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    My first ever complete Doom 2 Level

    Thank you so much for your replies. So flats work for both ceilings and floors? I thought flats were floors and the few "Ceiling" labelled textures were for ceilings.... no wonder I found it rather limiting so decided to use all sorts instead. I haven't worked out how to do teleport traps without scripting yet.... I love editing but I can't script. I should maybe use more wall open traps.... maybe more switches that activate important parts of the level but also traps and stuff. I am aware it works kind of weird.... I wasn't finding an overall theme important because it really is just a practice WAD....experimenting and that... I think my favourite room is the big secret area entered at 4:30 onwards. I think the ceiling lights look a bit excessive and weird but I like the floors and the walls, compared to the rest of the level I think I took more trouble with it. I have made some other levels but they are kind of unfinished gameplay only levels, learning the flow of it and using doombuilder. The floor height never changes and I only change wall textures ala Wolf3d style.... purely so I can focus on using Doombuilder and the gameplay... the idea is to perhaps redo a bunch of levels from scratch and make them look better when I have gotten much better with Doombuilder. Until then I am working on a 32 Level practice Megawad that is completely flat and only changes wall textures as Wolf3d did. Purely for practice. I call it, 32 floors... lol. Would kinda work if I had some kind of Wolf3d mod for Doom2 lol.
  2. Hi all, I am new here and I love Doom, especially Doom 2 and the Zdoom port. Even more I am really enjoying using Doombuilder 2, even if just for fun. I am a total newb and totally new to it and would really appreciate criticism. Here is a youtube vid of me playing my first Doom 2 level. And if anyone likes it, maybe I will upload the WAD too :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptQp5itP0m8