell the truth I don't normally worry about reject lumps till I'm releasing a level and even then I normally forget, however with this map it CTD's Choc doom when I enter a certain room. So using zennode and trying BSP as well I have added the reject lump as you would normally, however it still crashes when entering the same room, however does not give the message as it did before. Going to something stupid I know, but if anyone can give me an insight I would be very grateful.
  3. Well I've seen some mad shit over the years, but that policeman was a cunt.
  4. The thought of unclosed sectors is truly horrific for me, not sure why thou. Still enjoying the maps so far btw, really good work.
  5. @Pegleg Yeah that's about the jist of the first book. The first 2 were acceptable, even if the 2nd did go abit strange towards the end. Never bothered with the last 2 as according to the reviews they got very silly.
  6. 640x480 for me
  7. The first 2 books were reasonable, I've read a lot worse.
  8. Just started map04. I have to say that these maps so far have been rather good fun, chaotic but fun. The chaingun is just a saving grace for me, glad there is plenty of ammo. An interesting limit as well. I must admit I did look at them in slade first and thought WTF is this, but it kinda works.
  9. Back in the year 2000, the covert ops demo was released for edge 1.24, with ejecting shell casings. If memory serves me correctly (which it might not) that was the first time actual "ejecting" brass was seen. Also if your willing to lose the plasma rifle and the BFG, then you could have ejected shells/casings left on the floor after firing, editing the sprites would finish the effect to a degree as well. Using dehacked this could in theory be possible with vanilla and I've tried it myself with boom/bex and it is possible. EDIT: Wow just become a Forum regular after 17 years :-)
  10. Very nice looking map, was good fun to play through and just the right difficulty level for me. The traps/teleports kept things interesting rather than annoying for a change and the monster selection was spot on, well done! Good to see your still mapping Dutch!.... you know ... this almost feels like a map01 start of a megawad :-)
  11. Have we mentioned ... Infighting yet?
  12. Ha, I remember doing that when I was younger making Half-life maps.
  13. Just finished playing through. Excellent map set, very good fun and some very interesting design ideas. I took the blue key in the last map, cursed slightly when I realised the 2 other options but carried on regardless. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more, I like the simplicity visual approach however the maps are far from simple and that made for a great map set. Well done!
  14. My least favorite is picking up the RL, only to find loads of doors opening and the player being rushed by demons etc and forcing you to switch weapons quickly, so you don't have to fight a close combat battle with the RL. And I fucking hate archviles, people tend to put them in really annoying places so they are hard to hit as well.
  15. This looks very interesting, will be having a play through.