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  1. CyberDemon765

    Bethesda doom deh support

    How do I include a .deh file in my wad for the new version of doom?
  2. instead of the rivers flowing with blood im getting grass rivers, I suspect i'm not doing arrays correctly. #library "myscript" // Name of the library #include "zcommon.acs" script "Randomize" open // A unique name is less likely to conflict with other maps with scripts { //replace outdoor textures str outdoor_flat[5] = {"GRASS1","GRASS2","MFLR8_2","MFLR8_3","MFLR8_4"}; str Water[2] = {"BLOOD1","FWATER1"}; //outdoors ReplaceTextures("GRASS1",outdoor_flat[random(1, 5)]); ReplaceTextures("GRASS2",outdoor_flat[random(1, 5)]); ReplaceTextures("MFLR8_2",outdoor_flat[random(1, 5)]); ReplaceTextures("MFLR8_3",outdoor_flat[random(1, 5)]); ReplaceTextures("MFLR8_4",outdoor_flat[random(1, 5)]); //water ReplaceTextures("FWATER1",Water[random(1, 2)]); ReplaceTextures("FWATER2",Water[random(1, 2)]); ReplaceTextures("FWATER3",Water[random(1, 2)]); ReplaceTextures("FWATER4",Water[random(1, 2)]); //blood ReplaceTextures("BLOOD1",Water[random(1, 2)]); ReplaceTextures("BLOOD2",Water[random(1, 2)]); ReplaceTextures("BLOOD3",Water[random(1, 2)]); }
  3. CyberDemon765

    having troubles with replacetextures in acs

    as expected I found out I was using arrays wrong I needed to reference them like this. //outdoors ReplaceTextures("GRASS1", outdoor_flat[random(0, 4)]); ReplaceTextures("GRASS2", outdoor_flat[random(0, 4)]); ReplaceTextures("MFLR8_2", outdoor_flat[random(0, 4)]); ReplaceTextures("MFLR8_3", outdoor_flat[random(0, 4)]); ReplaceTextures("MFLR8_4", outdoor_flat[random(0, 4)]); //water ReplaceTextures("FWATER1", Water[random(0, 1)]); ReplaceTextures("FWATER2", Water[random(0, 1)]); ReplaceTextures("FWATER3", Water[random(0, 1)]); ReplaceTextures("FWATER4", Water[random(0, 1)]); ReplaceTextures("BLOOD1", Water[random(0, 1)]); ReplaceTextures("BLOOD2", Water[random(0, 1)]); ReplaceTextures("BLOOD3", Water[random(0, 1)]);
  4. CyberDemon765

    Slade lacking any graphics for only one computer

    have you tried opening it with reinstalling Slade and opening it with admin privileges?