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  1. xDDGx

    Going Down

    Excellent WAD. Nice detail, unique style, funny storyline, and a lot, a lot of monsters. I think, it's about two or even three times harder than Plutonia. Well, music is not a masterpiece, but not bad at all, and it definitely fits to the game. MAP30 was a real surprise ;)
  2. xDDGx

    The Image of Evil

    Map layout is really impressive! It looks like highly-detailed daemon face. Because of that, there's a lot of sharp needle-arc-shaped corners — so some rooms look really weird, but map`s specifics are smartly used in the gameplay.
  3. xDDGx

    Eye of the Storm

    That's funny, how this (and previous level, "We who are About to Die", too) map is simple, small (well, not a big and complicated, at least), even somewhat rough, and in the same time, it's still interesting and puzzling challenge.
  4. xDDGx


    I've played all of Cabal series (including Master levels according to the Doom Wiki) and found out these levels pretty decent and interesting. Probably, I'll summarize my feelings while reviewing the last one (The Image of Evil). Comparing the other maps of the series, this one is somewhat simplish, but a bit tricky to complete.