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  1. Version 0.95, New Version is up – Fixed Crash ‘Create Desktop: Icon Mixed Mode’ Memory List-size to small (2015-09-03) – Mini Explorer: More Handle and Detailed Info @Delete Files. (2015-09-10) – Removed unused Window Size Code. (2015-09-10) – Eternity Engine: Support for *.edf Files (2015-09-10) – HacX 1.0/1.1: Use Automatic if found in the same Directory how Hacx.wad the Dehacked Files Hacx.deh/ Hacx_F.deh (2015-09-10) – added to Save Commandline Arguments to the User Configs (2015-09-15) – Added iwad File Path Support for Steam: Doom Collector’s Editon and GOG: Doom Bundle Collection (Section Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom). Auto select works only if iwad Path is Empty (2015-09-16) * Couldn't Test Doom Collector’s Edition, I don’t have this – Added Batch-file Creation , Look at ‘Save Configuration: Popup Menu’. Config will be Default saved To Desktop (2015-09-16) https://aeronextedit.wordpress.com/lh-idtech1start/
  2. Marty2Life

    Full list of Doom clones/similar games?

    So. here is the Video https://vimeo.com/142959231 PS: Vimeo has downscaled the Quality. Terrible
  3. Marty2Life

    Full list of Doom clones/similar games?

    I create later a Record Vid with winuae and upload this :)
  4. Marty2Life

    Full list of Doom clones/similar games?

    I managed to run my Real Amiga 4000/PPC Config under WinUAE. I've found this :) / =- G E N E T I C S P E C I E S -= \ A Highend AGA Doomgame Preview by aMBROSIa. 1x1 Pixels Resolution in 256 colours. Released at the Gathering 2-6 April 1996 Code by: PowdiHacker Of Ambrosia. Gfx by: Cain Of Ambrosia - Lava of SubAcid and Shadow Walker/A!A Samples by Trayzor/A!A hehe ... With 'stolen' weapons from Doom
  5. Marty2Life

    DOS computer

    My First Doom Play was with Doom Port for Amiga, Not with DOS. Adoom, AmigaDoom and later the PPC/WarpOS Versions. That was on a Amiga 4000, PPC, 148MB Ram, PicassoIV GFX and SoundCard. I think that was ~1998 This was very cool ;)
  6. Marty2Life

    WhackEd 4

    Hello, How is it possible to add a new State eq. weapon. I looked in the dehacked patch for pk_anim.wad (is done with whacked 2) and there are new states for Smooth Weapon handle but where is the Button,Right Mouse Popup Command or Hotkey to add a new State? I would like use dehacked file because is more compatible to other Source Ports as Decorate. Where is the Help for Newbies :) I miss a Handfull Tooltype Hints ;) And i become always a Crash if i use the "Sprite Select Button" Traceback (most recent call last): File "whacked4\whacked4\ui\editors\statesframe.py", line 462, in select_sprite UnboundLocalError: local variable 'sprite_index' referenced before assignment
  7. Version 0.94, New Version is up For fully History and Download look https://aeronextedit.wordpress.com/lh-idtech1start/
  8. A Update for 0.94: - Typo Fix on 'Extern Resource Select' / PopUp Menu > Paste Files or Folders (2015-08-31) - Desktop Shortcut function Extended: You have 3 Options (2015-09-01) 1. Use LH.IDTech1(Start) Collection, if you don't like the icons you can replace by own 2. Use From Selected Source Port. LH.IDTech(Start) take the Icon from SourcePort and Set this. 3. Mixed Mode: LHIDtech1(Start) search in the Folder where is the wad an Icon. If not found it takes from Source Port. If the Icon Index is zero, it takes it from the Collection You can use the now old Windows Icons (If you like) there Comes with many Wad Files
  9. So, look here is a preview of Version 0.94. I upload today or tommorrow the Version 0.94 :). There are minimal things i to do ; Version 0.94 - Small addition's and fixes (2015-08-27) - Source Code Optimize (Added More Macros) (2015-08-28) - Bug Fix 'Extern Resource Select'. Open\New Directory on File caused Error (2015-08-28) - Fixed: Hexen -Death Kings Of Citadel Section show only Expansion Maps (2015-08-28) - Fixed: Doom 64 Section (Working Path) (2015-08-29) - Added: Jump through the Games Section rembered the last Path 'Resource Directory's' (2015-08-29) - MouseMenu Changes: 'Saved Configurations'. Config's can bes saved to other idTech1 games (2015-08-29) Szenario - You have a HD Resolution Pak Configured with Doom1, you can save now the same Configuration for Doom2 etc... too - Added Source Port Home -and Build Page Buttons (2015-08-29) - Added Additional Info to the Home Page Tooltip (2015-08-29) - Added Iwad's: Doom Ultimate and Doom 2 BFG Editions - Added ini 'Enable_GameSelect = false/true' for Doomsday Engine Game Mode Identifier. . (2015-08-29) if the value set to false, LH.IDTech1(Start) runs DDE with '-game xxxxxx' I have noticed that if you run Doom Ultimate, Hexen: death Kings of Citadel, Heretic: SotSR Doomsday Engine bring up the Game Mode Selector and if you added levels or HD Textures etc.. These added files are no longer available after the Game Mode Select. This can be avoided if add the command '-game xxxxx'. - Added ini 'Enable_SearchPath = false/true' for Doomsday Engine (2015-08-31) Joint the Doomsday command line Options '-nodoomwaddir , -nodoomwadpath , -nosteamapps' - Added Checkboxes to all Sections: NoSound, NoMusic, NoMonsters, Respawn, Fast (2015-08-31) - Redirect Logfiles to a Subdirectory '\Logfiles\' (2015-08-31) - Source Port StringPath Box and Working Folder Stringpath Box Support now Drag 'n' Drop (2015-08-31) - Extended the Tooltip Infos on 'Resource Storage', 'Source Port -' and 'Working Folder' (2015-08-31)
  10. Topic 'Options' I still have enough space on the Gui in the program. What are your opinion after the most important source Port Options (Commandlines options) to be integrated in LH.IDTech(start). Because there is already a command line and i do not want to integrate every single command now.. I do not play much Online (Deathmatch etc). So i can't not say what is a very important commandline Option for you. Here I need a little vote from you. For Checkboxes: (My first thought) -fast, -nomonsters, -nomusic, -nosfx, -respawn other ?
  11. 1. Check 2. Check, fast Drag'n'Drop Action Inc Hashcheck 3+4. Inbuild Explorer (Fast) Look 'Extern Resource Select' Yes, a few checkboxes are coming. But not too much of the objects. That makes the whole program ugly and overweight. I try to the program is clearly arranged. Furthermore, there is the command line. This Saves separately for each source port individually not globally. Yes you can mix the Doom Stuff Select Configuration, Select File from the 'inbuild Explorer'. Doubleclick on an 'Resource Storage' item you can remove this Hu, This is Magic! i have added the shortcut function yesterday (Berlin/Germany Time) (Look at the Screen) A few Screens from Version 0.93
  12. Yes, at time Windows only. I correct the Thread Title.
  13. if it works no but very strange :) I have added bit more verification for wad files. Next release has a program log file. I'm glad that it works. Marty
  14. hm, this is never happened at me at work with the Launcher! Can you give me the Ini Files. You can find them in the main Directory of the Launcher. Data\Config\ What happened if you select with the Folder Button or drag'n'Drop (to the Main Iwad Select String) for test a other iwad? It should a popup a Message Requester.? Work around: Put your 'Doom 2 v1.9' Iwad Path with Directory slash at the end in the Ini File Config_Path.ini at 'iWadPath26=F:\Games - Doom Saga\iWad Doom\Doom 2 - v1.9\'. Edit: Now i have a blank string after i insert a iwad file. Maybe the Name of the doom 2 wad is "doom 2.wad" or "doomii.wad" ?
  15. I have done an Update on my Launcher Version 0.92 - Added iWad Support: Freedoom1.wad and Freedoom2.wad/Freedm.wad For Freedoom1 look at 'The Ultimate Doom' For Freedoom2/FreeDM look at 'Doom 2: Hell on Earth' - Reduced LH.IDTech1(Start).exe Filesize - Level, Resources in 'saved Configurations' holds the current selected Port and IWad I think this method is better and faster if use Default Highres Packs With lot of PWads - Added Wad Fileformat ( LH.IDTech1(Start) has now buildin Wad File Reader) - Added Automatic Level Select (Not yet Support for Wad Files in Packed Archives) Singleclick on a *.wad level in 'Extern Resource Select' Retrieves info from the Wad File and autoselect the Level in the 'Warp Combobox' - Extended Tooltip info on 'Extern Resource Select' if you select a *.wad File greetings :)