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  1. ChrisC

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Doom

    Wow, this was great. Didn't know it was out there. Stayed up way past my bedtime reading the whole thing. Awesome, brings back a lot of great memories.
  2. ChrisC

    Bob Evans and the Odessa series

    BOB, Checking out Doomworld here for the first time in a couple of years and what a nice surprise to see you. I see I'm responding to a post more than a year old so I'm not sure you will see this. Always wondered what happed to you. Some of us tried to contact you many times. You asked if any eternal guys were around? Not really I think. One guy I talked to said Sverre was around. I'm friends on facebook with Rich and Adam and talk to them now and then. Alex I'm still in touch with, and he's some big shot with World of Warcraft. Paul and DIA were back on board for Eternal 4 at the start but then just vanished one day and no word since. No word from Jim for many years. Kind of figured my map building days were over but seeing you and all the good memories maybe could get me going again Hope you see this. Would be great to catch up a bit after so long. Down on the farm, Chris
  3. ChrisC

    Question for TeamTNT: Eternal Doom 4 resource usage?

    I think it has always been ok to use all the eternal textures. I have no problem with it and would like to see them used. Chris
  4. ChrisC

    Eternal DOOMin' and Rockin' in the Backwoods!

    Hey Rich, Nice to see you're still around. Chris
  5. ChrisC

    Birdman's Wads?

    Here is the current link to Bird Nest Designs and Birdman is still working on Lost In Time and has a resent up dated wad out. Web Site http://birdnestdesigns.nstemp.com/Index01.htm Link to Lost In Time Down Load http://www.freedrive.com/file/711422,lostr3.zip Bird Nest Designs web site will be back up in fill this summer.
  6. ChrisC

    TeamTNT's Return From Oblivion: Released

    This was left out of txt file. Jumping is turned off in level 13 and is intentional.
  7. ChrisC

    TeamTNT's Return From Oblivion: Released

    Enjay, You are right about the blue key but trying this took me a lot of tries but was finaly able to get it. The key is just slightly off center where it is hidden so bumping pilar on one of the sides gives it to you. Very unfortunate this can happen but the good thing is that it will not totaly screw up gameplay. You just don't really need to find the red keycard. You can still get to all areas of map and finish. If you don't search out the red keycard you might not see all the map and kill all enemies. Chris
  8. ChrisC

    Maps By Bob Evans - Seen Any?

    I've been trying to track down Bob Evans for years with no luck. Dale Cadman might live near him in Florida. Dale, if you see this and you want to, see if you can find him. Chris
  9. ChrisC

    Team TNT, Keeping It Going

    We are trying to finish up this project and we are close. Level design is by three guys, myself (Chris Couleur), Rex, and Espi. At the start we had about 8 or 9 guys with most dropping out for various reasons. I'm the only one left who worked on eternal 1 through 3. This is Rex and Espis first time on an Eternal or TNT prject. We have 7 levels. Rex has done a 3 level hub. I have three maps and Espi has one. My maps are extremely large as are the others. Some criticism on past projects is the large amount of very difficult puzzels and i have to agree. I have always tried to stay away from creating hard puzzels as i get bored very easily. Although i have not fully played the other levels i think the puzzel solving is going to be toned down quite a bit. I think that these 7 levels (all castle themed) are some of the most beautiful levels i've ever seen and hopefuly just as fun to play. I think my 3 levels will be the only ones set up for coop. hopefuly we'll release this in November or December. Chris
  10. ChrisC

    Carnage Galore, abandoned?

    Eternal Doom 4 is being worked on. It does not look like it will be done soon. We are talking about next winter right now. We have some guys who are MIA so we are not to sure exactly what the project will end up being but it will be done. We also might be interested in picking up a couple of experienced mappers. Chris
  11. ChrisC

    looking for edm.wad

    Last i heard Rich was doing the music. Not sure about new mappers. As far as i'm concerned the more the better. A couple guys we have not heard from in quite a while. I think there is a link to an E4 page somewhere, probably on the TNT site if a new guy wants to join. Just write that you are interested and see what happens. Chris
  12. ChrisC

    looking for edm.wad

    Johnny, Thanks, that's good to hear. I think that's the first comment i have ever heard, good or bad, about edm. Chris
  13. ChrisC

    looking for edm.wad

    I find this thread interesting because i made edm. If someone can't find it i'm sure i have a copy around i can send them. I don't think it was ever a really popular wad because it was not your usual dm wad. I built what i like to play which was different than what most people enjoyed. I always liked larger maps that were not nonstop fraggin.For me, i always got bored playing the usual small levels. My partner on this project did make some small fast paced leveles but overall they were larger maps. Because of this and the limits we faced at the time the maps were not as pretty as Gothic which was the big hit at the time but did have some interesting design. I always felt that this wad would be excellent for more than two players. BTW, some of us eternal guys have got back together along with some others and are working on eternal 4. Anyone familiar with edm will see some areas in my eternal4 maps which use the dm maps but fixed up to current standards, well, at least a couple areas should look slightly familar. Chris
  14. ChrisC

    Should the WadAuthor source code be released?

    I have been in contact with John Williston and he is planning on an update for wadauthor. he feels that he has gottan hopes up for WA users only to let them down by not getting his update done which is why he does not report on the progress of his update anymore. Here is a list of what is done. All or most of the bugs reported above are fixed. A much better texture browser. Much better zooming. Grid to 1 unit. Much more area to work with if doing a very large map. Limits fixed if doing very large maps (somewhere around 28000 sidedefs). I think a few other features are in the works. I talked with him about full zdoom support but i would not expect to see it but i don't know. I also would not expect to see an update on par with doombuilder or deepsea as far as features go. I'm a long time WA user and really like it. It's what worked for me back in the mid and late 90's and i have just stuck with it. Yes, i have run into some of the bugs and lost hours of work but the bugs imo are very easy to avoid when you know what causes them. I also have Doombuilder and Deepsea but WA is still my choice. Doombuilder is awesome but being in the late stages of my wad building career i just don't have the motivation to change editors. Deepsea i know is great also but for some reason i just have too many problems with it which i think is more my fault than the editor. The big question is if and when the update for WA happens. Chris