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Everything posted by Chezza

  1. Chezza

    What Are We Drinking?

    Non Alcoholic drink, Kvass. I've become quite the fan of it after trying it at a Russian restaurant.
  2. Chezza

    Robocop 2 Revenant Inspiration?

    Yeah I remember seeing that Robocop clip sometime this year and made a joke about how the first Revenant was born or something like that. I didn't know it was the same designer though!
  3. Chezza

    All Doom games are mine now!

    Welcome. You should play Doom 2016 first, for mechanic and story context. The game is still good to this day. It still won't completely prepare you for the intense amount of mechanics and story shoved in your face early in Eternal, but definitely will help give you the basics first. Classic Dooms have more darker environments in terms of gore and hellish scenes, but there are some environments in Eternal that's pretty awesome.
  4. Chezza

    How Do You Like Your Tacos?

    There is a serious lack of Mexican options in Australia, or at least in Melbourne city which is often regarded as the most diverse in food range. I want my Tacos to be Tex Mex, the guilty melty cheesy meaty hard shell tacos that goes well with a triple sec margarita. The kind of stuff @[McD]Jameswould post about. However I often just find the standard versions available. We're getting a few Taco Bels here which I had once but wasn't all impressive to me. Taco Bill is crappy. Only one restaurant that's no longer around made the Tacos how I loved them.
  5. Chezza

    Digital Gentrification

    Gentrification? Probably not. I think as the masses familiarize with the internet there are a number of established communities, mannerisms, commonly shared and unspoken rules. It enables individuals to quickly find their place as the wild west days of the net is declining. There is a lot more moderation in communities and rules in popular platforms like Youtube and Social Media (how effective is a different discussion). For example, if you want to shit talk and be racist, usually a pol chan of sorts is the place to go rather than everywhere else. There are places for everyone, rather than everyone in every place.
  6. Chezza

    Controversial music opinions.

    Some Dubstep is not bad! Not necessarily songs dedicated to the genre but adding some if it like a bit of pepper to a dish can make for good music. It's also my opinion on metal screams, double kicks etc all good in moderate amounts but I think genres dedicated to it overdo it and even lacking in quality / skill vs groups that know how to use a diverse range of genres to make their own style.
  7. I have been out of the loop of Stalker mods for a bit now but I remember liking Oblivion Lost. Consider getting Lost Alpha which is a stand alone mod and includes missing content and maps of the original Stalker. It's a beast with the size and number of maps.
  8. Ok this looks really good. I know to have a skeptical mind when it comes to these trailers, the free roaming and combat is clearly short scripted scenes to show off the game but it does show the potential. I'm a big Stalker fan and really hope this turns out well. I do have the PC master race concern of being on consoles may dumb down the depth of the games mechanics and inventory system though. Fingers crossed this isn't a buggy mess with lack of content.
  9. Chezza

    whats your highest play time in your steam library

    I've obsessively played a number of games in my life. There are two that don't appear where they should: 1. Medieval Total War 2 which was a hard copy, so no hours counted 2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R also a game not on steam for most of my playing Warcraft 3 and classic Dooms should definitely be on there, but same story with no steam history.
  10. Yeah I enjoyed the original as well. Just give me a new one with improved mechanics, graphics and awesome enemies and I will be happy. Honestly I'd like it to take some inspiration from Doom Eternal in terms of introducing weapons that change how arena plays like meat hook and vertical arenas with demons who can traverse them
  11. Chezza

    Popularity of Pistol Starts

    I don't like pistol starting, it ruins my sense of progression. Also it wasn't the intended mechanic for Doom either. If some levels don't adapt to provide better weapons straight away you will have to kill with the pistol (objectively bad weapon) or play like a speedrunner to get past all the demons until you find a shotgunner or weapon lying around. Modern game design very rarely adapts this "lose all your weapons each level" approach for a reason. It's not fun. It's more of a rogue like mechanic and even then, those games punish you for failing not by default.
  12. Chezza

    DOOM SnapMap - JINX

    Really high quality map, god knows how you it took to create all this custom geometry. Felt very inspired by the classic Dooms.
  13. Chezza

    Will Doom come to Fortnite?

    I don't know much about fortnight, just that it is or was the trendy game for the masses. If they include a Doom Slayer skin, it's just a quick cash grab targeting some of their player base. But if these new skins are actually characters with their own abilities, stats and weapons then that could pro-long that games life, but just for refreshing content alone regardless of Doom. Mechanic wise it would make more sense for the Slayer to come to Overwatch. Violence and realism wise, definitely MK11.
  14. If someone wants to start a conversation they will proceed to ask you more questions, usually open ended ones. If you want to continue the conversation you respond the same way. If one person just gives small 1 to 2 worded responses that's usually a signal they aren't engaged. I might find it annoying if a stranger wants to interrupt my current activities to start a random chat if I'm not in a social environment like a party etc. I'd be surprised if Eastern and Western cultures differ that much in those regards. Which Eastern cultures are you referring to anyway?
  15. Chezza

    Should I Make A Twitter Account?

    I don't have any experience in Twitter beyond posting for my company. But what I can say, your logic of making a Twitter account to make YouTube successful doesn't sound right to me. I would think it's once you're successful in some form of media (that produces real content) then you can create a Twitter people will follow. Perhaps we can compare this to the ice-berg analogy, one that I would apply to the music industry. "I want to create a metal band and be famous, like Metallica" when really the few famous and successful bands are the small tip we see sitting on top of an enormous block of competitors and corpses that never makes it. You're likely to add to the count. For Youtube and social media, I see it quite similar. Fortunately I think Youtube gives an individual a bit more opportunity to build a strong fan base on their own if they're good and consistent with content, and targeting the right crowd. If you have a quiet channel with low quality content, I don't think Twitter will do you any favours.
  16. Chezza

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I've decided I enjoy carbs more than meat when comparing my most favourite foods and snacks.
  17. Chezza

    An "invisible sculpture" was sold at 18,300$

    There are some real hard working and skilled scammers who invest much of their lives perfecting their art. Then this pretentious bastard comes along and just makes 18k out of nothing. Soiling the good reputation of true scam artists.
  18. Unless I'm mentally or physically exhausted, I'm a fairly light sleeper. I will need to make an effort to put myself to sleep. Inconsistent noises and hearing distance conversations will prevent me from sleeping. Sometimes I envy people who can just doze off when tired, but they're probably the people at risk of crashing in long drives. Having more control of my sleep and picking up odd noises is probably more beneficial.
  19. Chezza

    What happens when we die?

    This does tend to bring up the subject of religion quite a lot. I want to believe in the afterlife and follow my Catholic faith to a T, but my pragmatic side refuses to blindly follow anything from any scripture or person without poof. But what I do believe in is the core tenants and values, that aligns well with the best of Human nature. Loving one another, have a family, enjoy the life you have etc. If we just become nothing, so be it. We've all had deep sleeps with no recollection of our dreams, there is no impact on us until we wake up. But it would really be swell to have a afterlife, a great one for good people and an opportunity to improve one self for those who had done bad. I think very few people are truly evil, most people are just broken mentally and emotionally for all sorts of reasons. I think it difficult to justify a Hell, or a permanent one at least. Or we are all intelligent NPCs in someones game or dreams.
  20. Chezza

    Anime is weird

    It's not the anime that's weird, it's the fans. Nah kidding it's both. Poor Japanese people are overworked and have high expectations, so my theory is that their entertainment needs to be as unorthodox as possible for escapism. They actually come up with very unique ideas and stories for their anime series but often aren't concluded well or at all. I don't find the common Japanese humour often depicted in anime funny (over reacting screaming, blood noses, crazy backgrounds because something happened). I have enjoyed some anime series though. Berserk was really cool. The Full Metal Alchemist OVA was decent. I didn't find them very weird, but at times depressing and intriguing.
  21. Chezza

    Has anyone ever used the term "gibs" in public

    Hmm come think of it, I don't use it enough. I think I would just refer such things as gore. I suppose the need to describe individuals chunks of bloody corpse hasn't occurred all that often.
  22. Chezza

    Diablo 2: Resurrected

    Looks good and perhaps I should try it someday. I don't have the massive nostalgia hit for the game like most but it's some decent mindless fun. Some of my friends see it as the Holy Grail of RPGs and probably want me to play co-op with them.
  23. Chezza

    All time favorite strategy games post

    Grand strategy for me. Medieval Total War 2 is my number 1 game. I have been enjoying Warhammer Total War 2 quite a bit lately as well. I also like Dawn of War (first installments).
  24. A cute little benchmark for everyone with RTX cards to buy and play for a solid 30 minutes and then 90% never touch it again.
  25. Chezza

    Doom Eternal Ray Tracing Showcase + Other Notes

    Thanks for sharing as always! I wasted good money on a 3000 series card, I'm glad one of my most played games will get it enabled! Bring on the master level, they always kick my arse and make me beg for more.