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Everything posted by læmænt

  1. læmænt

    The /newstuff Chronicles #380

    whoa, Epic2 is cool.
  2. læmænt

    Favorite programming language(s)

    I don't really have a favourite programming language, however there're several languages which i absolutely hate: Perl C++ Java PHP Any sort of assembler
  3. læmænt

    Why Did You Choose Your Avatar?

    I don't even remember what my avatar is.
  4. læmænt

    Creating music

    i just play the piano.
  5. læmænt

    Third Party Internet Browsers

    IE doesn't even run on my computer.
  6. læmænt

    Free Antivirus Software?

    Just don't get viruses. It's easy.
  7. While discussing this, remember that Freud was wrong and most of his stuff has been disproven.
  8. læmænt

    Petition to bring back the DW POTD

    somebody goes to the DW main page?
  9. læmænt

    Doomworld's history

    This thread might be of use: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7376
  10. læmænt

    Will you go down on a lovers toes?

    haha die And no.
  11. læmænt

    Outlook Express problem

    If you use outlook express, you have a problem.
  12. Javascript is nothing at all like Java, and much cooler.
  13. Buy! Buy! Buy! Buy it now at our new, low introductory price of $33.99!!
  14. læmænt

    For those responsible for DoomBuilder

    Buy! Buy! Buy! Buy it now at our new, low introductory price of $33.99!!
  15. læmænt

    videogame violence

  16. læmænt

    "The Passion of the Christ" victims.

    I died watching "The Passion". But I got resurrected!
  17. læmænt

    Any last words?

    "I have just had eighteen whiskeys in a row. I do believe that is a record" (C) Dylan Thomas
  18. læmænt

    How hot?

    That sounds... really fucking disgusting
  19. Yes, there're no 90-degree angles in the real world. This is exactly what AndrewB was talking about. "Real-world angle" is just as self-contradictory as "square circle". Angles consist of two lines, lines consist of points, points are not found in nature to the best of our knowledge.
  20. læmænt

    Bare Breasts

    what's wrong with you people CHILDREN? Children are probably the only group that definitely will *NOT* be affected by seeing boobs in any way. It's the adults that are at danger. Anyway, of course bare breasts should be legal. Complete nudity should likewise be legal. For men and women. There's really no point in disallowing it.
  21. læmænt

    Harry Potter: More than 7

    I for one would enjoy reading about his adventures in some fraternity.
  22. læmænt

    Before you die...

  23. læmænt

    Before you die...

    See The Ring
  24. læmænt

    dll problems

    generic windows-bashing post here