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  1. I completed this last night as it happens. I really enjoyed the game, the ending is.. a bit odd but after reading the letter from Ron and the crew it kinda makes sense. I only played it on easy but next time I will try out the harder difficulty setting. Some good gags and funny characters in there, so I had a good time.
  2. Liberation

    A Response To Arturo's Statements

    I'm closing this one up, since the conversation has moved on to another thread.
  3. Liberation

    WEED DOOM (Version 3.20) Now out!

    @Guefasto64Uploading the iwad with some very basic changes is technically warez. I have removed your download link. You don't need to do that, just upload the assets you have made into a separate wad file and release that.
  4. Liberation

    Megalyth Brendt Pantley R.I.P

    Bloody hell :-(... Rip Megalyth.
  5. Liberation

    Star Trek discussions

    I wasn't meaning the story as such, just the effects/lighting and pacing of the film was totally not TNG era Star trek, even stuff like the phaser rifles being pretty fancy and a car chase??. The Wrath of Khan is a well used trope at this point, won't disagree with that lol.
  6. Liberation

    Star Trek discussions

    I didn't think nemesis was that bad tbh, different yes.. But also somewhat interesting. But any trek after the 00's suffered from trek fatigue, last season or 2 of Voyager, Nemesis and sadly ENT, all struggled with ratings.. People had just had enough back then, I was one of them tbh. We did get bombard with scifi in the 90's, bloody good time tho.
  7. Liberation

    Star Trek discussions

    Sigh, couldn't keep it civil could we? Anymore of that and the thread will be locked.
  8. Liberation

    Star Trek discussions

    Watching Enterprise again atm, halfway through season 4. I do really like this trek, it does have a few boring episodes but generally it is pretty good fun. Got the rebooted Battlestar Galactica to watch next, looking forward to that. Also hoping to check out Stranger new worlds soon as well, can't be bothered with disco season 4 tho.
  9. Liberation

    Why doom 1 & 2 could do well with a remaster(?)

    This is going round in circles, so closing it up.
  10. Liberation

    Happy 4th of July!

    Jokes on you turncoat, I don't drink tea :-P Have a nice day folks, stay safe.
  11. Liberation

    Vanilla visuals ≠ Bad visuals.

  12. Liberation

    Star Trek discussions

    I finished Picard season 2 off the other day, it's ok. Found myself a bit bored midway but the last 2 episodes picks up pretty well, although the last 10 minutes could really have done with a whole episode. I like the Q story tbh, was cool and kinda nice in a strange way. Be interested to see how season 3 pans out. Started watching Enterprise again, so enjoying that atm. Got access to Paramount+ recently so interested in watching Stranger New Worlds. might check out disco S4 as well.
  13. I don't really get all the hate tbh. It looks alright in my book, passable at worst. I dare say most of the critics are not actually MI fans and just jumping on the band wagon and getting the boot in.
  14. Liberation

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    The earliest game I still enjoy playing is Space Crusade (1992), although I do play the previous game Heroquest (1991) from time to time.. it's not as good imo but that is probably more preference.
  15. Liberation

    Is it possible to defeat Nuts.wad by getting good?

    And lots of people think playing video games is a waste of time...