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  1. 23 minutes ago, kb1 said:

    Ah, the ol' Bait & Switch: "Hey everyone, we're getting ready to release our WAD...Sike!"


    But, honestly, in '94, who would refuse a request from "The Rock Stars" to include your WAD in Final Doom, with or without being paid? I can't blame them.

    According to an interview with Ty, John Romero contacted him about 4.5 hours before Evilution was supposed to be released. 

    I joined TeamTNT in November of '95 to work on Icarus, which from it's inception was to be a "mea culpa" to the community for the furor caused over having pulled Evilution. 


    Interview here:


  2. 21 minutes ago, Tolwyn said:

    I was looking forward to this, too! It's been a lot of work! 2 hours of music... you wouldn't think it would take.. this... long... 🙂

    536 days, actually! We started talking about doing this on November 21, 2016 and we were working right down to... oh, 2 hours ago? :) It's been an incredibly fun journey, and I hope people enjoy listening to this as much as we've enjoyed the creation of it. I'll be working on putting this on YouTube for the next few days for folks who'd rather stream it than download it.

  3. I think I must have posted them some time back in 2015. Didn't you and Alfonzo use Elegant Tension on a speedmap? :)

    I should probably add links to MIDIs on my YouTube videos, that's a good idea! But in the meantime:


    Elegant Tension (AKA REQ-JD12.MID) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B79YBwbj0yrTMDVJaUNIbDYwYTg


    Bucket of Fear (AKA REQ-JD08.MID) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B79YBwbj0yrTczNGTlVQdlZYVUU


    And while I'm posting, I'd really like to thank you and Alfonzo for taking the time to write up these reviews! I'm very excited for everyone to hear what we've been working on for almost two years now! 

  4. 17 hours ago, Vorpal said:

    I can only remain patient and polite for so long, guys. I'm going to have to invoke a Dark Lord or two if you don't sate my appetite by next week.

    I'm not sure we'll be able to hit that deadline. I have to learn how to read music this week, in order to play what Tolwyn wants. My spastic improv guitar work wasn't working for the solo, so Tolwyn came up with this... I'm currently investigating the possibility of growing an extra 3 fingers on my left hand to help in playing it.

  5. As I remember it, that was what was so exciting when the 3Dfx Voodoo stuff came out. Video cards at the time didn't always have dedicated 3D acceleration, so you used to have to take the output from the 2D card and daisy chain it into the Voodoo card. Now of course those only worked with OpenGL (If I remember correctly) and did absolutely nothing for Doom. But it made a huge difference in Quake!

  6. On 12/27/2017 at 6:10 PM, Alfonzo said:

    It's an interesting ensemble but it receives far more attention than it deserves thanks to its commercial status. If it were Icarus making up the second half of Final Doom, your memfises and Unis may very well be talking about the atmospheric and exploratory elements true to that set of maps, instead; how the end-of-level matchbox motif with its red keys vied with Plutonia's glowing diamonds for inspiring continuity in modern works, or something. Capn Clever observed in one of the EotW dissections of Team TNT (I think it was this episode, oddly enough) that Icarus fits a model better suited for public consumption with its sharper focus in ship/planet/simulation navigation, and that at some point it must have been destined for the shelves in Evilution's place. I can't help but agree. Certainly I think there are some unique traits to the IWAD that you can discover—and imagine—with enough examination, but this is also true of a number of works that haven't had the fortune of being placed under the commercial spotlight.


    Mustain, O'Brien and the Casalis are way cool. Brian Kidby goes alright as well.

    I hope I'm not taking what you said out of context, but I can assure you there was never any talk about making Icarus a commercial release. In fact a lot of the motivation behind Icarus was to "make up" for the fact that Evilution was announced as a free add-on, then withdrawn when negotiations with id started. 

  7. I had been using Cakewalk since version 3.01, then moved on to Cakewalk Pro Audio and then Sonar some time in the early 2000s. Cakewalk was amazing in the early 90s because it ran rock-solid, I don't recall it ever crashing on me in Win95 or Win98. I remember Roland had acquired Cakewalk in the late 2000s which I thought was a good fit, I hadn't heard that Gibson had taken over. Gibson pretty much ruins everything they touch, in my opinion.

  8. Hey folks, I wanted to chime in here and say how awesome it is to see people playing this mod after so many years. I remember playing through "I, Anubis" somewhere around the time Icarus was released and thinking to myself "I need to be involved in this!". It's the only project where I contacted the authors and asked if I could write music for them. 

    I have a playlist of the soundtrack on YouTube, including some material that didn't get used and a longer version of Map02's music: 


    Also, original MIDI files available here:



    Thanks for listening!

  9. Eris Falling said:

    Those should all be the Seashore instrument. I wonder what the hell happened with that bank select O_O

    Okay, I replaced the first attempt with an updated version. I went with thunder instead of Seashore, I felt like the SC-55 seashore wasn't sufficiently low-pitched compared to the Windows MIDI version and the thunder is a lot more satisfying. Hopefully you agree.
    And thank you Gez, for the extremely nice compliment!

  10. Eris Falling said:

    Hey this is cool, thanks for putting it together. A pity about the rumbling in 12 getting nuked though :(

    I'm looking into that right now, it seemed strange that there was 10 seconds of silence in front of the track. What patch is supposed to be on MIDI channels 16, 12, 2 and 13? I see you're sending a bank select message of 15490, which the Roland doesn't recognize and is apparently not playing correctly. Any help would be appreciated so I can get it fixed and sounding better :)

  11. Sorry to be slightly off topic:
    If you can't get enough of the TNT:R soundtrack, I've got some good news! I've just uploaded a "Let's Listen" playlist recorded from my vintage (oh man, am I really that old?) 1995 Roland XP-10. It's a keyboard that has the same basic ROM as the SC-55. I had to do a few takes on certain songs, as the XP-10 has a 28 voice polyphony limit and some of the music FAR exceeds that.
    Enjoy :)

  12. Viscra Maelstrom said:

    MUS10: Your Last Resort
    it's interesting to see Jeremy Doyle contributing music to this project, years after i had made a remix of a track of his from Requiem. i feel it's come full-circle this way. maybe i channeled him towards here? :P

    anyway, this track is a fast-paced remix of his track for map15 of Requiem. the track was apparently untitled according to wiki, but the map, Last Resort, wasn't, so i simply took the name of the map and put it on the track. i then added Your at the beginning for some... reason? i probably should've kept it the same as the map, but whatever.

    Just wanted to say thank you, and that I'm honored that you chose to do a remix of one of my songs! In my earlier experiences with Doom music on Icarus and Osiris, song titles were never listed in the wadinfo.txt so for Requiem I just used working filenames, never thinking that anyone would care. Technically the song from MAP15 in Requiem is "REQ-JD01" but I also refer to it as "Last Resort" now as well. It's funny, because another of my contributions to TNT:R (MUS23) was intended for Requiem, but never finished past the 1:00 mark. So in a way, I too feel like it's come full-circle :)