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  1. Lord Raffles

    Hitler or Stalin? Who would you choose?

    Actually, Hitler didn't have any problem with Muslims - in fact, he believed that Arabs & the Aryans had a common enemy, the Jew. And the blonde hair blue eye crap derives from Allied propoganda of the time - sorry, but I'm only interested in historical fact and not the propoganda of either side of the time.
  2. Lord Raffles

    The Holy Foreskin

    http://sxws.com/charis/relics3.htm Apparently, Christ left a foreskin laying around before he went to heaven.
  3. Lord Raffles

    What so good about "The Shawshank Redemption"

    Stones are a re-occuring theme throughout the film, such as 'These Walls of stone' to the chess pieces carved from stone, to the geological references to stone. I believe this gives the central protagonist a sense of power over other prisoners, and even the Warden, as unlike anyone else within the prison who are trapped within the Walls of stone, he moulds and shapes the stones (and ultimatley breaks out of the stone). There's also lots of references to 'cracks'. In short, this film will make a Geologist cream in their pants.
  4. If you were forced to live under the regimes of either Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin, who would you pick? I'd pick Hitler, as I'm not Jewish nor do I have any known history of hereditary illness in my family, so Hitler wouldn't come after me. Stalin however, wouldn't give a shit who I was, and would still starve me like a unruly Ukrainian in an artificially created famine. Who would you pick?
  5. Lord Raffles

    Do you believe in God?

    I stopped believing in God when I was four/five - roughly the same time I stopped believing in Santa Clause. To me, it just didn't make sense - it seemed contrary to what I was being told about the world.
  6. Lord Raffles

    Some Hitchhiker's Guide production stills

    Define 'More black' - do you mean he'll act like a cartoon character out of San Andreas, or dance around in a happy mood to Ragtime songs about slavery? Crypto-Fascist.
  7. Lord Raffles

    Scaling in Zdoom...

    is it at all possible? I'm told it is. I've got some fantastic monster sprites that I need to scale down, as they are simply too big. Is there a wad someone has made that has the Zdoom scaling feature?
  8. Lord Raffles

    British Politics

    The Lords are mostly a selection of proffesionals, such as Lawyers, Doctors, etc who decide whever or not to allow the goverment to set forth it's bills and make them into law. It's vastly superior to having Politican's purley deciding on everything, who only do things for the good of their party rather than that which is good for the country.
  9. Lord Raffles

    British Politics

    It's called debate.
  10. Lord Raffles

    British Politics

    Students who moan about tuition fees are mostly from High earning, middle class families anyway who can afford university anyway. If they didn't spend all their money on grass and shit like that, then they may be able to handle it... ...and I've just spent all MY money on grass, so I'm off for a smoke... ah, the plight of a moaning student...
  11. Lord Raffles

    New Project WW2: Undercover - NEED HELP

    check your PM box.
  12. Lord Raffles

    New Project WW2: Undercover - NEED HELP

    Some textures have been used as a base for additional textures from RTCW - others have been taken from books and photographs taken with a digital camera. Some are also from the deadly dozen and numerous BUILD games. However, Primarely, many things have had to been made from scratch to work with Doom - such as the flags, skies, portraits, paintings, etc.
  13. Lord Raffles

    New Project WW2: Undercover - NEED HELP

    My internet connection is back :) Hope all is well - just out of intrest, did anyone download the prototype texture wad I released? If so, did you make anything interesting with it? Please post screenshots or dubmit a download if possible :) thanks
  14. Lord Raffles

    Mah First Post and WAD... coming along rather well.

    You only have to re-install wadauthor once in a month after installing it, which means you only have to do that 12 times a year - it isn't a big issue.
  15. Lord Raffles

    Viagra for Women!

    Amazing Facts: If you give women viagra, their vagina's pop inside out.