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  1. Duke64Ghost

    Templum Dormiens Dei

    Good job all I haven't launched this game in awhile and made me go ahead and do that. Its nice to see maps for more uncommon. And its quite atmospheric.
  2. Duke64Ghost

    Playstation Doom Arch Vile Sounds!

    Thank you this is pretty great I always loved that sound.
  3. Duke64Ghost

    Turok Doom

    Thanks and to Murden64 to for making that cool name I like what I was seeing there. I am making something similar to it for Duke and I knew of this wad its pretty well made I wish it had a sp though. I do have GZDdoom I like it from what I have learned which is minimum that's just due to time though. Thanks for an answer good info and yeah probably best to make a Doom map here, like Duke I would start off with a Dm :) Also, that post he is talking about Rage Wars wad and there is a topic here about that to hehe. Turok:Doom Wars
  4. Duke64Ghost

    Turok Doom

    Does anyone know who made this wad who is the author? And is it possible to build maps for it? I wanted to learn level editing for Doom for sometime and this motivates me to give it a try. I have looked at it before and I have made some Duke 3D maps but this is a bit different. Anyway, is it possible to make maps here for this wad? It seems to only work for skulltag though so is there a different editor I need? Sorry for the noobing questions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRrWFZRn0uc