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  1. JDoyle

    Is Evilution the best WAD from Team TNT

    I would have to agree with that, but I'm slightly biased ;)
  2. JDoyle

    Old Doom music

    I've uploaded all my Doom midis to my Google drive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B79YBwbj0yrTQVNldmRBYUNsMlE&usp=sharing If anyone would like to use them in mapping projects or remixes, please go ahead- all I ask is to be credited. In going through my old recovered files, I found a folder named "TNT-TC" full of unfinished midis. If I remember correctly, after Icarus was released there was talk of TeamTNT doing a TC, so I started coming up with some ideas. I'm hoping to find some time to keep working on them, and if I manage to finish any, I'll update this thread.
  3. JDoyle

    Old Doom music

    Yes, Star Theme third version. I've always been bad at naming songs and 8.3 file names meant I had some pretty stupid song names... "ripsnort"? I don't know.
  4. JDoyle

    Old Doom music

    Sure, a quick list of my contributions to Icarus: Map03 Quarry - File name "hell.mid" Map04 Engineering - File name "melting.mid" Map05 Flipside - File name "mad.mid" Map07 Sickbay - File name "strthme3.mid" Map11 Feeding Frenzy - File name "stomp.mid" Map12 Hydroponics - File name "star2.mid" Map16 Boot Camp - File name "fast.mid" Map21 Engine Core - File name "ripsnort.mid" Map29 Brutality - Can't find the original file for this, but I'm pretty certain I wrote it. Map32 Prestidigitation - File name "creepjaz.mid" Some of these I'd totally forgotten that I'd written until I went back to a recovery CD from a hard drive that crashed in 1997. I'm pretty sure Map32 started out as a joke and Map07 started out as an idea for the reoccurring Icarus theme. As far as the unused Requiem .mids, where would I upload those? I'd love them to get used after all this time.