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  1. I actually found them on musicbrainz.org an hour ago, but thanks for the suggestion.
  2. I'm currently setting up Yamagi Quake II. I have both the Steam and GOG releases of Quake II and both mission packs. I copied over the baseq2 data from the Steam release (to keep it as close to vanilla as possible as I'm archiving all my id games bundled with source ports but complete), but am copying the mission pack data from the GOG release as well as all the music tracks. The music tracks are the hard part. The music folder in the GOG release has all the tracks lined up from Track02.ogg to Track21.ogg. The problem is that Yamagi wants the baseq2 folder and each mission pack to have their own separate music folder. In other words, I have to rearrange the tracks from the GOG release to emulate the order of the original CDs. The baseq2 part is easy, as Track02.ogg to Track11.ogg is the Quake II soundtrack already in the correct order, and also I have the original Quake II CD for reference. However, as of now I don't have the original CDs for the Mission Packs, so this is where I'm stuck... There's playlists of the mission pack soundtracks floating around on Youtube that I could use as reference, but I can't trust them as the track order varies between playlists. So this is what I'd like: Anyone here who has the original CDs of the mission packs, please analyze the music tracks of the GOG release of Quake II and post something that tells me which music tracks go in which music folders. If you have the CDs but not the GOG release, PM me and I'll send you the tracks from my copy (I won't do it though if it's against the DW rules). This will help not only myself, but anyone else who bought Quake II on GOG and wants to use Yamagi Quake II...
  3. LGN-76

    What do you think the 'F' in VFR stand for?

    That's literally what I would've said too!
  4. I live in the little town of Central Lake*, Michigan. I'm not a lifelong native of the town; I moved up there from Southeastern Lower Michigan in June 2000 (when I was almost 12 years old). I started middle school at Central Lake in September 2000, and ended up graduating from there in 2006. I did try my hand at college (first actually going to a college for a year, and then an online college another year), and it didn't go very well, but I didn't care. I already went to hell and back finishing grade school, and I didn't wanna suffer anymore. People kept telling me and encouraging me to try to go back to college over the years, but I refused to listen to them. Last August, I stumbled upon a letter in the mail saying that my Mom finally finished paying off my student loans. Once I read that, I declared that I was officially done with school forever. But sometimes, things happen that we don't expect... Early last month, I dropped off a poster for my local library's gaming hangout (which I host myself) at the High School. I've been doing that (dropping off posters there) since I started doing the hangout in April 2014, so it was nothing new. Then, the new principal/superintendent of the school (who I've never met before) sees me talking to the secretary about my gaming hangout, comes up to me, and offers me a voluntary position at the school as a video game teacher! I know I said I really didn't wanna go back to school, but I'm a gamer for life, and I'm (almost) always willing to help out fellow gamers. Plus, this wasn't just a hangout like at the library, this was an actual CLASS that I'd be teaching to school students. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up, so I accepted and signed their volunteer form. Three weeks later, the CLPS After School Gaming Club officially kicked off. The Gaming Club is every Tuesday after school from 3:10 - 4:30 PM. I have a large class of boys and girls from 6th - 12th grade attending. We're stationed in the school's computer lab, so I've taught them how to use emulators and ROMs. Right now we download all our ROMs, complying to a morality rule that the ROMS/ISOs we download cannot be less than 15 years old. However, after seeing how companies are really cracking down on illegal downloading in recent years and thinking about what could happen in the future, I devised a backup plan involving the Retrode. I set up a featured game on my laptop every week for the students to learn about and try out. I'm strictly forbidden to teach the students or allow them to play anything with extreme violence, sexual content and/or innuendos, and other inappropriate content. Because of that, I'm unable to show them DOOM unfortunately. Don't worry, I still have a hefty list of good games for the class, including Commander Keen... So yes, I'm back in my old high school teaching video games, and yes it's fun. The students are having a blast as well. I know I just said I have a list of games I can teach, but please feel free to suggest more and I may consider adding them to the list. Remember though, the games have to be school-appropriate. *I said in previous threads that I live in Traverse City, but that was a lie only because Traverse City's bigger and more known than Central Lake, and I would like to actually move there later on...
  5. I'd really like to give this port another go, but I don't like being stuck with the fullscreen HUD. Is there an option to bring back the classic HUD? If not, could someone here please make a modified build that does restore it?
  6. Time to ask the community a question that's been on my mind for a very long time:


    Am I completely allowed to like, play, and enjoy DOOM any way I please, without having to fear of being persecuted if the way I enjoy DOOM is in any way different from popular opinion?

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    2. LGN-76



      All my friends like playing DOOM that way, since they're more into modern shooters, but since I grew up in the 90s and 2000s, and actually got a chance to play DOOM, Wolfenstein, Quake, Duke Nukem, Unreal, etc., all the way they were originally released, I actually prefer more to play DOOM as close to the original experience as possible, even on source ports like GZDOOM. The only exception to that, is that I prefer 60 FPS over 35 FPS.


      A few minutes ago, I would have said I like and prefer the OpenGL renderer over the software renderer, as I originally preferred filtering over distortion. BUT, as I learned from a library experiment today, the OpenGL renderer (as nice as it may have looked) is too high-end and too resource-demanding to try and get working on EVERY library computer I access (remember that thread I made proving some of the library computers in Traverse City actually have their video drivers turned off?). Software renderer is just much easier to use to get GZDOOM working on those types of computers, so I'm gonna stick with that. I'll just use 320x200 (the original DOOM resolution) as much as I possibly can to avoid distortion. Unlike most people, I LIKE things pixellated. ;)


      Actually, GZDOOM didn't work at all on those aforementioned TC library computers, BUT, ZDOOM Legacy Edition DID (under DirectDraw not Direct3D), so THAT's what I'm gonna stick with. I can still use GZDOOM on the Mac library computers, like I mentioned in yet another thread, but I switched it to Software renderer as well to meet my new tastes...

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      I remember that thread, yes! Were you also the guy who would give out copies of shareware Doom to kids? :]


      Yeah, such outdated hardware is not quite extinct enough to not still exist somewhere out there, which is really a nuisance, isn't it?

      My reasons for disliking the hardware renderer are more preferences than necessities, though. :]

    4. LGN-76


      Yes I did make the DOOM Missionary thread as well! Fun times. If I were still to do that though, I'd be supplying GZDOOM (or ZDOOM LE) with it now instead of just Chocolate DOOM or DOSBox. It'd be supplied with my "as-true-to-the-original-experience-as-possible" settings though, so if they really did wanna play with crosshairs, mouselook, mods, and OpenGL, I could just be a jerk and tell them to figure it out themselves >:) .


      No, I'm not like that. I'd show them how to do it, BUT I'd strongly recommend them to try my settings out so they can learn and realize DOOM in its original, unadulterated glory.


      Speaking of which, I now teach a video game class at my old high school! But that's another thread for another time ;) ...

  7. No offense, but I don't deem any of those important enough to be in my collection. In particular, DOOM I, II, and the Master Levels being on ROE for XBOX made it so I don't have to buy DOOM 3 Collector's Edition.
  8. I went ahead and posted this same thread on ZDOOM forums, and according to them, it IS possible to run GZDOOM portably on a Mac... So here's what I did: I put the four DOOM IWADs and my Windows gzdoom.ini in the MacOS folder inside the GZDOOM app. Then I put nerve.wad and the Master Levels outside the GZDOOM app but in the same folder as it. Then I tried it. I loaded DOOM II, pinpointed GZDOOM to my ini via the command line box in the launcher, and BOOM, it worked! I just had to do a little editing to the ini to make it fully Mac-optimized, but now it's perfect. Feels so good that I can play GZDOOM on both Windows AND Mac now, instead of having to rely on either Chocolate DOOM or DOSBox anymore (no offense).
  9. Have you ever had the feeling that you have enough versions and/or copies of DOOM? Because I do... Here's a pic of my DOOM collection: There's pasted images on it. That's because that photo was originally taken a year ago, and the collection's been updated since then, but I was too lazy to take all my DOOM stuff and organize it on the floor to take a new pic. :P I also have an unopened 1000-piece DOOM jigsaw puzzle, but I couldn't find a pic of it on Google that I could feasibly paste into the collection pic... In addition to those physical copies, I also have: -Every DOOM game on Steam (except DOOM VFR)* -An additional copy of DOOM 3 BFG Edition and DOOM (2016) for my alternate Steam account -Every DOOM game on GOG.com -DOOM Touch on Amazon (If that counts) So yeah, with all that said, I really do feel like I have enough DOOM stuff, and I really don't need to buy anything more related to it, at least until the next DOOM game releases. To me that's VERY good, because at the time of this writing, I don't have very much spare money. I have a hefty list of things to buy in the coming months: -A new laptop (preferably one that can actually run DOOM (2016)) -A new phone (I got one at the beginning of the year, but due to an unfortunate accident last week I have to shell out $250 for a replacement :( ) -A new external hard drive (either 500GB or 1TB) -New games I'd like to obtain for Christmas: -Quake Champions -Wolfenstein II - The New Colossus -Marvel VS Capcom Infinite -Optional, less-important games like Overwatch, Killer Instinct (2013) on Steam, and Sonic Forces As you can see, I REALLY need to earn money! So again, I feel like I have a big enough DOOM collection right now and don't need to keep adding to it, and that's good because I can focus my money on all the other things I wanna buy... *I just wanna say a HUGE Thank You here to id Software for making it so I didn't have to spend around $80 buying the DOOM (2016) DLC for both PC and PS4. I also wanna say another (yet unrelated) HUGE Thank You to them for creating three of my most beloved game franchises ever. You guys rule! ;)
  10. I just won't bother then; I don't wanna have to go through the trouble of registering on another forum just to ask one question. Thanks though.
  11. According to this article, the Mac OSX version of EDuke32 allows you to store the Duke Nukem 3D game data, as well as any other files you wanna use (like the HRP), inside the .app under a certain folder. If you put the config files for EDuke32 in there as well, then the source port can run off a flash drive with pretty much no dependency on a Mac's hard drive, thus making it VERY easy for me to play EDuke32 on library computers, Mac and Windows. I tried it and it does work. BUT, I tried doing the same thing for GZDOOM and it didn't work. It always tells me to put my WAD files and other stuff onto the Mac hard drive, which I can't do since every Mac I use is a library computer. Is there a way I can get GZDOOM to function completely off a flash drive taking whatever it needs from within the .app, like EDuke32 does? If there isn't, could you please consider adding it as a feature later on?
  12. @Glaice In addition to having PSX DOOM & Final DOOM on my PSP (and soon to be second PSP), I also have DOOM 64 on my phone and tablet using Mupen64Plus AE. It actually runs really good on there (especially with the Glide64 video plugin)! @VGA I live with my mom, and she controls my bank account in addition to helping me pay for important stuff like bills and taxes, so I'm nowhere near as broke as I made myself sound. However, selling my GBA for another PSP, along with buying Tekken 7 on PS4, will hopefully be the last major thing I spend money on for a good long time, at least until Christmas so I can get my account back to a decent state. Thanks for being so considerate though. @Brewtal_Legend Thank you for your advice, but like I said before, DOOM I & II for GBA are too inferior and too expensive for me to continue pursuing. Not only that, but once again, I BARELY play my GBA compared to my PSP. I only have three games for it: The bootlegs of DOOM I & II, and Street Fighter Alpha 3 (which was the one and only reason I bought the GBA again in the first place). On my PSP, I can play my UMDs & PSN downloads converted into ISOs, PSX2PSP EBOOTs, emulators and ROMs, and source ports! All I need to do is find longer-lasting batteries for the thing...
  13. That alone just killed it for me. All this time I thought they were in there. If I had done my research 100% and knew about that all along, I never would have bothered with playing DOOM on the GBA in the first place. I'd rather play DOOM on the SNES instead (which I thankfully own legally). So yeah, I'm definitely selling my GBA in favor of another PSP. Battery life be damned. Also, thanks to my PSX2PSP knowledge I can play not just PSX DOOM & Final DOOM, but Quake II, HeXen, Duke Nukem Total Meltdown, Time To Kill, and Land Of The Babes as well... EDIT: As for the bootleg GBA cartridges, they're going in the trash, including the replacement cartridge. I'll find a way to make the lost money up to myself...
  14. ...especially compared to being able to play PC and/or PS1 DOOM on PSP? DOOM for GBA, especially DOOM II, is rare and expensive. To make matters worse, people are always selling bootleg copies of both games on ebay, usually for a reduced price. I intentionally bought bootlegs of both games a few months ago, since back then I didn't have the intention of trying to find and buy authentic copies. Not only did they take several weeks to get to my house (they came from Hong Kong), but the bootleg of DOOM II was defective (the game freezes whenever you exit the options menu). The seller sent me a replacement bootleg which is on its way, but I'm beginning to regret this decision... Both bootlegs combined only cost a little less than $20 with free shipping, but that's not what I'm worried about. Remember that thread I made where I asked for help getting DOOM 64 EX's Wadgen to recognize my DOOM 64 ROM dumped using my Retrode? I'm trying to become and stay a legit gamer, and stop myself from illegally downloading games. I'm feeling like buying the bootleg cartridges was a major step backwards on that. Plus, for several reasons, I can't even dump the bootlegs into ROMs. I was gonna buy a flash cart to put the dumped ROMs on so I could keep the bootlegs in good condition, but that would've complicated my status as a legit gamer even more... I have a PSP in addition to a GBA. I play the PSP 10x more than I ever play my GBA, even though the GBA has much longer battery life than the PSP (unless you guys can pinpoint me to a really reliable PSP battery on amazon and/or ebay). My PSP is modded, but only so I can play my legitimately backed-up PS1 and PSP games on it (as well as source ports and emulators for FPS games and ROMs I legally own/dumped). I've also heard that the GBA versions of DOOM I & II, even though praised by normal gamers, were greatly inferior compared to other versions of DOOM... One more thing: I'm on a very tight budget right now. I only have a little over $100 in my bank account right now. Not only is my birthday coming up (I've already spent a ton of the money I got from it), but I'm going on vacation for a week towards the end of July (ten to one I'm gonna spend a lot while I'm gone as well). Once all that's out of the way, I really need to build my bank account back up, and I can't buy any more games or stuff like that until the account's at a decent level again. I don't know how long that's gonna take... So this is what I ask of you guys: Is DOOM I & II for the GBA truly inferior to playing DOOM and Final DOOM for PS1 (as well as DOOM source ports) on the PSP? And is it truly worth it to shell out the $80+ I need to buy authentic copies of the GBA cartridges? If the answer to both questions is no, then next time I go to town, I'm selling my GBA, and then using the money I get from it to buy another PSP. That way whenever my current PSP runs out of battery life, I can continue DOOMing on the other PSP, and so on...
  15. LGN-76

    Favourite Classic Doom game and why?

    DOOM II. It's too hard for me to try and keep DOOM I my Favorite in the series anymore, and here's why: - The game is split into episodes. It was fine for when it first came out, but now I wish they'd just merge the episodes into one big game so it's akin to the rest of the classic games. -No Super Shotgun. That's my favorite weapon in the series, and if I did try to make DOOM I my Favorite entry again, I'd have to switch my favorite weapon to the chaingun, which is inferior by all accounts (as much as I hate to admit it). -The monster roster feels extremely limited compared to the roster in DOOM II. This didn't bother me before, but it's become a glaring issue in recent years. -The GBA version of DOOM I is IMHO greatly inferior to the GBA version of DOOM II, even if that port of DOOM II doesn't run on id Tech. -The PS1 version. Even though it's clearly labeled "DOOM", it might as well have been called something like "DOOM II Anthology Extended Edition", because of not only DOOM II monsters appearing in DOOM I levels, but the entire story of DOOM I AFAIK being erased in favor of DOOM II's. None of this keeps me from liking and playing DOOM I mind you, it only keeps me from making the game my Favorite in the DOOM series.