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  1. Time to ask the community a question that's been on my mind for a very long time:


    Am I completely allowed to like, play, and enjoy DOOM any way I please, without having to fear of being persecuted if the way I enjoy DOOM is in any way different from popular opinion?

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    2. LGN-76



      All my friends like playing DOOM that way, since they're more into modern shooters, but since I grew up in the 90s and 2000s, and actually got a chance to play DOOM, Wolfenstein, Quake, Duke Nukem, Unreal, etc., all the way they were originally released, I actually prefer more to play DOOM as close to the original experience as possible, even on source ports like GZDOOM. The only exception to that, is that I prefer 60 FPS over 35 FPS.


      A few minutes ago, I would have said I like and prefer the OpenGL renderer over the software renderer, as I originally preferred filtering over distortion. BUT, as I learned from a library experiment today, the OpenGL renderer (as nice as it may have looked) is too high-end and too resource-demanding to try and get working on EVERY library computer I access (remember that thread I made proving some of the library computers in Traverse City actually have their video drivers turned off?). Software renderer is just much easier to use to get GZDOOM working on those types of computers, so I'm gonna stick with that. I'll just use 320x200 (the original DOOM resolution) as much as I possibly can to avoid distortion. Unlike most people, I LIKE things pixellated. ;)


      Actually, GZDOOM didn't work at all on those aforementioned TC library computers, BUT, ZDOOM Legacy Edition DID (under DirectDraw not Direct3D), so THAT's what I'm gonna stick with. I can still use GZDOOM on the Mac library computers, like I mentioned in yet another thread, but I switched it to Software renderer as well to meet my new tastes...

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      I remember that thread, yes! Were you also the guy who would give out copies of shareware Doom to kids? :]


      Yeah, such outdated hardware is not quite extinct enough to not still exist somewhere out there, which is really a nuisance, isn't it?

      My reasons for disliking the hardware renderer are more preferences than necessities, though. :]

    4. LGN-76


      Yes I did make the DOOM Missionary thread as well! Fun times. If I were still to do that though, I'd be supplying GZDOOM (or ZDOOM LE) with it now instead of just Chocolate DOOM or DOSBox. It'd be supplied with my "as-true-to-the-original-experience-as-possible" settings though, so if they really did wanna play with crosshairs, mouselook, mods, and OpenGL, I could just be a jerk and tell them to figure it out themselves >:) .


      No, I'm not like that. I'd show them how to do it, BUT I'd strongly recommend them to try my settings out so they can learn and realize DOOM in its original, unadulterated glory.


      Speaking of which, I now teach a video game class at my old high school! But that's another thread for another time ;) ...