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Everything posted by Chezza

  1. Chezza

    Doom 2: Sequel or Expansion Pak?

    Doom 2 was a product of its time and earned the sequel status. In today's standards then it definitely would be a glorified expansion.
  2. Chezza

    Doom Eternal Fan Film

    That was a good fan film. Voices were too quiet at the start of the video though.
  3. Chezza

    Diablo 3

    I enjoyed Diablo 1 and 2 but not enough to go crazy for Diablo 3, which I never played. If they had the Necromancer available I would have played it early on. These days I think it is paid DLC? I wasn't happy to hear about its original auction system. It's a game I kind of want to play and happy to hear its gameplay is good (I never cared for Diablo's lore or story). Maybe someday I will get it.
  4. Chezza

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Was Announced... Again

    Dark Souls and Doom Eternal are good examples of modern games that can be difficult but fair. Your skills, confidence and knowledge wins you the battle as oppose to artificial difficulty.
  5. Chezza

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    That's one happy puppy. Almost all animals hate dogs. But Humans and Dogs, we're mates.
  6. Chezza

    What do you think of mods like brutal Doom?

    I like my classic Dooms modified. Modern controls, more gore, faster paced and fresh content is always a + for me.
  7. Chezza

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Was Announced... Again

    I know Stalker 2 was announced months ago. And of course the closed project that was announced years ago. I'm a bit nervous. The old GSC crew is gone and I'm not convinced the company has been in a good place for all these years. Are they are capable of pulling off another Stalker? Will it be overly refined and simplified to meet the console market? Fingers crossed it's going to be great. I love Stalker.
  8. Chezza

    Is 100% kills important?

    Hey it's a game. Run with iddqd or get a mod and spawn as a demon if you like. But seriously, you not killing 100% is sloppy. A single Baron can cause major damage. And don't you dare leave a pain elemental behind. What if some marines do a sweep after you in attempt to secure the area, those guys are like bread to ducks! Yes you're doing it wrong!
  9. I don't know what Ajora has done, but if it's preferring McDonalds over Burger King, then yes I'm a little disgusted. But we all make mistakes. Stick around Ajora, I always enjoy to your posts.
  10. It's been a while since I've read the latest news or review on a fast food franchise.

  11. I challenge that statement and say John Carpenter's The Thing is the scariest creature on film. Too bad the game wasn't great... Did get a couple scares out of it though. I must admit I don't play many horror games. From experience I have to say Clive Barker the undying scared the crap out of me, although I was a young teenager then. Followed that would have to be Amnesia, although now it feels tired and cliche. Had good tension moments. If we classify 'heart racing tension in a horror like environment' as actually horror, then Dead by Daylight does an excellent job. There were various times the game had me literally feeling my heart beat and hands sweating on my mouse, and yet it's a multiplayer game.
  12. Will there be any consistent segments with modern doom news and work? Whether it's Eternal news, 2016 Snapmap reviews, mod for Doom 3?
  13. Chezza

    What's the best movie you've ever seen?

    Always difficult to choose my favourite movie. It's between Terminator 2 and The Thing
  14. Chezza

    Favorite type of cookie?

    I definitely enjoy chocolate chip cookies. I favourite are from Safeway / Woolies (Australian supermarket), they're chewy. But I also love a slightly crunchy versions good for dipping in milk. However out of my top 3 it has to be these; 1. Almond Biscuits 2. Shortbread 3. Teevee Snacks
  15. Chezza

    Half-Life 3 Was In The Works Years Ago

    I actually like the idea of the random generated maps that shares the same story progress. There's brief moments in Half Life 2 where you can go exploring, which I quite enjoyed. Like when you ride around your air boat and you can optionally stop at docks to look for supplies, coming across a couple zombies. I would enjoy more of those moments, particularly if they're fresh. I think random generation mechanics hasn't innovated much further since Diablo. It's essentially prefab areas with random props, enemies and POIs mixed around. But I think more can be done to make such mechanics interesting and Valve are capable of doing it. **Edit** Is this a Half Life or Rougelike thread?
  16. Chezza

    I fuckin hate raisins

    Not a fan of them in dessert. But I like Sultanas in some rice pilaf dishes and cereal. Rum and raisin ice cream is conflicting.
  17. Chezza

    Blood 2 does not deserve the hate.

    I really enjoyed the dark atmosphere and sound track. The killing animations were entertaining, some of the levels were interesting (I like the horror elements like in the motel map). I can't comment on the gameplay as I only played it with cheats as a child and teen. I will take everyone's word that it's a mess. I know it was terribly buggy like the broken in-game cut scenes where sometimes characters wouldn't spawn, occasionally attack each other or run into walls etc.
  18. Chezza

    Are you into clothing?

    80% of my clothes are blue jeans and a black T-shirts (some have graphics, like the Doom shirt) Variations include my work clothes, a couple suites and black jeans. I rarely buy clothes nor spend much on them. But I actually do like wearing formal attire. Big fan of suites but little reason to dress in them.
  19. Chezza

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Not even death would save you from me!
  20. Chezza

    Doom Eternal - News

    Interesting. The Unmakyr being a bit of a disappointment, one would think the anti marauder ability could help justify it. I tried it recently, yeah it didn't work.
  21. Chezza

    Brutal Doom's FUCK YOU as a stand alone wad?

    I'm a big Brutal Doom player. But I gotta say, out of all the features that's got to be the one I want taken out lol
  22. Chezza

    Snapmap deserves more respect

    What kind of Trophies are you after? I'm happy to recommend my map more for a fun experience. It's called Memento Mori Machina. The final battle has re-spawning enemies and items for some grinding, if that's what you're after.
  23. Chezza

    Snapmap deserves more respect

    I still want to see Snapmap in Eternal. I think it's great for what it is (after the updates), it could have used a couple more updates though. The load times for snapmap and Doom 2016 was terrible, followed by the god awful interface of choosing maps, it just gave a poor user experience. Fix those two issues and then include it in Eternal (with new assets and monsters + functions) I think it would receive much more traction.
  24. Chezza

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Interesting. I have made this conclusion myself lately in regards to work. I want to listen to music to keep my energy up but one way or another it will be distracting. I'm my most productive with no music playing.
  25. Chezza

    Post a picture of yourself!

    @STILES I'm surprised you guessed it was a degree. I suppose a framed document is a give away. Bachelor of Business Marketing. Yup had to include the Doom shirt to confirm I'm a Doom fan.