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  1. Haha bitches, you really thought I would apologize? heh

    Anyway: I'm starting a petition to make dn stop writing his autobiography and draw more comics instead. Feel free to sign.

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    2. rf`


      darknation said:


      Nuh uh.

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Danarchy said:

      Heh. Obviously you haven't been reading it.

      Darknation is... I'm guessing... probably 20. It's interesting that he's writing an autobiography now, but what I was implying is that in 40 years his autobiography would be FILLED with many more stories. There are so many things that he has not experienced in life, that can only be attributed to age and experience. It will be interesting to pick up a copy of "Stormclouds over (insert dn's country here): The Darknation Autobiography" when it's on the New York times bestsellers list in 2044.

    4. Chopkinsca


      It is not so much an autobiography as a fantastic tale of events...