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Status Updates posted by JDoyle

  1. Congrats on 10k subs! Pretty awesome :) 

  2. My beloved Roland XP-10 keyboard has been on the fritz for a few years now. The 1/4" audio outputs have been spotty (probably weak soldering on the mainboard?) and I'd been resorting to using the headphone output to get it in stereo. But now even that is only putting out the left channel. The official Roland SC-55 VST instrument is $125, which seems a little overpriced, and I've heard some of the patches are't 100% authentic. So I hopped on Ebay last night and now I have an original SC-55mkII on it's way to me from Japan. Here's to hoping everything works out.

  3. Ever wanted to hear Requiem's soundtrack played on an actual Roland SC-55? Well, now you can! 


    1. valkiriforce
    2. JDoyle


      100% inspired by your "Let's Listen" videos, which I've been using as a reference for a few years now.

    3. valkiriforce


      Sounds much better in your uploads - all I did was use ZDoom and Fraps to record audio since nobody else uploaded these soundtracks at the time.

  4. Gotta say, Levi Nickerson did an awesome job on this Icarus MAP11 cover!


  5. Just finished updating the "Let's Listen - TNT: Revilution" series on Youtube to reflect changes made to the soundtrack since the beta.


    1. GarrettChan


      Would you put this put to bandcamp of something like that? Really want to have MP3 to listen to.

    2. JDoyle


      How about this: I'll make the MP3s available to download for a while until I run out of space on Google Drive. Also included are the MP3s I recorded of tracks that are no longer used in the final release (denoted by OLD in the file name). 

      Individual tracks available here: 


      A 222mb zip of the entire set: