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  1. @Capellan 3 crates don't make a crate maze :-) Anyway, progress report from myself. @Crunchynut44 Has blitzed some very nice additional areas to my original map and I'm half way through my final areas, then its onto thing placement. RL has caught up with me, so progress has slowed down a tad. But its in the works and looking nice! The map itself is small/medium and is a ruined/corrupted E2 tech base with cave sections, some areas get more trashed as the player enters them again, so hopefully should be a nice e2m1 to get things going.
  2. Burger king do the best fries (chips) in the UK imo.
  3. Liberation

    Recommendations for Total Conversions?

    Twilight warrior and its sequel Covert OPs
  4. In all the Doom games I haven't seen any evidence to suggest that hell could with stand being trampled by 6 billion humans. We would have to be ruthless "red army style" but we would win. However the re-animation of our battle dead would be a issue.
  5. Liberation

    [wip] Freaky Panties

    I'm loving the look of this!
  6. Liberation

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    @YukiRaven That's look fantastic!
  7. Liberation

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    As long as it runs with Brutal Doom, I don't really give a monkeys.
  8. Liberation

    Ctrl+Alt shoot-strafe

    I've never had this problem, however something similar with g/zdoom is when I press fire doomguy decides to change weapon on the odd occasion, which I find amusing tbf.
  9. Liberation

    Doom Episode 1 v1.2 - 2 disk floppy

    I would still put them on ebay, people will probably bid on them anyway!
  10. Liberation

    Blood is on sale @ GOG

    I was under the impression it was lost, rather than withheld.
  11. I don't think having the keendie pointer on the cyberdemon is an issue personally.
  12. @Saint_Guy I don't see why the cyberdemon would be off the table. In ep1 there was a baron in the first map!
  13. @Pegleg The first episode took longer than a month to make. 11 months build time.
  14. @Walter confetti I reckon get this episode done, then do e3/e4 tandem.
  15. Liberation

    Is this really you (Quasar) or some lame-ass imposter?

    Considering all the Doom games are still for sale, with the exception of the few megawads that I don't think you can buy anymore, then that kind of answers the question really. I was thinking about all the retro consoles that are filled with ROM's, how legal are they technically?