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  1. Are you remixing MAP31 from the original PG? I only have a version ripped from the wad with Slade. Or are you remixing MAP31 from this project, my midi "Cold"?
  2. JDoyle

    What is the best SC-55 soundfont?

    I seem to recall the the midis from Descent used SYSEX messages to detune specific drums on channel 10, such as pitching up or down the snare. I have a memory of ripping the midis from the game and examining them, trying to figure out all their tricks :) I don't know if those were Sound Canvas-specific SYSEX messages?
  3. JDoyle

    TNT 2: Devilution (Second beta released)

    Not sure I understand the need to throw shade here, @Bucket. Is it because my midis bumped others off the originally planned soundtrack? How are my midis less "TNT-like" than Varis Alpha or Tristan's?
  4. JDoyle

    The General MIDI Museum - A Youtube Archive

    Stalker - by Simon Juncal and Dave Smukal Like a lot of people in the mid-90's my first foray onto the Internet was through America Online. In the Spring of 1995 I started visiting AOL's "Music and Sound" forum, where users could upload and download MIDI music from other members. It was there that I discovered a lot of really talented composers, one of whom was Simon Juncal. I seem to remember he and Dave Smukal uploading new MIDIs quite frequently and I really enjoyed their work. Unfortunately "Stalker" is the only one I kept a copy of, though I wish I'd kept them all! I corresponded briefly with Simon about possibly collaborating on a track, but it never happened. I do remember he mentioned he was using a Roland SCC-1 to compose. We also talked about writing music for video games, but he was focused on wanting to work on Quake and I don't believe he ever wrote MIDIs for Doom, though his MIDIs would have fit right in. He had a website for a while, but I can't find any info about him or his MIDIs anywhere on the Internet. Trippin' in a Groove Hole - by Charles Li Another MIDI found in the AOL "Music and Sound" forum, I don't remember if I'd heard any other MIDIs from Charles Li, but I really love this one. It's sort of funky prog-rock. I corresponded with Charles over email and we collaborated on a track together, which honestly didn't age very well. Around the same time, I had joined TeamTNT and started working on the music for Icarus: Alien Vanguard and I asked Charles if he wanted to contribute as well, which led to his two tracks being included. I lost contact with Charles after folks started moving away from AOL toward independent ISPs in the late 90's.
  5. JDoyle

    The General MIDI Museum - A Youtube Archive

    I love what you're trying to do here. I wonder if you'd be open to submissions? I have a few old MIDI files from the mid-90's that I feel should be documented somewhere on the internet, in some way.
  6. JDoyle

    Alien Vendetta MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    Yes, it was a real challenge not to have massive voice-robbing on some of the tracks. If it's particularly bad on your track, message me and I can re-record it! I have the SC-55 and a Roland keyboard with the SC-55 soundset hooked up, so I can split the MIDI channels between them and get 56 voices going at once.
  7. JDoyle

    Alien Vendetta MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    Hi Everyone! Congrats on another excellent MIDI pack release, the amount of talent represented in these packs is absolutely breathtaking! I've just finished recording everything through my SC-55 and uploaded the results to YouTube. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Absolutely, go for it! I'm thrilled anytime someone wants to use my music.
  9. It's a Halloween double-feature! I've just uploaded both Memento Mori 1 & 2 soundtracks recorded with my Roland SC-55 MkII. Absolutely some of Mark Klem and Tolwyn's finest MIDI work! Enjoy!
  10. JDoyle

    TNT MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    Here's my SC-55 playlist. If anyone does not want their music included in this playlist, please let me know here or by PM and I'll be happy to remove the video in question.
  11. JDoyle

    TNT MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    I'm planning on recording a "let's listen" set through my SC-55, just waiting on all tracks to be finalized before going ahead. Once it's finished, I'll be sure to post the Youtube link here.
  12. Congrats on 10k subs! Pretty awesome :) 

  13. Hey folks, I've recorded the Icarus Alien Vanguard OST through my Roland SC-55 and put together a YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVDYINVKng7XZcRfnuQ6Fr4hEk74wIHcA Enjoy!
  14. JDoyle

    TNT MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    Hell yeah Mark! Glad you messaged me or I probably would have missed it. I'm excited to say that I've finished my track for this project today and I'm super stoked to hear what everyone else has cooked up!
  15. JDoyle

    Evilution and Icarus Soundtrack Mysteries

    Apologies for the necro-post, but I did end up contacting Jonathan back in December of 2016. I got an email back from him saying he'd listen to the tracks and figure out which were his, but then sadly never replied after that. The mystery continues!