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  1. viridian


    If there isn't any I'm just going to blast some Marc A. Pullen or something while I play. A lot of the old Doom tunes were certainly metal, even if midi instrumentation was substituted for actual guitar, drums, etc. I can understand the decision to go a different direction with the music though, it just makes sense. I wouldn't be too put off by some decent ambient music, that would be nice. Just please, please no dubstep wubs.
  2. viridian

    What about PC version of new DOOM?

    I can't see how Doom 4 would work with the Nintendo crowd now, but I'm pretty out of touch with it. I think it would have done better back in the day, when games like Geist and Metroid Prime were coming out.
  3. viridian

    Moar Blood and Gore

    How exactly would this negatively affect gameplay or performance?
  4. viridian

    The Cyberdemon

    I'm almost certain there will be something bigger and badder that we haven't seen yet.
  5. viridian

    Advanced search for doomworld.com/idgames

    I would like the ability to do that too. I have trouble searching for specific wads, but it's not that difficult to find what I want so it doesn't really bother me. It would be interesting to have a search engine that could find wads tailored to your specific parameters n stuff though.
  6. viridian

    can a purely exploratory map work?

    That could work, you'd just have to set up right. You could try to tell a story or just make it an atmospheric walking simulator. I'm not sure how hard it would be to propose a story without diminishing the feeling of it though. I personally really like those experimental indie games that don't really have an objective, but are interesting enough in their environment and atmosphere to compel you to continue exploring.
  7. viridian

    Is it okay to like Sonic ?

    Tails is my favorite too, dunno why but I looked up to him as a kid.
  8. viridian

    Is it okay to like Sonic ?

    When did Sonic become unfavorable? I've been a fan since I was young, not a part of the fandom/community thing though. Of course it's okay to like it, it's okay to like whatever you want. Why even consider pretending not to enjoy something just because it's not the cool thing to like? Sonic is cool, who cares :P
  9. viridian

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I haven't really played very many single player WADs :( I'm changing that recently though ever since I got back into doom, but my main goal is beating Doom 2 on nightmare. I've been working on that for a few days now.
  10. Yeah I thought it was pretty obvious that it was just a haze, not a filter that would be present through the whole game. But still everything looks a little too desaturated to me. The recolored screenshot looks bloody terrible, don't get me wrong. I'd like to find a nice medium between the two though. There seems to be not enough red and too much yellow. It's not something that is really going to reduce my level of enjoyment playing the game, but I'd like to see it nonetheless. I am very excited for this game and I really have high hopes for it, I would just rather see hell look more... I dunno, hellish. Reds and greys and browns, rather than yellows and greens. Fire, blood, and lava galore! :D
  11. viridian

    The Great Immersion Debate

  12. viridian

    Transferring save files from Chocolate to Crispy

    Thank you, I should have just transferred the saves and found out, but I wasn't sure where they were located. Turns out they are in the directory that Chocolate is in (wow).
  13. viridian

    "Discovering the Essence of DOOM" short video

    When he mentioned there was no cover my pants became a little more tight.
  14. I play all the wads I can in Chocolate Doom, using the Quake getup. I'm just really used to using WASD and E so it's what feels most natural for me in Doom. No mouselook, no jumping or crouching. Ah, and no crosshair either. For online play I use ZDoom in 1920x1080 with uncapped fps. There I usually prefer to keep mouselook off for all competitive gamestyles, while I turn mouselook on for Coop maps unless I don't feel like it.