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  1. kinker31

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    That is some milk no one wants. There's someone out there who'd want that milk. ...Not sure who, but there's someone.
  2. kinker31

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Oh man, that wad's a piece of work. What drugs was he smoking when he created it? Boredom and an interest in "anti-walkthoughs" one one very potent drug. There should totally be a sequel.
  3. kinker31

    Help for CQ3 mod for Oblige 7.70

    I was able to get Oblige to recognize Chex Quest and it's theme (Chexopolis), which seems to be a pretyt good start.... but unfortunately a "script error: assertion failed" error stopped me from actually building levels.
  4. kinker31

    Help for CQ3 mod for Oblige 7.70

    Thanks! Also, is the new game that pops up on the list of games from Oblige's menu supposed to read "Heretic"? I tried to change it to something like "Chex Quest 3 [WIP]", but it didn't seem to show up. EDIT: I should probably also mention this is the pk3 I managed to cnojure up by following your guide, hopefully it's enough to get me started. chextest.7z
  5. kinker31

    More accurate difficulty level names

    1. I'm just trying to learn the game, but at the same time being swamped by demons is not my idea of fun. 2. I think I know what I'm doing(?), but I'll stay on the safe side. 3. DOOM.wad and DOOM2.wad 4. I like me a good challenge, bring it on! 5. I mock people for playing at anything lower than 4, not to mention I'm a complete masochist and Pistol-Start all secrets/items speedrunner. 6+. why
  6. kinker31

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    That's not a ridiculous idea, that's an awesome idea!
  7. kinker31

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Ridiculous and improbable ideas, eh? Lemme come up with a few... H-Chex Quest (3) Explosive everything (even standing around too long) Friend Heart Mechanic + Dream Friends in Doom Every projectile is a revenant's rocket Doom level that generates as you play it and never ends at all The Sky May Be 2: The Imp-God's coming for You H-Duke Nukem "Doomguy and his Buddies are Furries" mod ("Oh, what's that, you say? Yiff in Hell? If by "yff" you mean "slaughter demons", then I'm already one step ahead of you, buddy.") Mod where you play as Daisy (The demons thought they could kill Daisy, but little did they know this little bunny's got powers...) Mod where your weapons are replaced with powerful weapons based on the spadinner era of YTP (never has a bowl of spaghetti taken down a Cyberdemon) Mod where you can finally summon (or rather, toss in) terrywad enemies to murder the demons instead of murdering you. ("Eat DickFail, hellspawn!") The floor is super-slippery ice, and if affects everyone Lancer/Jevil companion Late-game Terraria weapons for Russian Overkill Play as (or summon the help of) Minions mod Strong Bad in Samsara Crash Bandicoot in Samsara That's all I can think of for now. EDIT: Few more ideas 'cause why not Square (The Adventures of Square) in Samara TAoS enemies in SchMonsterMixer Nepeta in Samsara Pistol replaced with Portal Gun Your only weapon is a weapon that can change the floor/ceiling values of sectors H-Heretic/Hexen Everyone/Everything moves stupidly fast Everyone/Everything moves painstakingly slow Everyone/Everything moves like a drunken semi-blind clown Doomguy slaughters his way through Site 19 (H-Doom compatible) Dover Boys in Samsara Everything's ridiculously tiny The Vanilla Doom Levels now have invisible teleporters and subtly changed level part clones that make you go "That's not how I remember the level...?" Daytime Drama's Troll-gun as a BFG replacement and is upgradeable in order of blood color Bubsy's Revenge ("This could finally be my second good game!") Instead of fighting demons, you have to debate the fuck out of them in a Tumblr/Reddit-like webisite Play as Ralsei and put the entirety of hell to sleep (The pacifying hell) instead of killing it all DK64 Weaponset for Doom Flippy/Flipqy in Samsara Doomguy's main and only weapon is the Star Rod Mod where it's pretty much a compete exaggeration of what the anti-BD crowd thinks Brutal Doom is You play as Flowey, and you make all the monsters infight each other instead of directly attacking them H-Doom addon for Mr. Friendly Some arthouse-esqe mod where all the textures are strange checkerboard patterns instead of sane texture design Another arthouse-esque mod where you spawn in a huge, complex map.... and you can't do anything except look around. A mod in vein of the first one except instead of checkerboards, everything's extremely abstract art to the point where you don't even know what's a wall, decorate, monster, or particle. Yet another pretentious mod where you spawn in a sprawling and complex map... and you can't move in the x or z-axis. Map where you have to walk a ridiculously thin, bendy, and long line to get to the goal, and it chucks a Rev in front of you near the end just to be an asshole Doom but with clunky tank controls Level where all you have to do is walk down a hallway to the exit... and it's utterly stupidly long. Megawad with ridiulously complex rooms... and no keys, monsters, and pickups whatsoever. Level where you can't see shit Level that abuses the "You were hallucinating the whole time" cliche to no end.
  8. What I'm trying to do to add support for Chex Quest 3 for Oblige 7.70 is to look for any modules that handle sounds, textures, names of monsters and whatnot, and replace what they're internally named as in Doom 1 with their Chex Quest 3 counterparts, since to the best of my knowledge, Chex Quest 3 is a modified version of Doom 1. However, I'm having quite a tough time finding out which script or file handles where which monsters get placed, how the textures work, how weapons/health/other pickups work, and whatnot, and I'm wondering if I have to make an entirely new game folder for the game, of if I could just add an/some addition theme(s) to the level being made. Sorry if it seems I'm oblivious as to what I'm talking about, I'm just trying to get myself comfy with LUA.
  9. kinker31

    Share Your Jokes

    Wanna hear a joke? What's a vampire's favorite boat? What's black, white, and red all over? How do you tell the difference between an apple and a bag of Skittles? Roses are red Violets are red The garden's on fire Send help Roses are blue Violets are red I have to go to the bathroom How do you tell if there's an elephant in your garden?
  10. kinker31

    OBLIGE 7.50 released!

    I'm not sure if to whomever reads this message is aware about this already, but the website for Oblige is kinda down at the moment, just thought I'd let you know.