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  1. If anyone in this thread has a link or video tutorial on how to do the "sector" that changes music, and also another on how to use the editor to import music, where do i get the music file from?, i think i will attempt doing it myself.
  2. I have non, i work 6 days a weeb and i only get one day to rest, that is the whole point of this thread, i hope someone could give me a hand.
  3. Damn the skyulines can also be adapted? that sounds amazing, that should definitively be done at some point. An thank you so much about that information i thought it was a linedef, but is actually a whole sector right? interesting, I really hope this gets done cheers.
  4. I have no idea, sounds complicated... specially because those maps are interconnected for sure. So what i got from your message is that you can make like a HUGE MIDI track? and then the line will just jump on the track?
  5. The truth is that i still my anti-troll/patience trousers on :V ... but i want to -fast monsters play memorial with the original music... and i want the world ot be abel to stream it because now is music gated because of Metallica... Memorial is a FINE job, the music was always the problem with it.
  6. Well as a matter of fact memorial has more than one song, from map 4 i think it changes and so on. The idea was that as you traverse trough the maps the music changes respectively to each level, i think that can be done with black magic, it might break compatibility with BOOM for sure... but i am sure its possible to do.
  7. but only music from map 01 will sound always... no good, DOOM 2 has 32 maps, thus 32 soundtracks. but thank you for the suggestion.
  8. NO worries i was using my no trigger trousers :V
  9. Sure but the reality is that it would be cool to have all the DOOM2 maps working with its original music, that is something the community deserves i think.
  10. Dude !! you are the best, do as you wish, like the map is connected in weird ways, like there is a connection from map 08 to map 24, like a "secret pasage", the point being if you cross a line there the music should change? back and forth?, but at the end the important point is to remove the MIDI from Metallica. Thank you so much. I think that MIDI is enough because that would mean the file size will be smaller right?, and probably would work with PRBoom right?
  11. iddqdidkfa

    Are fast monsters faster in GZdoom than PRboom?

    Hey that sounds awesome, where are you posting those? could you provide a Link? or are you directly related to the new versions of the ZDoom ports?, if so i have just one big thing i always waited from GZDoom and such: Borderless window mode with window positional memory Long story short having a borderless window that "remember" where it was placed the last time it was opened is nice, if you press the menu buton you can move the mouse in and out, but during the game the mouse i lock inside (you could unlock it from the GZDoom window with a macro). Some of us have huge monitors, i play with a 24 inch, it would be so great to ONCE AND FOR ALL gave GZDoom running in a window mode that allows moving the mouse inside and outside while it being borderless... imagine.
  12. Hey there !! i have no idea how to make a map or modify it really... and i was looking into single segment Memorial.wad with -fast monsters just for fun... like "re visit" to the original Doom 2 maps, but the problem is... the music is sooo... annoying...., dont get me wrong, nothing wrong with Metallica i am more of Britney Spears guy but thats beyond the point,.. Could someone PLEASE grab the Memorial.wad and change the song to its respective level songs... as far as i understand the music change linedef is omly compatible with ZDoom ports right?, or how is the music changed in memorial.wad? i am assuming is a line, i just have no idea what am i talking about. Also please do it for the community, because i believe a LOT of streamers could benefit from this, because Youtube and Twitch algorithms might "catch" Metallica`s music and demonetize it, even if MIDI right?. Please... i am sure there is a nice soul outhere to make this, i have no idea how and i only have one free day a week in this pain of a job to go out of my way and learn it myself. here is the WAD: https://www.wad-archive.com/wad/Memorial So my open petition for the community goes as follows: 1) Please Remove the "Metallica tracks" and change them for the respective map song. (I know that is complicated because some maps are "interconnected") 2) Please release the WAD in a way that is "findable" for anyone online?, not just this thread if possible, or give it to me i can do that for you. Thank you. BTW i know that there is somehow of a moralistic bucnh in here that will never agree into "modifying original Doom2 maps in any way" as it is prohibited, just put your pirat hats, i am pretty sure the FBI will also play it...please
  13. iddqdidkfa

    Are fast monsters faster in GZdoom than PRboom?

    That is amazing !!!, now more than a "bug fix" is cool to have an option to play with fast monsters in "Nigthmare mode", so it would be nice if they include a global variable like -fastn and another one for intended vanilal fast -fast. Or maybe give us the option to change that from settings?, i wouldn't like it to be 100% fix, is cool to experiment Nigthmare without respawn. BTW what is LZdoom? is that a new port that is coming?? will it allow to change to vanila source code also?, that would be nice... and for ONCE have .lmp support for GZDoom ports... even if it is only between ZDoom ports, jsut to enjoy those well... demo files...
  14. iddqdidkfa

    Are fast monsters faster in GZdoom than PRboom?

    Yeah i should probably change to PRboom+ is just that i like GZDoom so many years...
  15. iddqdidkfa

    Are fast monsters faster in GZdoom than PRboom?

    So... there is no way that you could think of modifying GZDoom and making the fast monsters well...like Vanilla?, not straight up like Nightmare mode but with 8 reaction time? And no... i dunno what !! means, not not?, no idea really.