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  1. This is the first time I ever posted a Blog. I don't have any social media to post random thoughts other than a friend's whatapp group but considering this post is based on Doom it feels a little more justified to be placed here.

    Title: Rant on my Project Wad
    The purpose of this blog is to express my somewhat conflicted feelings regarding the Doom Megawad project I'm creating that possesses, let's call it "mapping sins" in the eyes of many Doom World users however it's them I want to praise and enjoy it despite not directly catering to their wants (you will soon understand where I'm coming from). Although I'm exaggerating and generalizing a bit.

    My Megawad project is called 'Operation UAC' and it possesses the following attributes and features;

    • It's my first wad, I'm learning as I go and yet I'm committing to a MegaWad (Sin)
    • It is strictly designed for the infamous Brutal Doom (potential Sin)
    • It's for an outdated version of BD and attempting to create something Sgt.Mark himself just released (potential Sin)
    • I'm using a large variety of Realm 667 content and introducing much of it rather early (multiple Sins, but I have my justifications behind them)
    • The Wad will be large in MB size, mostly due to custom music used for every level (potential Sin)
    • The first 5 levels are heavily tech focused and moderately easy (potential Sin of boredom)
    • The maps are tested with a HD texture pack due to personal preference, possibly rendering an ugly set of textures more forgivable (potential Sin, but I am confident in my aesthetics regardless)
    However I actually like to consider most of these above factors as either features or a sense of achievement. Considering how this is my first Wad the maps I have produced so far are pretty damn impressive if I say so myself but personally a little annoyed that my work and potential has been mostly met with criticisms or straight out ignored. On the other hand I know what I'm producing is exactly what a large number of Doom World users dislike, so I should expect it. And yet, I remain disappointed. Nevertheless I have some hope that people will grow to really enjoy it as the levels progress, especially as I introduce new tricks that adds to the much needed difficulty.

    As for features, using a large range of music, props and monsters from other artists as opposed to just effectively utilizing Doom's vanilla assets gets often frowned upon. It is my opinion that new monsters alone can bring forth new challenges and fresh experiences. Granted it's more about how you use the custom content that people criticize while in my early levels I mostly introduce them as a lone enemy, not offering any true challenge nor memorable encounters however it is my intention for the player to be introduced to the creature before they face them later in larger numbers within more lethal situations.

    Something that has been bothering me a bit is how a random newcomer can release an incredibly basic map that is absolutely riddled with nooby flaws and poor design decisions (obviously forgivable) which couldn't ever hope to hold a candle against my first wad in progress (not to be an egotistic competitive bastard, just my honest opinions) but has more than twice as much attention with way more praise for effort than my project and even has people invested enough to provide detailed opinions and advise unlike mine. Is it because it's a Brutal Doom related project with realm667 content? Come on...

    As I write this blog I feel it's not so much self reflection but rather just having a whinge over not receiving the attention I was hoping for and impatiently wanting recognition long before my project is complete (possibly for additional motivation). But I'm also really excited to show off the progress I have made. With the power of modern sourceports and various added features brutal doom offers that are still Alien to many Doom Worlders I'm confident there are some serious fun moments to be had. Every level I make I challenge myself to try something new with aesthetics, gameplay and technical editing.

    Patience is a virtue... get the project done, reflect on it, improve it and then promote the release. That's the proper way of doing it.

    1. 40oz


      Hey Chezza. I'm glad youre taking on mapping and I'm sorry many people on these forums have been discouraging for you. I hope you'll still feel motivated to continue with your work.

      People are quick to criticize and sometimes that can be a real drag, especially if you're new to this. Its an unfortunate thing with the internet that sometimes you can give people the gift of new maps to play and all they have to pay to have it is to wait one second to download it and load it with a source port, and spend some time playing it. Yet, they can still feel "ripped off" if they somehow didn't get exactly what they wanted.

      If you don't mind me trying to put things into perspective, when people download a wad you made, many of them are looking for what you can do. So when a wad is inflated with music you got from somewhere, monsters you got from somewhere, tested with textures you got from somewhere, and designed specifically around a gameplay mod you didn't make, people feel like this is "padding" for things you can't do on your own. Many of us have played thousands of easy techbase maps, we've played maps that used these types of monsters before, and we appreciate the freedom to be able to play a wad with gameplay mods we choose (or don't choose) on the source ports we are comfortable with. Its okay if you prefer to play with these things, but Doom is what brought many of us here, not Brutal Doom and ZDoom-only things, so you really should be more focused on the things that make Doom great.

      Your maps are targetting a very specific audience and thats okay, but there are a large variety of people here on these forums and you have to expect that some people are going to feel alienated and voice their negative feelings about it if you dont widen your scope. Also, I probably shouldn't be painting with such broad strokes, but many of the people who play doom exclusively on zdoom with brutal doom are generally pretty closed-minded people and usually don't really understand the essences of good gameplay to have the credibility to speak about it. (The loudness of some people doesn't necessarily reflect the numbers of people who feel the same) Designing something smaller, using very few borrowed resources and geared toward original Doom compatibility will almost always yield a softer more understanding crowd.

      I hope that helps.

    2. Chezza


      I can't disagree with anything you said 40oz and thanks for the reply. You make valid points and honestly I have to admit that I have came to those exact realizations a couple months ago. As sad is it is, this blog of mine is pretty much a whinge over the hard truth.

      I'm almost sure I can convince a portion of non BD fans that the mod can be effectively used in non over the top wads. I'm taking the easy-to-medium difficulty approach and presenting the unique features one by one that will gradually evolve as the player progresses. In attempt to appeal I am gradually making changes to better suit the masses but obviously still mostly cater to my preferences.

      I have been contemplating making a non Brutal doom version of it once the project is complete, maybe even significantly drop the number of custom monsters. With alterations to various events and removal of only a few others I can easily create a more Doom World friendly version.