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Status Updates posted by Xyzzy01

  1. You have veen visited by the chill capybara.


    He grants you aeons free of stress!

  2. You know, I've seen these threads pop up of people posting levels they made one by one and updating the thread every once in a while with a new map for people to play. I might follow suit, given there's two or three Xyzzy maps that have been completed for two-and-a-half years now.

    I just can't keep this whole "top secret hush-hush" charade up for much longer when I risk never releasing these maps at all. This works better for team projects where everyone naturally comes to a definitive release date by sheer manpower; I'm just one guy the weight of the whole project lies on. Plus, this development approach would probably be less overwhelming for me as it would be for others as they get to discuss and review Stella one map at a time rather than all at once.

    I can take a helluva long break between updates to this hypothetical WIP thread and people would be okay with that, right? Even if it never ends up getting finished in a timely manner, this project is a reality to me; it could be for you all reading, even if it is but glimpses shown sporadically over a long period of time... 

    1. Nefelibeta


      It took me ages to actually finish a map anyway lol. seriously though, I think it's generally a better option to update the wad consistently, since there are people who might very enjoy your style. I chose to do it that way because 1)There are practically none ammo conservation combat puzzle maps nowadays. 2)I really don't have the determination to finish a wad that will take years to complete without people's feedback.


      Still can't wait for more xyzzy maps. ;)

    2. Xyzzy01



      2)I really don't have the determination to finish a wad that will take years to complete without people's feedback.

      Yeah, I learned my lesson when the scene for unusual maps no one has done before started to go on without me these past few years, as evidenced by a couple of the later text screens in Xerxesia.


      I can't really update Stella "consistently" because IRL is actively taking my focus away from this mapping hobby for more important stuff, but I'll do what I can to still be somewhat present here.


      As for the next Xyzzy map, I'm currently trying to pay respects to a game I haven't made a single map for yet! c:


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    2. antares031


      "Rank : Evil Member"



    3. SOSU


      For how long do you want to keep being a an evil member :O?

    4. Xyzzy01


      As long as inhumanely possible XD

  4. Welp, I am now old enough to drink.
    *sits down, twisting the cap off a nice cold bottle of Berry Blue Kool-aid and drinks*

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    2. antares031


      Happy birthday to you, Xyzzy! Please don't try to drink too much alcohol today. :D

    3. DMPhobos


      Happy birthday!!

    4. Xyzzy01


      The closest thing imma drink to alcohol is root beer haha


      Thank you all! 💙



  5. It pains me to realize just how much the default settings of PrBoom+ warped my perspective on what the Boom mapping format really is; -complevel 17 or -1 or whatever. The altered monster infighting behavior was probably the deal breaker for me, but there's also the fact that pretty much nothing MBF works in -cl9 when I played ANTAXYZ.WAD the other day with it set; friendly monsters became unfriendly, the beta BFG straight up didn't fire, stuff like that. Not even the physics are the same, I've found at least a couple map features I've made in the past, usually relying on carrying sectors, broke in regular Boom compat when I thought -cl9 and "latest PrBoom" were the same T_T

    1. antares031


      Personally, I have never used comp 17 and -1. All I need is the following; 2, 3, 4, 9, and 11.

    2. Xyzzy01


      If only there was a -complevel X that had the physics and behavior of 9 but all the cool MBF stuff of 11!

  6. I still enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! <3

    1. Remilia Scarlet
    2. Deleted_Account


      It’s always a good time for peanut butter jelly time.

    3. Xyzzy01
  7. I am seriously at my wit's end mapping for Hexen.

    1. 42PercentHealth


      Hmmm.... maybe this is a good time for me to learn, so we can help each other struggle through it.

    2. Xyzzy01


      Haha, I welcome all the help I can get! But for me, it seems like I'm running into one problem that is hardcoded into the engine after another...

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    2. Xyzzy01


      Thanks! :D

    3. Catpho


      Congrats on getting old ;)

      Jk, Happy bday!

    4. BigDickBzzrak




      Umm I mean yoooo congrats on not being a teenager anymore!

  8. Y'know, I originally wanted to make 32 maps just like every other noob starting out their mapping career, but I only had the strength and creativity to make like 20 of 'em. So where's the rest of the maps?


    Release Canidate comin' in like 12 hours or so 'cuz I need to sleep! >_< 

    Oh, yeah, and I also bugfixed/polished up the original:




  9. azz.png.acb43b331431ad2055a9b7049cddab66.png


    [Rutabaga Salad starts playing]
    Ahh, I still miss Post Hell...

    1. Deleted_Account


      Like a forgotten age.



    (But seriously, I hope I'm not annoying anyone by liking all the posts I genuinely like looking at, you all make fantastic stuff! Sincere apologies if I do!)

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    2. Xyzzy01


      Funny thing is I can't like this reply right this moment :P Hi SOSU!

    3. Tristan


      I was just surprised when a notification took me to a post I made 5 years ago :P

    4. Deleted_Account


      Smash that like button!

  11. If a frame doesn't have a codepointer, it cannot be given one.
    This is easily the biggest restriction I've discovered in DeHackEd :/

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    2. Xyzzy01


      How? I can't seem to change the engine from Doom 1.9

      Guess I'll just start from scratch....

    3. antares031


      Once you start making one, you can't modify the engine of it. If you still want to make it vanilla compatible, you need to borrow some codepointers from other frames.

    4. Xyzzy01


      I see, thanks antares.

  12. 420 posts...? Dank Marine...?


    1. Linguica


      It used to be "Green Marine" but someone got upset because they thought they had somehow gotten demoted back to having 10 posts or whatever the title usually applies to

    2. BigDickBzzrak


      What a great time to have 420 posts in! Back in my day we had the "I can upload my own avatar now!" at 250.

  13. I noticed "definately" no longer gets censored :c

    1. Tristan


      I guess irregardless works now too :P


      I wish "I could care less" could also be censored because it sure deserves to be (for the same reason as irregardless, funnily enough).

  14. I love it when you're playing Doom, your computer turns off while you're not using it, and when you turn it back on the background MIDI catches up on all the notes it was playing while you were gone in a massive cacophony of instruments playing at super speed! XD Always makes me laugh

    1. leodoom85


      Poor midis. That's midibullying!!!


    2. KVELLER


      LOL that used to happen a lot in my old laptop while I was playing. The poor thing couldn't handle even medium-sized maps in ZDoom, so lag spikes weren't uncommon.

  15. I find it fascinating how demos only record the player's input in Doom, and the monsters react to the player's actions the exact same way they did when the game was actually being played, without fail.

  16. Hey you! I wish you the very best outcome in whatever situation you're going through in life right now.


    Now leave my presence!

  17. Apparently spambots can wait the three days it takes to post. Hmm.

  18. Anybody else get drowsy when they hear white noise?

    1. MrGlide


      LOL nope. Other wise I would be tired all the time.

  19. Don't mind me, just here to keep these posts warm and toasty!

    1. Memfis


      Ahh, the forgotten smell of post hell.

  20. Y'know, I just discovered the "Status Updates" button next to "Mark Site Read"...

    1. Linguica


      Mine is "New Thread Replies". You can actually change what the shortcut that always shows up next to "Mark site read" is by making a particular stream and then clicking the checkmark next to its name.

  21. Can I get a list of all the WADs Chillax "borrowed" maps from?

    1. vita
    2. Xyzzy01


      Thanks vita!

    3. Tristan


      Just as a note (I compiled this list with the help of others, including vita), afaik we're only assuming the maps marked as original are actually original (except for 30 which obviously is).


      Basically I marked them as original works because Ancalagon said they were, heh.

  22. Imagine the feeling of an immense, pulsating headache or migraine, only it's in your sides/back, and lasts for a while unless you have medicine. There's also the feeling of dozens of needles poking you, forcing you to move around when it actually makes the pain worse, but NO position is comfortable to rest in for even a minute. The whole experience makes it hard to breathe and you have no clue what caused all this half the time it happens.


    Yeah, that's what a Sickle Cell crisis is like. Fuck this shit ;_;

  23. @Ichor @esselfortium @Linguica Creative works is being spammed to oblivion