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  1. Re-made Doom 2's Entryway one day, mostly for fun. Made with vanilla limitations in mind, and can be fully beaten with Chocolate Doom. Screeshots were taken in Chocolate doom with the -nomonters parameter. Download it here! (Direct Download) This wad only has the single map, no other lumps are included. idgames archive link extremely unlikely.
  2. kinker31

    Vanilla-Compatible Heretic String Editing?

    Well, that's slightly more promising, but I really do kinda wish I could modify hard-coded strings without needing to bring in a DOSBox of some kind, since digging into Heretic's lumps, it turns out that things like difficulty names, non-automap map names, just about anything that could be a string is something that only HHE can presumably deal with. :(
  3. I'd go with a PK3 (or a PK7 if it's big enough) and it's directory listings, WADs work better for single enemies, single weapons, anything where directories might not be needed. If it can run DECORATE, it can load a PK3.
  4. kinker31

    Vanilla-Compatible Heretic String Editing?

    Looking a bit closer at the program... looks like it requires DOS to use, and to be honest, I don't actually know if Chocolate Heretic can even support HHE's patches. I'll probably just stick to the default text, but thanks for answering anyhow!
  5. As the title may imply, I've been trying to find something capable of modifying the strings of Heretic's automap names and text screens, preferably without having to use ZDoom's MapInfo/Language. I wanna aim for vanilla/limit-removing compatibility, with anything ZDoom-unique added after main development.
  6. kinker31

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I've seen that point made a lot, but I dunno. I'd rather I not have go go through a mandatory death exit when exiting a level. Mechanically, it does make sense, being there's no other way in the vanilla engine to actually 30 levels back to back. If I may cast my vote on this, doesn't it kinda seem cheap when you manage to beat a map... only for it to blow your sorry rear end up instead of simply just going to the next level? Or ending the episode? I kinda like being able to select an episode proper without needing to use IDCLEV. Or "map ExMx/xx" if more ZDoom inclined. MAPINFO and the more port-friendly UMAPINFO does solve this issue, but even then, most mappers use it to disable ZDoom's crouch and jump. No proper episode or branching shenanigans. Not in Doom 2, anyways. Every mapset you mentioned (save Evilternity, perhaps, I dunno about Projectile Hell, never played it) only uses episodes to mark thematic changes (and maybe hikes in difficulty), it's still an unbroken campaign through and through. Most likely designed for Pistol Starts only, per level. I'm not entirely opposed to the concept, but I personally like having each episode be it's own little thing, a-la Ultimate Doom.
  7. kinker31

    What difficulty do you play on?

    UV for official material (and for megawads I'm comfortable with), HMP for everything else. I have a pretty dumb reluctance to use HNTR and below, even if there's no judgement whatsoever against it on more difficult mapsets.
  8. kinker31

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    I really want to love 50 Shades of Graytall more, but it just won't let me. Might also be because I'm not very good at Doom. It's a tossup.
  9. kinker31

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I've said this before around these forums, but I prefer the richer gameplay of Doom 2, and the more bite-sized episodes of Doom 1. Put both of them together, and you'd have my ideal dream IWAD!
  10. (screenshot taken with Crispy Heretic, enemies couldn't bother themselves to show up for the screenshot for reasons completely unrelated to the -nomonsters parameter) Oh noes! The Dentist of the brother of the uncle of D'Sparil himself (his name is Tim) has set up a horrible fortress of unknowable evil! Well, that was the plan, but turns out unknowable evil's too expensive to maintain, and do you even know how hard it is to maintain unknowable evil in the first place? It's not enough these days to just simply give it a fortress and have it be that, no, true unknowable evil needs every last star and planet to align at the exact latitude and longitude, the sacrifices made in it's name need to be the exact right species at exactly the right time and with exactly the right amount of candles, and if it's abode even has so much as a slightly misaligned brick... it leaves in a huff and trashes at least 5 surrounding continents in it's wake. So, he just filled it with Dsparil's troops instead and called it a day. While you could just wait for Korax's Sister's Twice-Twice Removed's In-law's Landlord to eventually realize that Tim just straight up stole the big house for himself, and confiscate it back to it's proper owners (a bunch of farmers completely unrelated to the conflict at hand)... that doesn't really make for an actual Heretic level, so go trash the place up instead. Besides, what's one evil dentist, more or less? Run over the link with your car to download this WAD. Now on the idgames Archive!
  11. kinker31

    Do you care about getting good at Doom?

    On one hand, it would be pretty nice having the skills to playtest even the hardest of wads, and not having to give partial feedback because I got n00b-rekt in the 2nd room. On the other, I've always been an enthusiast for Doom gameplay mods since day one, and UV-maxing wads like Sunlust for the speedrun leaderboards isn't exactly my idea of fun.
  12. kinker31

    Most stressful puzzle in a game?

    In no particular order or ranking: Titanic Tattooed Toads (a lot of lilypads, way too many categories, and I completely lock up when the wand gets involved) Mirror Machine (The easiest difficulty's extremely painful for me, harder difficulties where filters get introduced just fly completely over my head) Bubblewonder Abyss (g r i d s) Fleens (Fleens!? You're not Fleens!) (Good luck trying to figure out which Zoombini belongs to which Fleen in 5 wrong guesses or less! When all the features are shuffled!)
  13. I'd wager that the demons are worse, but to explain why would get into personal headcanon territory, and would play fast and loose with 2016 and Eternal canon, best-case scenario. That, and I'm already on thin ice with this forum already, the warning on my profile and all. You can send a private message to me if you really wanna know more, not that I think anyone would be interested in the frivolous headcanon of a sad basement-dwelling nerd.
  14. kinker31

    crazy source port features that will never get added

    Not so much a feature, per-se, but more a source port that allows extensions/modifications to it's own source code, module-style (much like Minecraft Forge mods), as a fork from GZDoom. Definitely a bad idea 'cause... well, I don't think you'd need to know much about code to know how HUGE of a security nightmare that'd be.