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  1. When I first played Doom 2016 Multiplayer I was good. Like real good. Or so I thought.


    The last couple intervals I played, I got my arse handed to me. There goes that pseudo ego I had.

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    2. Phade102


      Sorry that came out rude. what I meant was I never had a good chance to get good at the MP due to the amount of cheaters, people just flying around, having insane speed. I'm sure you were and ARe a great player, but if you stopped playing for a bit, you'll remain at that same skill level while everyone else improves.

    3. Chezza


      Oh yeah there would be a hacker on at least once a day ruining it for everyone. I haven't encountered a hacker lately but everyone is quite good while I struggle with the old shotgun, sniper and teleport combo

    4. Phade102


      I generally never played doom for the multiplayer, so it's never been something I've tried to be good at. been looking at playing some doom 2 MP though...