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  1. So this started as a random map I made to cope with mapper's block once and now it's been slaughter-fied* with Benjogami's help. It's a small map compared to what I've seen in this thread. So, have fun! *the original version of this was hard enough, but nothing like this!
  2. Are you sure about that?
  3. 1950s: We will have flying cars in the future 2017:
  4. Best vocals in any song! XD
  5. Can there be a megawad about The DWmegawad Club?
  6. NeedHealth, you've probably moved on from your first map in progress but just in case, you can have file explorer search for only WADs by typing "ext:" followed by either "wad" or "dbs" to better help you find the wad. :)
  7. Y'know, I just discovered the "Status Updates" button next to "Mark Site Read"...

    1. Linguica


      Mine is "New Thread Replies". You can actually change what the shortcut that always shows up next to "Mark site read" is by making a particular stream and then clicking the checkmark next to its name.

  8. I have no words...