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  1. 420 posts...? Dank Marine...?


    1. Linguica


      It used to be "Green Marine" but someone got upset because they thought they had somehow gotten demoted back to having 10 posts or whatever the title usually applies to

    2. bzzrak


      What a great time to have 420 posts in! Back in my day we had the "I can upload my own avatar now!" at 250.

  2. Could the four blocky pillars in my second map switch textures with the sides of the starting teleport as well? Sorry for asking again, but it's bothering me so much because that's not how the map looked on my end or while I was making it.
  3. Nice status updates,enjoyed reading them :)

    1. Xyzzy01


      Ah, thank you! :D I don't remember half of what I wrote, heh.

  4. I sometimes make the mistake of punching out a revenant and thinking "Oh, it's totally gonna play fair by swinging back at me and not blasting my face off with a missile in retaliation!"
  5. ^ If this doesn't win the contest, I'm gonna explode into pixels!
  6. To answer the question, yes.
  7. I noticed "definately" no longer gets censored :c

    1. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      I guess irregardless works now too :P


      I wish "I could care less" could also be censored because it sure deserves to be (for the same reason as irregardless, funnily enough).

  8. " My first map ==> CONF256 title screen ==> CONF256 hub map ==> My latest map One map I made turned into another over the course of a year. The evolution is real.
  9. "Alright, here I go!" "Oh, what's this? A trash can?" "Can I shoot it?" "..." DIES
  10. CONF41: Small Cargo Starship by Angry Saint in Confinement 256. The playable area in that map is 256x256x256; a cube, if you will.
  11. Admittedly, this is coming more from a mapper's standpoint than what id had in mind for their secret maps.
  12. I don't really like how MAP31 and MAP32 use E3's sky when they are accessed from E2.