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  1. CyberDemon765

    Bethesda doom deh support

    How do I include a .deh file in my wad for the new version of doom?
  2. CyberDemon765

    having troubles with replacetextures in acs

    as expected I found out I was using arrays wrong I needed to reference them like this. //outdoors ReplaceTextures("GRASS1", outdoor_flat[random(0, 4)]); ReplaceTextures("GRASS2", outdoor_flat[random(0, 4)]); ReplaceTextures("MFLR8_2", outdoor_flat[random(0, 4)]); ReplaceTextures("MFLR8_3", outdoor_flat[random(0, 4)]); ReplaceTextures("MFLR8_4", outdoor_flat[random(0, 4)]); //water ReplaceTextures("FWATER1", Water[random(0, 1)]); ReplaceTextures("FWATER2", Water[random(0, 1)]); ReplaceTextures("FWATER3", Water[random(0, 1)]); ReplaceTextures("FWATER4", Water[random(0, 1)]); ReplaceTextures("BLOOD1", Water[random(0, 1)]); ReplaceTextures("BLOOD2", Water[random(0, 1)]); ReplaceTextures("BLOOD3", Water[random(0, 1)]);
  3. CyberDemon765

    Slade lacking any graphics for only one computer

    have you tried opening it with reinstalling Slade and opening it with admin privileges?
  4. instead of the rivers flowing with blood im getting grass rivers, I suspect i'm not doing arrays correctly. #library "myscript" // Name of the library #include "zcommon.acs" script "Randomize" open // A unique name is less likely to conflict with other maps with scripts { //replace outdoor textures str outdoor_flat[5] = {"GRASS1","GRASS2","MFLR8_2","MFLR8_3","MFLR8_4"}; str Water[2] = {"BLOOD1","FWATER1"}; //outdoors ReplaceTextures("GRASS1",outdoor_flat[random(1, 5)]); ReplaceTextures("GRASS2",outdoor_flat[random(1, 5)]); ReplaceTextures("MFLR8_2",outdoor_flat[random(1, 5)]); ReplaceTextures("MFLR8_3",outdoor_flat[random(1, 5)]); ReplaceTextures("MFLR8_4",outdoor_flat[random(1, 5)]); //water ReplaceTextures("FWATER1",Water[random(1, 2)]); ReplaceTextures("FWATER2",Water[random(1, 2)]); ReplaceTextures("FWATER3",Water[random(1, 2)]); ReplaceTextures("FWATER4",Water[random(1, 2)]); //blood ReplaceTextures("BLOOD1",Water[random(1, 2)]); ReplaceTextures("BLOOD2",Water[random(1, 2)]); ReplaceTextures("BLOOD3",Water[random(1, 2)]); }