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  1. Spooner5020

    Come up with your own idea for a movie based on a game.

    Sonic movie is already in the works as a live action cgi hybrid at Paramount.
  2. Since Michael bay is producing,Megan fox has to be involved somehow.
  3. With John Cena in talks to Star as Duke Nukem and Hollywood likely screwing it up,I've decided to make a topic to make your own crazy ideas for movies based on a game. I'll start. Commander Keen:billy blaze a 10 year old goes to save mars with his talking teddy bear who was never in the games and sounds like Jar Jar Binks. At the end of the movie you find out it was all just in Billy's head and he just has a wild imagination.
  4. If they make a Shadow Warrior movie there's no doubt they'll base it on the reboot. The rebooted games are fun,but they aren't Shadow Warrior. So basically anyone could make an Asian action movie and call it Shadow Warrior.
  5. I actually wouldn't mind seeing that.
  6. Can they butcher a Chex Quest movie?
  7. I'm actually waiting on the Heretic movie.
  8. Spooner5020

    Rampage movie trailer

    The sad thing is,I was looking forward to this until the trailer. I knew it was gonna be dumb,but I didn't think it was gonna be this dumb.
  9. Spooner5020

    Rampage movie trailer

    I don't know how to feel about this. I love the game on ps2,but this does almost nothing for me. They already fucked up the game by not having the monsters start off as humans. Also wasn't the crocodile a lizard in the game? I guess the Rock didn't learn to stay away from video game movies.
  10. Spooner5020

    "Oh yeah, that was a thing that existed..."

    I don't think Nintendo had any involvement with it.
  11. Spooner5020

    "Oh yeah, that was a thing that existed..."

    I'm gonna say the Super Mario Bros movie. How did that even get past production without someone asking "wtf are we doing?"
  12. Spooner5020

    Most recent movie you saw

    How did you like the first?
  13. Spooner5020

    Most recent movie you saw

    I saw Kingsman:The Golden Circle. The sequel is getting a lot of hate from critics,but I find it to be just as good as the first. I did find parts of the movie a little slow,but never boring. A really unnescceary scene. And I didn't really like Tatum's character. Other than that it was a great sequel,but I still think the first is the better movie. Spoiler:you may wanna bring some tissues. There is a scene that is a tear jerker.
  14. Spooner5020

    Things that were cancelled and still hurts

    I'm gonna put mostly mods. I remembered there being a few doom mods that looked really cool. There was a website for an X-files Doom tc and I remember a website for a Dracula Doom. I don't think either one got very far,but I'm still pretty disappointed neither of them happened. I still am trying to figure out how an X-files doom mod could work. There was also a Ghostbusters mod for Quake being worked on called Ghostbusters 3D. I remembered seeing a few models of the player model and a few of the levels like the firehouse. I asked around asking what happened to it and it sounded like at the time it got "foxed" which meant at the time shut down by the movie studio. Same thing happened with Aliens Quake if anyone remembers that.
  15. Man this has been the worst weekend for entertainment news. From Will smith being cast as genie in the live action Aladdin,to the 13th Doctor being a woman and now this?