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Status Updates posted by Liberation

  1. Hey, I found your site a while ago, I have been looking for Babylon 5 stuff.. like you do and was wondering if you know of a mirror for Babylon 5 - I've Found Her? 


    Seem the main site is down and I've been looking for ages?

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    2. Liberation


      I haven't actually but will have a look. The Empire at war mod looked good but I don't speak German :-)


      I did sink 68 hours in to the X3 Babylon 5 TC, that was a lot of time in hyperspace!

    3. Blake00


      I still haven't got around to playing that mod yet despite drooling over it for years. Shame they've stopped working on it. Can you do much in it? It was my dream to build up a factory empire much like I do in regular X3 and then command my own Omega Destroyer charging into dark shadow controlled systems.

    4. Liberation


      tbf, all it's missing really is a campaign. I spent most of my time trading data crystals/water/ice within the sol system and the other EA territories. Did start building factories as well.


      So yes you can do plenty, the combat is good but not as cool as tie fighter or the freelancer 2 b5 tc. I never met the shadows, but the draki were a pain in the butt.


      My only complaint (not including standard x3 complaints ie the ai being crap if your in the same system) is that the hyper space sections are a bit long. 

  2. Phade?... Phade!?!! PHADE!!!!

  3. I was look through the doom_txt twitter thing and found this...




    This was the E1 map I edited a while ago, liked by the big man himself (possibly).


    I'm happy with that!

  4. Luna AI - Doom2.wad - VanillaScreenshot_Doom_20171230_184645.png.7ba21adaac181bac4fb0a1d79c9f0dae.pngScreenshot_Doom_20171230_184708.png.bdfa1a9fe41299ac3c6080967be96788.pngScreenshot_Doom_20171230_184728.png.44570878125363433b9547d7b6b279dd.png


    My latest level is available to download. I did finish it a few months ok but didn't get round to uploading. 




  5. Mass Effect Andromeda, is it any good? Has anyone played it? I'm a big fan of the 1st trilogy, literately just finished me3 again and kinda wanting more. Is it worth buying? 

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    2. Doomkid


      I liked the original trilogy and really wanted to like this one too, but it simply pales in comparison - Not super awful, but nothing worth your time, in my opinion.

    3. Avoozl


      I thought they already fixed teh issues via patches.

    4. Phade102


      @MrSkeltal I agree. the original 3 games I played non stop to finish, it was so fun. but this one, the open world just feels empty. I mean sure they throw enemy camps in, but you can just drive past them with no threat, and until you do certain things in the world, you sort of have to rush.

  6. So.. I'm wanting to watch Platoon tonight, however it makes my other half cry, so its not easy to convince her to watch it. So I get up this morning to find her watching beaches, a classic chic flic, I formulate a cunning plan, I sit down and watch the film with her (its not bad to be fair) and she's happy.


    After the films finished I say to her Robocop tonight then, she hates that film with a passion due to the violence and I know this, so her compromise is that we watch Platoon...


    "Oh ok, fair enough my love" :-) 


    She complained bitterly that she never asked me to watch beaches but anyway!

  7. Just fired Doom 2016 up again after completing it when it first came out, what a game, still makes me smile and seems to run better ?!? that might be me thou.


    They did a cracking job on it.

  8. I'm looking for some feedback on my e1 project, rather than bumping my thread on it, I've decided to use this gizmo!


    It will run on chocolate doom (designed to run on it) so should run on everything!


    The original thread is here if people require screenshots.




    1. 40oz


      I had the privilege of testing a few maps from it. Its a cool take on Knee Deep in the Dead and has gameplay as such, so its not much work to breeze through it. Its got a cool retro 90s actiony industrial tone (like his avatar) and a cool atmosphere. I'm excited to see the rest of it when its done :)