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  1. Aside from the Big Spider and Cybie, probably the Revenant, I can never dodge those danged homing missiles no matter how much I've memorized the method, and placing large hordes of them like Cobblestone is just plain nasty, especially since I can count a few mappers that place huge hordes of them in cramped, open fields with no cover whatsoever. If you like that, all the more power to you, but count me out of that. The 'runners-up' are the Pain Elemental and the Chaingunner, the former because Lost Souls are patience-depleting, especially if there's no cap to them (and the ports I use count them as monsters, adding an additional layer of """fun"""), the latter because fuck constant hitscan attacks. Shotgunners already have enough bad news potential as it is.
  2. kinker31

    Prentral Cocessing: Techbases, Yeah!

    Thanks for giving it a whirl! As for what you had to idclip out of, it was definitely the latter, wasn't really intending for the player to head back to that area after the super shotty gets obtained.
  3. (screenshot taken with Crispy Doom, with the freedoom2.wad iwad loaded) Wanted to make a limit-removing map... so I did! Ideally supposed to be a little tricky, but not too hard on the player. Jumping and crouching aren't needed for this level, freelook is up to you. HMP gives additional ammo, and HNTR/ITYTD gives extra health on top of that. The Entryway Mapping Discord helped playtest the level, props to them for that. More information (and the download) can be found on the idgames page, which is right here!
  4. kinker31

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Contrary to how Russian Overkill works, it's a lot more difficult at the beginning than you'd think (at least on Vodka Overdose, not sure about Drunk Simulator or License to Kill), those 1000/2000 points of 100% protection armor drain surprisingly quickly with the brouhaha going on when you spawn in. As for the Fireblu stripes, I was running the game on a window, and black letterbox borders are dull and boring.
  5. Gave it a blind whirl, the attached demo (recorded with Choco Doom) was as far as I got. I should also mention that although I love the game... I'm not very good at it. AnomalyReport.7z
  6. kinker31

    Do you believe in ghosts?

    I don't, it'd be pretty cool if they did exist though
  7. kinker31

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Footatge of me showing off a special version of doom_complete.pk3 that I modified to support the FreeDoom campaign (mostly), with pretty crappy video quality as this was made before I upgraded my desktop tower:
  8. Mouse: Razer Mamba Elite with a Razer Goliathus Chroma Mousepad Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow V3 Monitor: Most of my gaming needs are currently handled by an ASUS 165hz 1080p monitor, with my old AOC 60hz monitor being an information assistant more than anythin' Headphones: Razer Kraken Ultimate PC: AMD RX 6600 XT for GPU, AMD Ryzen 3 3100 for CPU, 16 Gb memory, and an ASUSTek Prime B500-Plus motherboard
  9. kinker31

    Favorite DOOM Wads

    Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid. Sorry people, there's just no competition. As for actual, serious maps, either Oblige/Obsidian-generated maps for when I just wanna casually kill shit, or if I wanna play an actual megawad, an even toss between the RAMP community project, Doom Classic Complete, or the Slaughterfest wads.
  10. I've made plenty of techbases in my time, and this level's my way of trying to break this trend that isn't making something for another idTech game. I also wanted to try more complex geometry and lighting that's within acceptable visplane/drawseg limits as well (e.g a true vanilla level), and I think I did a decent job at that! Also made sure to implement difficulty setting as well, what you see on the screenshot is UV. I also tried for a "Stock Doom 2 Textures Only" constraint as well, the only custom content in this .wad is the music (E3M1's music replacing D_RUNNIN), and the DEH/Graphic that deals with the level's name. You can download (and play) the level here, no need for direct attachments this time!
  11. kinker31

    [Dev Builds] Eternity sky rendering improvements

    This isn't related to skies, but definitely related to mouselook/freelook: If it's possible to do so, will perspective correction be available in the next Eternity release?
  12. laconic version: I think it'd be nice to specify a custom damage modulo for projectiles like you can with A_FireCustomBullets and A_CustomPlayerMelee I've been pecking away at my weapons mod that uses Realm667 sprites for a bit, and while I was looking at how projectiles in Eternity work over at the wiki, I noticed that the formula of "Projectile Damage * Random Number from 1 to 8" is used for all projectiles, regardless of who fires it. While I'm perfectly okay with that as far as vanilla Doom and Heretic goes, I don't think I'd want a damage range that wide for whatever projectiles I'd like to implement, especially as far as explosives are concerned. The option to disable the damage modulo for projectiles would also be nice as well.
  13. kinker31

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Watching Happy Tree Friends at a young age does wonders to desensitize you to blood and gore. I should know, I did so myself! ...Got in huge trouble for it, and traumatized myself for a bit in the process, but it was worth it! ...Maybe.
  14. kinker31

    How do you like your Burgers?

    Two patties, four slices of cheese, mayonnaise, raw sliced onions, cooked rare-medium rare, buns just as big as the patties, and with enough butter 'n grease to land lesser people into a hospital... maybe a non-mental one, too. Don't forget the onion rings! (not sure if sides count, but fuck_it.pk3)
  15. kinker31

    Movies That You Think Didn't Need Sequels?

    I'm gonna answer the opposite of this question and say that I'd love to see Disney's Home on the Range get more love, and that yes, I'd love to see a sequel! I'll admit, it is pretty cheesy and they probably have made better before, but I think there's a whole universe just begging to be expanded over there. Unfortunately for my nerdy heiney, given how The Mouse has been running out of ideas, if the live-action reboots are to go by, and how the less said about The Mouse's lawyers, the better... I'm not sure it'll really come into fruition.