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  1. You and I both when it comes to procrastinating on maps! I feel speedmapping does help me stay focused on one thing in general for longer and help me to work faster on my own maps which is why I do it. I can definitely see why it's not everyone's cup of tea. Hell, it stresses me out too. Heh, I love making vanilla maps as well, in fact I subconsciously prevent VPOs by doing things like joining sectors together and don't even realize I'm doing it. Fortunately, my maps usually aren't ambitious enough or detailed enough to break the strict limits of the engine, but I do hate certain vanilla-compat things like not being able to replace just a few of the stock sprites, the game crashing when you step on sectors that moved and changed flat textures, and the .DEH format in general (compared to .BEX, I mean).
  2. I'm rolling over here! XD I had no idea that ACS script was that long! Yeah I like SLADE's map views the most, too. I can just feel the ages of toiling in the map editor looking at people's maps here! I always thought when looking at screenshots of maps people are making in the Post Your Doom Picture and What are you working on? threads just "how long it took to make those things?!" and "surely it was no easy or quick task!" which is why I started this thread. 'Cuz when people play your maps, they're not gonna see what it took to bring them into existence, regardless if the map was good or not!
  3. Xyzzy01

    SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    No more South Korean flag? ;(
  4. Perhaps the title is a bit extreme. Were there things you planned but had to scrap because of engine limitations? Maybe over-ambition got the best of you; things just didn't work the way you planned with the map format you worked in. Perhaps building the geometry for that one room just got too complicated for its own good and you needed to cut it entirely/start over? Or you had to remake a large area because your wad got corrupted or something. Boy, I know that stings. Or a script was not working right like it's supposed to so you had to basically bash your head against your desk for hours until finally a light bulb turned on, the gears started turning and you figured out what had you pulling your hair out all this time! A missing semicolon. Just wanna know the various struggles you've had while making certain maps that nobody knew about but you is all! You can also talk about how you overcame those struggles or came up with a solution to your problems. Here, I'll start. I remember when I worked on this map for Confinement 256. A massive frustrating amalgamation of sectors disappearing for no reason, tedious amounts of balancing and playtesting, countless Doom Builder crashes, and other unexplained mishaps out from nowhere. And to top it all off, it lagged like hell in the editor and still does on my newest and current laptop. In fact, I can't play it in GZDoom on this laptop, either! In retrospect, I think the immense Florida heat I had to endure at the time rewired my mind to think this entire map was a good idea, heh. :P
  5. Xyzzy01

    Random Image Thread

    Drink up!
  6. Xyzzy01

    Bluish Awakening

    Totally not biased giving this review or anything... :D
  7. Xyzzy01

    SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    So many triangles, it's like I'm playing "Where's Waldo?" x_x
  8. Xyzzy01

    Things about Doom you just found out

    An arch-vile jump can take you up a ledge as high as 72 units.
  9. Xyzzy01

    Yanny or Laurel, what do you hear?

    I can actually hear both if I imagine it saying one or the other. Like, it depends on what parts of the audio pronunciation you focus your hearing on I guess. I heard Yanny first so I voted for that.
  10. Xyzzy01

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    That's where the laser is coming from 😉
  11. Xyzzy01

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

  12. azz.png.acb43b331431ad2055a9b7049cddab66.png


    [Rutabaga Salad starts playing]
    Ahh, I still miss Post Hell...

    1. Ex Oblivione

      Ex Oblivione

      Like a forgotten age.

  13. Xyzzy01

    Random Video Thread