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  1. drygnfyre

    Whats the worst Doom WAD You have ever played?

    Trinity College
  2. drygnfyre

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I wonder how Doom II would have been released in 2017. Probably just some DLC, right? Doom II, with a few minor exceptions, was effectively just a set of new maps for Doom, anyway.
  3. drygnfyre

    Doom coming to Nintendo Switch!

    It's optional, but unfortunately, the single-player bug fixes are tied to the same 9 GB update that includes multiplayer.
  4. drygnfyre

    Doom coming to Nintendo Switch!

    I'll have to give that a try. Aiming does seem to be the main issue for me, it's very hard for me to run and aim at the same time. I keep missing the enemies. It's probably me just not being used to the controls since I've never played a FPS on a console before. But I'll play around with the settings some more and see what I can do.
  5. drygnfyre

    Doom coming to Nintendo Switch!

    So I've played it for a bit now on the Switch. This is the first FPS I've ever played on a console. I'm getting used to the controls, having quite a bit of trouble with them. They seem far too slow. I'm messing around with the sensitivity, seems 60% works okay for me. But I think I'm going to have to restart on the easiest difficulty, this game is quite hard for me...
  6. drygnfyre

    GBA Doom vs SNES Doom (ARM7 vs SuperFX-2)

    I still have my Doom GBA cartridge. Haven't played it in a long while, but it's not a bad port. It has some unique features to account for the GBA's very dark screen, mainly you can turn on bright, static lighting. This actually makes many maps much easier since it reveals a lot of secrets, such as in E1M3. From what I've read, the port is itself a port of the Jaguar Doom, so it has the same geometry and limitations, mainly simplified maps and missing maps altogether. I recall the controls being decent enough, but weapon toggling was annoying since you had to hold both shoulder buttons and weapons would just cycle, there was no way to register ones like on a keyboard. The main issue that bothered me with GBA Doom was all the music was shifted up a map. So, E1M1 played the E1M2 music, and so on. No idea why this occurs, and it makes some maps feel very out of place. The corpses also disappear after a while and have green blood. Some enemies are missing as well, such as spectres (replaced by standard demons).
  7. drygnfyre

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It's not that stupid. Even John Carmack remarked that he sort of regrets the shareware release only because many people assumed Episode 1 was the entirety of Doom. I was the same way when I was younger. Had the shareware, played it many times, didn't understand at the time I had to do a mail order for the other two episodes. So when I got Doom II for Christmas, I just assumed it was split into "Shores of Hell" and "Inferno," like the README file on the shareware stated. I actually didn't play the original Doom (plus Episode 4) until buying the Collector's Edition in the early 00s. And even then, I only bought it because I had lost Doom II at some point and wanted to play it again. That it included the original Doom and Final Doom was just a nice bonus for me.
  8. drygnfyre

    Doom coming to Nintendo Switch!

    It doesn't, unfortunately. Just the standard black Switch card.
  9. drygnfyre

    Doom coming to Nintendo Switch!

    Just got DOOM in the mailbox today. Haven't played it on any other system yet, so it will be a new game for me. Only seen a few gameplay videos, so I really know very little about the game. But it got good reviews, even the Switch version doesn't remove any single-player content, so that's good for me.
  10. drygnfyre

    Favorite midis?

    From the official WADs: "Sign of Evil" "Nobody Told Me About id" Those are probably my two favorites, even though I enjoy all the others. But those are the two I can listen to the most without them feeling stale. For fan WADs, I really like the MIDIs from Plutonia2, especially the last few maps.
  11. drygnfyre

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    I hate when WAD authors put barons and other tall enemies into very small rooms. Barons shouldn't be able to move around when half their body won't fit in the room.
  12. drygnfyre

    Sources for original Doom and Doom 2 textures?

    The skyboxes came from stock photographs, usually by combining more than one image. Most of the weapons were digitized sprites of toy guns. The fists are supposedly Kevin Cloud's.
  13. drygnfyre

    Game breaking glitches/errors/bugs?

    Doom usually marks its traps that are inescapable (some of the slime pits in E1M3), but there are a few design oversights. In E3M4, it's possible to trigger a wall from two sides, but not one other side, meaning if the wall closes, you can be stuck forever and have to kill yourself or start the map over.
  14. I think it's just a matter of WAD makers simply not doing it. I seem to recall playing PWADs on Doom95 that substituted the standard Doom 2 map names for custom ones.
  15. Probably the Hell knight. Barons were a little too strong to have them swarm the player, Hell knights were just right.