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  1. I think I know what you mean, but I was thinking moreso an Oblige-like engine built to generate decent-at-least, 'no need to tweak' Quake bsp files.
  2. I've been using Oblige 7.70 and Obaddon more often, and it got me thinking: Since Oblige's able to make sector-based game maps (Doom, Heretic, Hacx...) with ease, could a similar program involving (and/or making good use) the Quake Engine's brushes be possible, and easy to make addons for the same way Oblige is, and could a Quake equivalent of ObAddon be made, or even built into this theoretical program? I'd personally love to see one get made, and I'd eagerly hop on board trying to develop one, but I right now, I'm not very good with code at the moment, at least not for stuff involving Quake, save for func_ent/brush_ent flags.
  3. kinker31

    Does The Loser's Sub-forum Still Exist?

    Probably not, I don't think the admins would want to encourage that kind of behavior. Could be wrong, though.
  4. So, Zandronum might've gotten a new update, I think, but it all just seems to be minor tweaks and stuff, but that's at least enough proof that the branch still might be active. However, do any of you think that GZDoom having it's own, newer, but more experimental netcode could work out for the better? I don't know what you think, but I'd personally would love to be able to run GZDoom 4.3+ mods on something like TSPG, and there really ain't much people who develop anything for Zandronum anymore...
  5. Am I the only one who actually has a custom banner?

  6. I've been starting to play a bit more of Quake recently, and somewhere around the time I actually managed to actually get around to finishing the first and second episodes of the base game, I decided to get myself more acquainted with TrenchBroom, one of the more modern editors for Quake 1. So far, I've been learning quite a bit about the brush and point-entity system, and I'm quite happy about that! That being said, I'm relatively new to the whole "Quake Map Creation" thing, and so far I've been using much of the rules of thumb I've been using for making Doom levels, loosely based around John Romero's guidelines for building Doom levels, adjusting for Quake's more limited texture palette and more advanced way of making levels every now and them. All of this being said, if any of you have tried out making a Quake map for yourself, is there any pitfalls, good advice, and or good things to know I should know about?
  7. Tried out the level, here's my thoughts. The direction could be a bit more clear, I only manged to find the exit of the level through randomly looking in rooms to see if something opened. The general shape of the level... half square and half low-sidedef outdoor attempt, with texture and flat choice being rather questionable, too. The level's also rather unbalanced, straight-up giving you a BFG near the end of the level against a few barons and one cyberdemon, with a Rocket launcher being easily found earlier within the level as well. It also seemed you didn't really use the lighting all that much aside from the blink specials, it's honestly rather flat if it isn't blinking between extremely dark or almost-fullbright. Also, does the final path to the exit (Out of about 4 or so fake-outs, which is kinda ridiculous) have to require a radiation suit to not die in? There could've been other ways of using that utterly massive open arena without that rather awkward spiral in the center of the level. All in all, this averages out to a mediocre map. Not too horrendous, but not very good either. [Oh, and there's a way to implement custom level names, music, and par times without having to resort to MAPINFO, but you'll need WhackED4, SLADE3, Doom Writer, and maybe some other software.]
  8. I'm probably gonna anger a few vanilla purists. Vertical mouselook only gets disabled if it's running under a software renderer. Visplane warping makes me queasy. ZDoom-based jumping, and sometimes ZDoom-based crouching are a few charges I'm guilty of, especially in official maps. I always use horizontal mouselook. I've been too pampered and spoiled by more modern FPSes to even consider using anything else to aim. Plenty 'O Particles, Not a Single Decal, just like Quake 1. Unlike Quake 1, I don't enable rocket trails, and all 'puffs' are rendered as sprites. I've ran GZDoom under a low virtual resolution before, and even simulated Doom's palette, but that didn't last too long. I only really use MBF/Boom-compatible ports or Chocolate-based ports for compatibility testing, and that's if I'm not mapping in UDMF. I don't even play Vanilla Doom anymore, I go to MetaDoom v0.666 or Smooth Doom on rare occasions for vanilla-based gameplay. My two primary non-vanilla-based mods are Russian Overkill and Guncaster. I also play Project Brutality, and I've done so on official iwad maps.
  9. Perhaps GZandronum could work as a name if the merge ever does happen
  10. There is Odamex and/or ZDaemon if you prefer vanilla gameplay over mods 'n stuff, otherwise I can understand why you'd want Zandronum to continue what it might be doing.
  11. There's also the possibility Zandronum could merge with LZDoom (A more system-compatible version of GZDoom for lower end computers) and receive it's features too, hence [G/L]ZDoom instead of just GZDoom.
  12. I don't know if this has been asked before, but I figured I'd put this here since this seems like a good place to do so. Anyways, I've noticed that there's been quite the divide of mod compatibility ever since ZScript (or an overhaul of ZScript, I don't entirely know) was introduced, given that a mods I've seen over at the ZDoom forums seem to require newer versions of GZDoom, and maybe LZDoom compatibility if you're lucky. While in terms of singleplayer, this isn't really much of a hassle (save for the vanilla purists who don't seem to be all too happy about that), I have noticed that this causes many of the mods I play to be completely incompatible with Zandronum, and by extension, TSPG's services. I've also noticed that Zandronum hasn't really updated in quite a while, the last developer update being months ago, I don't know if that's due to them trying to integrate the netcode with newer versions of DECORATE/ZScript, or if they're taking a break from development, or if it's even being continued at all. There's also very little activity going on over at the Zandronum forums, only about 5 or so posts every month, I think. There was a discussion over at the Zandronum forums about this back in 2012, back when 3.0 was still under it's rather long development cycle, but now that 8+ years have passed, and now that GZDoom is well underway with version 4.3.3 and above, do you think that it might be time for Zandronum to merge back into the ZDoom family, or do you still think Zandronum could still be it's own thing?
  13. Topic bumped: 4 new maps has just been made, give them a whirl and have fun! Might also upload to Painkiller and start a DM server there, who knows?
  14. You know, I kinda like both Doomworld's "has to fight to defend earth and is otherwise a relatively normal man who just wants to live a normal life" interpretation of Doomguy and Project Brutality's "Saxton-Nukem-Hamfest-Extrodinaire" interpretation of Doomguy. I could totally see the former looking at a normal day of the latter and just going "I have no idea what the fuck I'm looking at", and the latter just deciding to straight-up be the UAC and make unsafe, extremely dangerous, and impractical weapons designed to just McFucking obliterate demons, usually in the face. ("LOOK AT PUNY CHAINSAW! IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE THREE BLADES, AND IT'S NOT ON FIRE! HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW YOU'RE KILLING DEMONS!?")