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  1. Liberation

    But every author uses samples from copyrighted sources!!!

    Just because someone else does something, it doesn't mean you should do it. And please don't start another thread to argue a point from another thread that hasn't even been locked.
  2. Liberation

    Why does Skyrim keep getting remastered?

    You can debate whether a game actually needs a remaster, imo Q1 and Q2 didn't really need them but then, both games did benefit and were free updates, so all good. ROTT certainly needed a remaster, and that has been a great edition. Regarding BGS games.. Oblivion is crying out for a remaster and they can have my money when/if that gets released.
  3. Well, if you made the post a bit clearer with some actual context, then the "rude comments" could have been avoided. Instead of throwing shade at people, perhaps reword your OP. Just a suggestion, since all we got was a badly worded topic name, with some AI generated images and not alot else.
  4. Liberation

    Should I replay ALL cacoawards

    What a quality first post, congrats. Anyway, enough of this.
  5. Liberation

    William Shatner's Tek War

    CV11's video is probably all you actually need in regards TekWar. It's a pretty hefty meme, even before CV11 did a video on it. There was a demo, which I assume is up on the duke4.net site Master O, linked above. The only interesting thing, it's possibly the first build engine game?
  6. Liberation

    What are the rules in this website?

    Well, you know now.
  7. Liberation

    What are the rules in this website?

    Nah, lol. Ban evasion is creating a new account to circumvent being banned in the first place. So, no forum/reddit/discord will ever tolerate that.
  8. Liberation

    What are the rules in this website?

    Oh come on, its in the name.
  9. Liberation


    Then you presumed incorrectly mate. Hence why we have to keep an eye on what's being posted in this thread.
  10. Liberation


    Oh this looks good! 15 sector map - Check. N word usage - Check. 9/11 picture/meme - Check. Great work.
  11. Liberation

    Doom 1 E1 unrealistic space

    I'm pretty sure that is legit actually.
  12. Thank you again, Lib. I really appreciate it and I won't forget.

    1. Liberation


      All good mate :-)