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  1. Mass Effect Andromeda, is it any good? Has anyone played it? I'm a big fan of the 1st trilogy, literately just finished me3 again and kinda wanting more. Is it worth buying? 

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    2. Doomkid


      I liked the original trilogy and really wanted to like this one too, but it simply pales in comparison - Not super awful, but nothing worth your time, in my opinion.

    3. Avoozl


      I thought they already fixed teh issues via patches.

    4. Phade102


      @MrSkeltal I agree. the original 3 games I played non stop to finish, it was so fun. but this one, the open world just feels empty. I mean sure they throw enemy camps in, but you can just drive past them with no threat, and until you do certain things in the world, you sort of have to rush.